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  • Hey how you doing I bought that Corbin seat 400 plus shipping including the driver backrest. . Do you have a map for a 2015 Roadster with TORS, and Ram Air, of course you know this I bought them from you. Can't seem to get a reply ,Hanso, I think that's his name. Thanks for any help.
    Checked out the courier, as a rough estimate its going to cost about $25 - $30 to get them to you.
    I'll measure and weigh them tonight for a better quote.
    Hey mate been keeping an eye as best as i can on the RDU SWR thread , i may of read it wrong but are you not making it on the Friday night now ? Im still keen to share the room you had booked and willing to take over the night you wont be there , is there some way we can organise it so i can check in on the Friday under your booking please ? My number is 0416347007
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