1. SleepyOwl

    Rocket tfc owner request

    Could I ask if someone with a tfc could measure the height of the Triumph tank badge please, . Im looking at putting the Thruxton RS badge on mine but just want to check it is the same size. Many thanks in advance
  2. TFC with Competition Werkes

    TFC with Competition Werkes

    Global warming globalist-pederast catalytic converter deleted
  3. Penner

    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    I have now added the TFC and R model Just scroll to the bottom of the page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html The European models will come soon Cheers
  4. KCBrit

    Hi All, Just joined.

    Had my TFC since mid-February. Absolutely love it, but man its a beast. Its scared the sh1t out of me more than once, and yet it amazes me almost every time I ride it. The cornering ability is crazy given the size of it. No matter where you park it it draws attention and questions, often from...
  5. BearKobber28

    engine maps new rockrt

    Does TFC have different engine map to R & GT?
  6. b-rad72

    TFC handover kit pics and details please?

    Hello fellow Rocket Scientists, Apologies in advance if this has been covered here already but a cursory search didn't find anything. Can someone with a TFC list out what comes in the turnorver kit, even better if you could post some photos. I picked mine up a few weeks ago, but the dealer...
  7. b-rad72

    New R3 owner intro

    Hi everyone! Just picked up a Rocket 3 TFC last night. It's my 2nd Triumph ever. Prevously I had a 2012 Tiger Explorer, but that bike died in a ditch in Mexico (full story requires beers). I'm mostly interested in service and maintenance tips/tricks/advice, and product reviews. There's a...
  8. Larry_M

    Difference/s between TFC, R and GT

    Does anyone *know* exactly what separates the TFC from the R/GT engine and power-wise? Besides the exhaust. IMO the difference in power would not be too hard to accomplish "electronically", but some say the internals differ mechanically. No one seems to actually know though?
  9. RocketTFC20

    Rocket 3 TFC Initial Service

    Hi everyone! I just dropped off the Rocket TFC for the 600 miles initial service. What is the typical cost of initial service? My neighborhood dealer is asking $342.00 for the service...seems kind of steep to me. What are your thoughts on it? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
  10. CrzystghndKC

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    Keep a eye out for Rocket 575 of 750 TFC stolen out of Holton Ks. last night. Holton is just north of Topeka. Fob was turned off and in the house bike was garaged. May be stripped by now so watch for parts for sale as well. Contact: Archie Collins
  11. AMXsteve

    Fender eliminator TFC rocket

    Been looking at some threads and figured why not as that fender is nasty. Just an amazon generic eliminator i modified to get up as high as possible. No signals yet and i think its better but not loving it. Going to integrate signals in tailight next and sude mount plate off old bemper mount
  12. mjackson1000

    new TFC available in Tx...

    just FYI: RideNow Austin | Your Local Austin TX Powersports Dealer (the old Woods Fun Center) has a new TFC available in their showroom....asking $29k... I'm gonna go take a look at it today or tomorrow....I'll post the s/n...
  13. John M

    Rox Risers for R or TFC

    I saw a posting from Wadejesu about installing 2” Rox Risers on his TFC. He mentioned that 2” is the max possible and in fact the picture he posted appears to show very little if any slack to both clutch and brake cables. I would like to hear more from him, or anyone else who has tried this...
  14. technoguppy

    Key fob and immobilizer system

    Here's the scenario (or a few) that I am unsure of and would like to know for those of you who have the opportunity to test it out (as it is still -10C with snow on the roads here)! 1 - Keyfob is green, bike starts, turn keyfob to red - Does the bike shut off? 2 - Keyfob is green, bike starts...
  15. Paul Bryant

    A blast on number 547 TFC.

    This morning I had a friend call in on his new TFC. He asked if I would do something for him .... "Sure what can I do for you" .... Take this for a ride ! :eek::eek::eek: :D :thumbsup: In no time I flat I was at 100 MPH ! :thumbsup: Summary. Brakes, suspension and gearbox, velvet smooth. Good...
  16. 7Sevens

    TFC For Sale

    Triumph of Buford (Hourglass) GA, have a cancelled order apparently. #747. Tell them Richard Dunn sent you. Be quick!
  17. Dr.D

    Owner Review TFC

    The new TFC finally arrived and I took possession of it Friday. It was cold and I was not really recovered from the pneumonia but i could not wait another week. I may do this review in stages and not get to long winded so if I do not cover it all in one post the rest will follow. Let me first...
  18. SleepyOwl

    TFC helmet from Davida.

    Had this pop up on my instagram page Like the helmet. Hope they do a grey GT version.
  19. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | TFC R3 OTR and Hitting the Dirt at 60 mph!

    First Rideout with Erik's brand new 2500cc Triumph Factory Custom Rocket, including an excursion onto the dirt at 60 mph for Wayne on his F6B!
  20. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Dyno'd Triumph Rocket 3 | Factory Custom (TFC) vs R3-R

    SCOOP! 2020 R3's (TFC vs R) Dyno'd - Awesome Result!