1. Phaedrus9001

    The L air data-set

    Greetings. TuneEcu Version 5.2.59. From the Google PlayStore. Lonovo Tablet M10 FHD Plus. Android TB-X606F-S300177-210304-BMP. OBD Lonlec KL-1 with cable. Triumph Rocket Roadster 2300 2010 Vin -435975 OEM 20352 Viking 3 into 1 RamAir air filter. I have been researching the use of TuneEcu and...
  2. Journeyman28778

    Miss a Payment on Your Air Vest and "No Air For You!"

  3. Mysterious air hose under tank

    I'm installing freshly washed injector nozzles, and I have an extra hose under the tank. Yes I looked where it might plug into, do you think I'd accept this risk of public humiliation if I hadn't looked? And failed to find it? Here's what the hose looks like. I'm going to lie down with a cool...
  4. mando

    air filter

    has anybody done a measurement on the airfilter yet? I'm pretty sure K&N has a panel filter that fits, just need to know the size so before I take mine apart I raise the question here
  5. Taurobiker

    Ram Air why? All information

    I have read many threads about the Ram Air but all the data is scattered throughout the forum. I want to gather here all the possible information to learn and be able to explain it to my Spanish friends. Here are the best wise guys from R3 and I ask you to show me please, thank you I do not have...
  6. tripX

    air sensors Ramair

    Fitted Ramair and cat delete single open muffler. The is a sensor in the Ramair intake I noticed there is one in the old airbox as well . what if anything should be done with this sensor. Cheers
  7. Darron1117

    Ram Air

    Hey all, How does the ram air change the sound of the bike with stock exhaust? Thanks,
  8. MIG

    Reason behind OEM air intake plumbing?

    What's the engineering reason behind the way our R3's are piped for the OEM air intake? I've not modified mine yet; but I plan on installing the RAM AIR in the future. I've often wondered this and am thinking maybe it's really a cost-based solution or possibly keeping engine parts below a...
  9. TURBO200R4

    progressive front springs with air ride

    i installed the progressive front springs and while i was installing them i drilled and tapped the top cap for a Schrader valve. all went well i then put 20 lbs of air in it to bring the forks to the top. when i set on the bike it compresses just a little. the forks has held the air for about a...
  10. CrzystghndKC

    Air filled seat cushions

    Getting ready for a couple week ride has anybody used an air filled seat cushion and liked it? Which cushion do you like? Thanks.
  11. TXtriple

    Installing An 18" Air Horn...'Cause Bigger Is Better!

    We know the factory horn is a joke. I had the Stebel Nautilus on a previous Rocket and while it was plenty loud it wasn't the sound I was looking for. My morning commute is at 4:30 AM along a 30 mile stretch of Texas Hill Country Highway the locals call "The Meat Grinder". With these things in...
  12. HIM57

    Tune ECU - Tors - Cat delete - Ram Air

    Hi, Got the above going on and loaded a tune that seems to work well with this combo. Just wanted to confirm as I am new to Tune ECU does this show that the secondaries are open 100%? Thanks
  13. HIM57

    Ram Air Filter installed - now engine light on

    Hi, Just installed the Ram Air Filter. Did the 24 minute recomended tune with zero throttle. Now I have a check egine light. Any input appreciated.
  14. justyn heath

    ram air v k&n

    hi all i have ram air on my touring but im thinking about putting k&n pods on, the big question is what is better and what do you do with the I,A,T sensor on the k&n pods, and is there a kit for them. thanks
  15. Roger

    Air filter size

    Does anyone know off hand what the dimensions of the under seat air filter are? I am getting ready to put a ram air system on and thought of using the air box as a place to put a amp. I would take the seat off and check myself but my bike is stored in by buddies garage at the moment. Thanks
  16. Jay

    Name That Exhaust + RAM Air Advice?

    I just took delivery of a nee-to-me 2013 R3 Touring and excited to get rolling. Took it out today for a short neighborhood ride and then go to inspecting the bike (I bought it and had it shipped from a reliable seller). Previous owner put on a custom exhaust and installed RamAir. However, I...
  17. Steamer97

    ram air Horse power?

    As far as airbox pressure at under 100 mph speed its nice to imagine it. Other forums I'm on proved it a fallacy long ago. Cool air is worth HP though as many know. My question is there a person who has dyno'd their r3 stock, and with the ram air for a comparison? I searched and didn't find this...
  18. dave64

    Cold air sensor cable

    any one have one of the extension cable for the cold air sensor like what comes with a ram air filter ?
  19. Simon Fioretti

    K&N filter for air senor necessary

    hey Team, I know this has been talked about quite abit but couldn’t find a definite answer. I’m replacing my ramair filter with 2780’s is it necessary to put an extra filter over the air sensor or can I get away with zip tying it in the middle of first and second filter? Much appreciated in...
  20. Sea air messed my wheels up

    Any ideas how to bring my wheels back to life without making them worse