1. Nashvegas

    New Vandemon on the way!

    I ordered a Vandemon non-e valve exhaust today for my ‘22 GT. I went back & forth between a few manufacturers. I really wish Triumph would have come out with some TORS because the original pipes look awesome! I am pretty excited to check the new pipes out.
  2. tino19625

    Vandemon Titanium Exhaust

    This is another option for exhaust [Vandemon USA] - not cheap but nicely done with the push-of-a-button silencer... I don't see this exhaust on here so thought I'd share if for those looking for something to beef up the stock sound.
  3. Saigon Jon

    Vandemon exhaust for 2500 rocket

    This is my first post. Got the rocket GT 8 months ago and have been getting to know it. I have now started to make my little modifications. The biggest issue for me is the noise. I live in Saigon and have become a firm believer in ”loud pipes save lives” and the Vandemon kind of solves the...