1. Torquex2

    Red light camera dos n donts

    Wouldn’t ya know it 🙄. Been riding for 23 years, and get my first ever speeding ticket the first season on my R3r. Don’t get me wrong, I speed all the time. It’s actually a miracle I’ve only had one ticket after all this time. However, what I’ve never known is exactly how a red light camera...
  2. R3RM

    R3R new color : Silver Ice Cranberry Red

    Looks gorgeous to me (maybe my next one 😄 ) :
  3. Jmoney8659

    New here first triumph 2020 3R korosi red

    New guy here first ever triumph. I have a 2020 triumph rocket 3r korosi red. I'm trying to get pictures to upload but I'm from Knoxville TN and have some of the best riding around me.
  4. PeterM

    Cardinal red colour scheme

    Hi everyone, call it a mid life crisis, but Im seriously thinking of re spraying my graphite tribal R3 in the Cardinal red colour scheme, if I did I would do it again in the Tribal pattern, so my question,,,Does anyone by any chance know the Tribal design Pattern code and is it still available...
  5. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rocket 3 declares war on his GoPro on ride

    Well Mr. Bill kinda crushed the lense on this gopro in September during the Rocket Ride. I believe he might have finished this baby off today. Of course this is just my opinion 😄😄😄
  6. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rockets cruise near Moab

    Last September Mr. Bill and I met the Rocket 3 riders in Moab for a group ride. Mr. Bill went out for a ride before sunset. I was knackered and was already working on a video so I passed on this ride. Recently I copied some of his videos while making another video for him and accidentally...
  7. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rocket spends an ugly penny to beat me

    We seriously like to have fun, hopefully you can see that in the video. Old men like to race too. I hope you like the video and remember I really like Rocket 3s but hate to lose.
  8. REBLX136

    R&GT Red line

    Can someone please confirm the Red line on the R and GT please, after my first service I remember checking and I would have bet my b0ll0cks that it had moved to 7000 however next day it was back at 6500!!! Had I dreamt it?
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Increase Red Line RPM ??

    Do any of you guys know how to increase the Red Line on older Rockets with TuneECU ? I would like to increase my red line from 6800 to 7200. My bike is a 2006 using tune number 20228.
  10. GaryA

    Headers glowing bright red!

    This morning i noticed some heat from the engine after slowly riding to our gate. As i rode down the road i looked down and noticed the headers glowing red! This is really not good and as much as i hate driving i turned around and drove the car. Nothing has changed or been altered on the bike...
  11. Turdburglar

    Who said a red rocket wasn’t the best bike to learn on?!?!

    Just picked this girl up last week. Original owner passed and the daughter had it in a shed for the past several years. Can’t wait to bring it back to life.
  12. Ishrub

    R3RS (Red Stripes) are real fast!

    With a little help
  13. concours

    Cranberry Red paint abreviation code

    So, I joined the blown off side cover club, went to buy one on bike bandit, and the color is abreviated on part number suffix, but they are "PR", "CX", but then the Phantom Black, Eclipse Blue, Black. Which one do I order for cranberry Red?
  14. Ishrub

    Bargain NOS Flyscreen kit for Rocket III - Flames Red (A9748045-ZCLE) $135

    Triumph Flyscreen kit for Rocket III - Flames Red (A9748045-ZCLE) Triumph Flyscreen kit for Rocket III - Flames Red (A9748045-ZCLE) | eBay Brand new Old stock reduced to US$135 or make an offer. This is the full kit and will bolt onto your Fork fixing kit with just 4 bolts for summer. US$70...
  15. Black to red

    Ive just picked up a full tribal red kit..tank,front and back mud guards and sides. I always wanted a tribal red but could,nt find one so bought a black..Anyway not a for sale thread but i could be persuaded to give up my black bits for the right money. ;)
  16. One Norse

    Red 2015 Rocket III Touring

    Hi All, Just brought home my 2015 R3T last Saturday. It had 825 miles. Looking forward to getting to know it and some of you better. I traded in a 2006 Yamaha Venture that I put 54K on from new. The power difference is... well... you know!
  17. Bernard Vinet

    Has anyone tried 20W-60 engine oil Amsoil / Red line

    The reason I ask this is when I bought My R3T it had 15-40 oil in it. Changed to 20-50 weight oil and found it to shift better and a little less noisy. So I was just wondering if anyone is running 20-60 weight oil. Synthetic oil of course. I was thinking that maybe the guys that live in the...
  18. Ishrub

    For Sale New complete Phantom Black w/ Red Stripe Paint Kit

    Brand new in Philadelphia from a dealer. Price: US $1,299.00 Triumph Rocket Three Phantom Black w/ Red Stripe Paint Kit Triumph Rocket Three Phantom Black w/ Red Stripe Paint Kit | eBay
  19. Smitty81

    Red hot exhaust headers

    This is likely a stupid question, but I took my Roadster for a night ride this evening and when I got home I noticed the exhaust headers glowing a faint red behind the heat shields. I can't recall ever seeing glowing headers on my previous bike. This thing is still brand-new (400 miles on the...
  20. jaredmt

    For Sale 2014 Roadster - only $9500 for the forum-SOLD

    Hey guys ... don't let this post get you the wrong way, I loved our R3s across America last year. Even my getting trapped in WY due to a bald front tire (Thanks for hangin' with me guys!) made it memorable if nothing else. Despite loving my R3, it's a selling time. Too many bikes I want to...