1. Ishrub

    CES closed down? - long live Oz rider's headers

    It looks like CES Racing Services had closed down. Luckily for us Aussies and the rest of you all, Les is still making his improved big bore header.
  2. My Roadster in 2019

    My Roadster in 2019

    … with Classic footboards, apes and more.
  3. Want to Buy Full Exhaust System (Jardines, Viking, CES, Carpenter, etc.)

    Anybody got a full exhaust system that they'd be willing to sell to me for a good price? Alternatively, if anybody has a shotgun (3-into-2) TORS exhaust, I'd also be willing to take it off your hands for a good price :thumbsup:
  4. ChrisACT

    **SOLD** CES header

    CES header for sale. Silver with black shields. Used working condition. Comes with three new copper exhaust gaskets still in packets. As pictured below when they were on ishrub's Roadster. Link Removed They are designed for Roadsters and wouldn't fit my Standard with the factory foot...
  5. ChrisACT

    CES Header with footboards on standard Rocket III ... don't fit :(

    So, it appears the used CES header I purchased doesn't want to play with my footboards due to clearance issues with the rear brake master cylinder resovoir. The rear brake lever is pretty darn close too. Any suggestions?
  6. AussieMick

    Nev Lush Tune on CES pipes

    Well the bike is getting to where I want it to be. I brought the 2 1/4 inch CES Racing headers and short muffler to replace the Dave Platt shorties and crossover twhich by the way are on sale very cheap). The CES system is ceramic coated inside and out and a beautiful piece of work, looks great...
  7. Jvheli

    CES Ramair dyno tune feedback

    Thought Id share some feedback from my trip regarding how the bike performs with the mods Ive done: The bike runs soooooo good. All day, high temps, the pipe is no different than stock. The only caviat is it eats rain gear....at least the one I have now. I did learn how to clean melted...
  8. Ishrub

    ** SOLD ** Bargain Reband header and CES muffler $Au800

    Not mine on Gumtree Australia in Ballarat. Comes with Carbon fibre heat shield and wrap. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ballarat-central/motorcycle-scooter-parts/triumph-rocket-3-custom-headers-and-muffler/1190702574
  9. Jvheli

    CES installed!

    Thanks @Claviger for the awesome pipes! Fit like a glove and love the sound and the weight savings!
  10. Ishrub

    AT200 Broad band AFR sensor is Black as night after removing CES

    OK, I have removed my CES headers with the standard R3 1 3/4" (?) collector outlet size with @HansO tune and noticed the PC5 AT200 broadband O2 AFR sensor was black as night. I am replacing with another CES header with a 2" collector outlet and single big bore exhaust muffler so it should run a...
  11. Ishrub

    **SOLD** CES take #3

    I should get around to swapping out my CES and replacing this week with a single sided version. I have a silver ceramic CES with 2 black ceramic heat shields that cost $1600 just for the header and has been on about 8000 Kms. These have the stock outlet size to match existing systems you may...
  12. Claviger

    SOLD - CES Headers and Muffler round 2!

    So I also have a set of black CES headers for sale, but mine do not have the heat shield like Ozrider's set did. Offering two scenarios for purchase priced accordingly. 1.75" primaries into 2.25" rear section. My muffler was ordered a little longer than standard when I purchased them. They...
  13. ozrider

    SOLD...CES Headers and Custom Muffler

    CES Headers with 3 option heat shields. Professional custom built muffler, sounds great. They have been used......... just been fully ceramic recoated including muffler in Satin finish Will ship anywhere at buyers cost. $1300.00 AUD ono
  14. Mittzy

    DYNO Results CES Headers and Jardine Mufflers

    Just got back from picking ole Brutus up from Procycle Dyno. After fitting the New CES headers to the Jardine mufflers (CES had to custom fit to Jardines) the results are in and a gain of about 8.5hp and 1.0 fb torque - NOW 232hp - I gotta say i am very happy with these results and the bike...
  15. evanr

    For Sale SOLD SOLD Damaged CES Headers

    I have for sale a set of CES here in the UK that have unfortunately been damaged (collision with a sign post). I am unsure really about the repair costs and am therefore going to ask for offers. I believe that a new set would be around the £1000 mark today. What do you all think? ces1 by...
  16. CES full system and Ramair without Tune?

    I'll be receiving a CES full system in a couple weeks along with a Ramair intake as well. I'm super excited to get it on the bike and tuned, But I have one problem. The guy who will be doing the tune is at a bike event I'm attending and will only be there for a day and it pretty booked...