1. jjerdonjr

    Looking for a good tune.

    My 2014 R3T ABS is for the most part stock. I like the original look of the exhaust, manifold and Bearpaw. I just love the look. I am looking for a time that will release the full potential of the stock motor. I know it is being held back and want to release the beast. I looked at the 2021 but...
  2. Manny

    R3T 2017 factory map

    Hi guys! I bought the R3T 2017 version for Canada and California with 8500 km. I have factory intakes and exhausts. In Europe, the R3T has a small selection of parts for modification and replacement. I don't want to change anything yet. Europe is more papal than the Pope :) 1)The documents...
  3. estoma

    Performance Placebo

    Beware of DNK TuneWorks, offering maps for all markets. They were not aware that there are bespoke TuneECU Rocket 3 base-maps for Brazil, China, Thailand, and for Argentina, Indonesia, and South Africa. They are now – a bit late in my case. I purchased a DNK map for my 2020 Rocket 3 R on 15...
  4. Journeyman28778

    Where Ya Been?

    I saw @Joesmoe signature with "States Visited So Far" link and thought I'd map out where all I've been on a motorcycle. There are plenty of free places to chart this. I used Create Your Visited States and Provinces Map. I'm sure you folks in Europe and elsewhere have similar websites. So, where...
  5. Penner

    Free Full Power custom map for Rocket GT

    You will find it at the bottom of this page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html Cheers Ulf
  6. BearKobber28

    engine maps new rockrt

    Does TFC have different engine map to R & GT?
  7. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  8. EwoutR3

    Map change

    Hi, a couple of days ago I got the lonelec cable and, of course, immediately looking around in the ECM. Very nice, lots of info, removed a fault code and checked the map loaded. It seems I have the 20355 mapping instead of the 20352, which would be more logical since I have the stock exhaust...
  9. Bull

    Stock TuneECU map when installing PCV and dyne?

    I'm going to install a PCV and have it dyno-tuned at the same time. My question is should I load up the stock TuneECU map or can I keep the map I've been using with my bike? TORS, cat delete, and ramair.
  10. Tonuts

    Tors cycle works x pipe map 20776

    hi all Ive installed Tors and cycleworks x pipe which Tal kindly sold me. ive just downloaded and installed the map 20776 for the 2013 roadster .. just checking with you more experienced if this is correct and if theres anything else i need to do ..took it for a run pretty smooth not much...
  11. Guppies10

    Map recommendation

    Hi all anyone recommend a link / map they can recommend for ramair with Jardines Thamks in advance
  12. headless74

    Best map for rocket classic 2008

    Hi, I would know which is the best map for my rocket without cat. I upload the 20221 and i disabled the O2 but I think is better the 20219. what do you think about it? What are the differences between the classic maps and the normal rocket ones? I though the engines was the same.. thank you in...
  13. Tutch

    Supercharger map

    Hi I have a 2006 supercharged rocket i bought it with a couple problems it wont idle unless you hold the revs at around 1500 it has tuneboy but i have never used this so was going change to a tune ecu map if anyone has 1 they could send me cheers for reading guys and hope to get this bike...
  14. lunatic

    Pcv and Tunecu with 3 bar map

    How are you guys installing a 3 bar map sensor for Pcv and Tunecu for boost applications? I read this post from a while back. It explains how to setup a 1 bar map for pressure base tuning. but not much about 3 bar. How To: Add Pressure Input for PC-V
  15. tripX

    Tuneecu map for classic

    Hi again, im after a tuneecu map for a 2008 classic with Ramair and stock triple pipes. I have been to by others that the 12 minute tune I did would still be to lean. Bike is stock apart from Ramair. Any help please
  16. BlackSails

    P1105 Map Sensor Pipe Fault

    So several weeks ago out of the blue, my bike wouldn't start. Just clack & wouldn't turn over. After checking wires switches etc. I gave up & took it to the local Nashville Triumph dealer. Two weeks later they said, it's starting now, but not running right and will only start IF the power...
  17. ratsidecar

    TuneECU tune required, map downloads on tuneecu site no longer working

    Hi Im after a tuneecu tune for one of the earlier rocket 3s with the 3 pipe exhaust system. Bike has TOR silencers fitted and a decat box. Air filter is standard. The maps I am after are: Power-TrippR3 TORS underseat.hex 20050TOR_Dyno.hex The download links on the tuneecu website are no...
  18. vindex1963

    Map 20228

    My 2006 Classic has the cat bypass, Ram Air and factory mufflers (silencers) I see map 20228 also lists performance exhaust. Is this the correct map for my set up even though I have factory exhaust?
  19. Rocket_Rider

    Can’t save map

    Hi all, Ok so running Tune ECU on an android galaxy note 2 phone. Was able to read the factory tune - 20367 for rocket touring but couldn’t save it.... I realise the same is available on Tune ecu webpage but I wanted to save the tune on my ecu... for some reason I press save but no file gets...
  20. Ishrub

    **SOLD** US $60.00 eBay 2004-2007-Triumph-Rocket-III-Dyno-jet-Power-Commander 2004-2007

    NEW on US eBay Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto 2004-2007 Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto | eBay