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  • hi peter im looking for a seat do you know if I could get one of those russel all day long seats made for my rocket I think I read somewere you had one ive sent them an email just waiting on reply or do you know were I might get a seat made im getting sore but with mine I want a seat I sit in not on like the ultimate seats if you no of them but they don't do for a rocket
    Hi Ishrub what would you want for the gauge? I know shipping may be shocking! Thanks Jim
    Hi, Triumph Rocket 3 touring, AUXILIARY LAMPS KIT A9938085, Do you have this item in stock ? What is the price for sending to France ? Best regards
    Hey Ishrub so I have a few mirrors for sale here in the states but I had a guy contact me from Australia. I told him it wouldn't be worth the shipping but I may know a guy (you). Any chance you have chrome Teardrops left?
    Hello again, heard a whisper the elusive (A9938030) might be lurking out the back of your place. Any truth in the rumour? UK home willing to adopt in any condition,

    I need this positions:
    4. Triumph Motorcycles A9930170 Chrome Lockable Fuel Tank Cap
    The guy who had the Corbin seat said he got plenty out of his just using the ECU. So I'll give it a try before I go to Baltimore and drop $900
    Hey how you doing I bought that Corbin seat 400 plus shipping including the driver backrest. . Do you have a map for a 2015 Roadster with TORS, and Ram Air, of course you know this I bought them from you. Can't seem to get a reply ,Hanso, I think that's his name. Thanks for any help.
    Checked out the courier, as a rough estimate its going to cost about $25 - $30 to get them to you.
    I'll measure and weigh them tonight for a better quote.
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