1. J

    rocket III new pipes

    i just installed new Revo pipes on my bike today seems to run fine but i have a defending pop on deceleration should i be concerned?
  2. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  3. J

    want to change pipes

    Yesterday i purchased a rocket III roadster my first experience with the rocket. I need information on pipes something affordable and will I need to reprogram the ECU, and how do I go about doing that. Need help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Darron1117


    Where could a fellow find a set of TOR exhaust for my 2012 Roadster? Thanks,
  5. Starmanut

    FYI: D&D Touring Pipes + Crossover For sale in UT

    Just saw this yesterday. Thought I'd pass it on. Triumph Rocket R3T D&D Exhaust + Crossover $600. A bit pricey, but a bit rare, too.
  6. ABC123

    For Sale Exhaust pipes

    Original exhaust pipes and coupling plus brackets from my 2016 Rocket Roadster. Like new, only 1000 miles of use. £550 ovno.
  7. mickm7

    roadster pipes on a classic

    hi all,can anyone tell me if I can fit roadster dave platt outlaws on my classic,or if there is much to modify to make fit...thanks in advance..
  8. James Burns

    Adding Cat-delete pipe, Tune Required????

    I purchased my 2010 Roadster with K&N Filter, TORS and the TORS Tune loaded a couple of years back. Just recently had Ramair fitted and the 12 minute self tune done. Really happy with the results of the Ramair but I've also ordered a cat-delete/crossover pipe for a little more volume and...
  9. AJ1

    2016 Roadster with carpenter pipes

    Hi all, I have a R3 with Stock intake Carpenter exhaust pipe Cat box removed It currently runs on Triumph tune for TORS I used booster plug for a a bit. Mileage dropped like a stone. Didnt like it. Removed it. Also, removed the muffler from the carpenter exhaust pipe. Love the sound :)...
  10. Ishrub

    **SOLD** Cigar exhaust tips for triple pipes

    Brand new in wrapping. SILENCER END CAP 'A' A9608121 Can be fitted to Stock OE or TORs Silencers $45 for 3. Link Removed
  11. tails

    set of tors pipes and paul bryant decat link pipe for sale .

    as above off my 65 plate roadster,the pipes done around 1500 miles, i would say vgc no dents etc , i want £350.00 collected Birmingham or arrange your own courier pm if you want the photos. TORS PIPES/LINK PIPE STILL FOR SALE, PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE TO FIT A 65 PLATE ROADSTER NOT THE...
  12. Big Si

    Dave Platt "shotgun" pipes

    Hi All, Ordered some of the above a few days ago, the bike is on the lift eagerly awaiting their arrival!!:cool:
  13. Mad Dog

    Cams, Pipes & Clutch upgrade

    Here are the parts, cams, tensioner, pipes, MTC clutch fibers, Carpenter springs on the way, detent spring, gaskets, crankcase evac. nipple & back check, hoses. What is missing?
  14. AussieMick

    Nev Lush Tune on CES pipes

    Well the bike is getting to where I want it to be. I brought the 2 1/4 inch CES Racing headers and short muffler to replace the Dave Platt shorties and crossover twhich by the way are on sale very cheap). The CES system is ceramic coated inside and out and a beautiful piece of work, looks great...
  15. Grumpy Ole Codger

    New pipes are in the post..

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum, I would like you to cast a critical eye over the photos below. I have opted to purchase a new exhaust system from @Paul Bryant , a new twin pipe system which was only a prototype previously. After many discussions which included an awful lot of advice and...
  16. Navigator

    For Sale Stock Touring mufflers but actually free

    The OEM mufflers are sitting on my shop floor on a piece of cardboard. I'm making a dump run on Friday and thought if someone needed a set, I'd pass them on. Of course local is preferred since shipping them might be stupidly expensive. If no takers by Friday, to the land fill they go.
  17. skaarlaj

    Am I the only one who loves the factory exhaust pipes?

    Hello all, I absolutely love the way the factory twin pipes look on these Rockets, and have noticed alot of the aftermarket header / exhaust systems don't look nearly as (mad max) looking as factory imo. I don't however prefer the factory style log manifold going into them. Restriction, are...
  18. Huffa

    Little help with outlaw pipes please

    Hi all I've just installed a set of Dave platt outlaw exhausts and k&n filter on a 14 plate rocket roadster as I'm sure a lot of people have but I'm getting loads of black smoke which I guess is from over fueling. Got an ecu cable on the way so I was wondering if anyone can point me in the...
  19. JSHRAM

    Heat shield for Viking pipes

    I love my Viking pipes but like all custom pipes they tend to turn your your right leg into a bratwurst that's been forgotten on the barbe... even more of a problem in Las Vegas temperatures above 40C... So, I made several patterns and had a guy make brackets, cut, bend and weld them on to a...
  20. Ishrub

    For Sale Staintune triple pipes and cat delete crossover - All Stainless.

    I have available a used set of Australian made Staintune 3 pipe in Stainless with a Staintune stainless cat delete pipe for the R3 2004 - 2009 Std/Classic models. They have just been cleaned and the crossover cat delete has been soda blasted to remove the build up of brown staining you get after...
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