1. Oz Knight

    Exhaust Headers on a Supercharged 2010 R3R

    Hi All, I know this subject has been extensively discussed before, but i have a Supercharged (TTS Stage 1) 2010 R3R and as part of the Stage 2 installation, i want to upgrade the headers to bigger outlet pipes (better outflow)......As the bike is Supercharged i don't really need to tune them...
  2. Gregger

    Jardine Headers on Ebay

    Just noticed this today. Was tempted to purchase but have other priorities. Passing this on to the rest of you. The supplier is quoting the Triumph Rocket header part number but these appear to be genuine Jardines. 08 Triumph Rocket III 3 Exhaust Muffler Header T2208938 | eBay Someone is...
  3. My Roadster in 2019

    My Roadster in 2019

    … with Classic footboards, apes and more.
  4. GaryA

    Headers glowing bright red!

    This morning i noticed some heat from the engine after slowly riding to our gate. As i rode down the road i looked down and noticed the headers glowing red! This is really not good and as much as i hate driving i turned around and drove the car. Nothing has changed or been altered on the bike...
  5. Landstar

    Viking Headers

    I am definitely going to buy The Vikings crossover Pipe ,2015 Roadster, Ramair, TORS, I am also considering the headers, I have forward controls and love them, My worry is with the legs forward is there a heat problem. Anybody with forward controls and these headers please let me know if...
  6. RacerX74

    For Sale Mod parts various

    All gone cheers :)
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