rocket r

  1. haxxan

    Rocket R 3 Passenger Seat Rest Removal

    Hello All, I want to remove passenger seat back rest of my Rocket R 3 2020. Please guide. Thanks
  2. Evil Mitch

    Red rocket R sighting in beenleigh qld

    Was just taking my dogs to the park when i seen a Red rocket r coming out of tallagandra drive in beenleigh and again going the other way. Anyone from this forum?
  3. dirkhgw

    Greetings from greifswald

    Hello friends, i'm from greifswald directly on the baltic sea. since october i am the owner of a rocket r black edition. before that I rode a Fat Bob. I don't regret the exchange in any way. I am happy to be part of your group. your dirk
  4. Rocketman100

    Ken Rocket R 2020 Black

    Good day fellow Rocketeers, Just took delivery of rocket R 2020 Plate in Black . weather here in the UK crap at present so only 2 short ride outs. First impressions against my old 2006 rocket, R seems less nimble than the old one, whilst lighter it is slower to turn into bends, I could really...
  5. pfos1

    Fender Elimination and Lights 2020 Rocket R

    Looking to delete the fender and add some better indicator lights. Any ideas? Best liking highest quality is my goal!
  6. Penner

    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    I have now added the TFC and R model Just scroll to the bottom of the page The European models will come soon Cheers
  7. Phenix3939

    Top Gear - Triumph Rocket R review: does a crazy 2,500cc bike work?

    Here's a pretty funny and accurate review of our bike from the boys at Top Gear. Bet bit: What’s it like to ride? Intimidating at first, mainly because there’s so much of it. The fuel tank is the size of a Barbadian twerking champion...
  8. Hatata

    Hello everyone new member and new owner 2020 Rocket R

    Hello everyone ! Very happy to be joining the Triumph family. First time Triumph owner and looking forward to connecting with everyone. I sold my Ducati 1199 after .. well just getting old and needing something more comfortable. My riding style has changed Lately. I have been enjoying doing...
  9. Larry_M

    Difference/s between TFC, R and GT

    Does anyone *know* exactly what separates the TFC from the R/GT engine and power-wise? Besides the exhaust. IMO the difference in power would not be too hard to accomplish "electronically", but some say the internals differ mechanically. No one seems to actually know though?