1. Head light upgrade

    Just another thread and as you guest it I'm going to be busy in the new year, I have a 2012 Roadster and I want to upgrade from a H4 to LED headlights if possible and from what I can ascertain here in the UK is that if any vehicle originally has a H4 head light you cannot put a LED bulb into...
  2. Too Tall Texan

    R3 touring aux light visor

    I laid my 2011 R3 Touring down last summer. All repairs complete except one upsetting detail! I can not find anywhere an auxiliary light visor. Any ideas, anyone?
  3. Torquex2

    Red light camera dos n donts

    Wouldn’t ya know it 🙄. Been riding for 23 years, and get my first ever speeding ticket the first season on my R3r. Don’t get me wrong, I speed all the time. It’s actually a miracle I’ve only had one ticket after all this time. However, what I’ve never known is exactly how a red light camera...
  4. Rocket_Rider

    Oil pressure light

    Hi all I’ve previously had an issue earlier in May that was chalked up to being solved by swapping a filter and running 50 weight oil.... well, I am having the light problem again some months later.... light blinks on and then off immediately every few days either just after coming to a stop...
  5. Plow Horse

    Changing tail light

    Tomorrow Edsel is getting a new/different tail light.
  6. JerseyDog

    Brake Light Flasher

    I had one of these on my previous bike, a '00 Bandit 1200s, just purchased another for the Rocket. It's programmable for different flashing/delays and it does get you noticed when braking. I have mine set to flash 10 times, stay on for 5 seconds, the repeat as long as I hold the brake on. You...
  7. Wayfairing Man

    R3T Fog Light Question

    All, I picked up an '08 R3T recently. The factory fog lights were disconnected at some point do to a weird battery drain/short issue. My question is: where is the harness plug and/or relay located? I saw a female two prong wire connector/lead off of the right side under the panel, a fbut I...
  8. Steve Barnes

    Engine Light On, No power

    I was doing general maintenance when I replaced the shroud over the air cleaner. The screw caught a wire sitting just to the front of the opening and I saw a spark. Immediately pulled wire open (four wires in bundle) finding damage to the red wire. Fixed the wire, checked others and bike...
  9. jeroenelectrum

    Reset service light

    Hi. Is there already a tuner/tool. To reset the service light. Or another way Thanks
  10. Gary

    Tail light and indicators not working

    Hi, I have just bought 06 classic and the tail light was not working. Bought a new ignition switch as there was no power going from the ignition switch to the fuse for the tail light but this did not help so took a feed from another switched live in the fuse box. I also did not have a key fob...
  11. albertaduke

    rear light problem ??

    what could cause the rear position light to stay off when the ignition is turned on I checked the fuse, I checked the rear led bulb ( brake light works|) it used to work without problem before .could it be a glitch when I changed the headlights and reconnected new headlights ?? both old...
  12. Steel

    No Neutral Light

    Went for a ride with a friend. Her 2014 TBird had no neutral light, would die with the kickstand down. It ran at idle. But above idle it'll bog down. Is this just the gear position sensor, or is it more?
  13. stollydriver

    Engine management light

    This weekend my battery died, replaced with new unit but now when the bike is started - the management light stays on when running. I have not ventured out yet and wondered if this was usual. There were no issues pre battery change. Any advice appreciated..
  14. Darron1117

    Brake light wire

    Hello Rocketeers, Can you please advise where to find my brake light wires on my R3 Roadster. Is it behind one of the side covers with the seat removed? Thanks. Ride Hard!!!
  15. Plow Horse

    Position light ?

    Are the position light bulbs in the headlights type 194 miniature bulbs. I’m nowhere near my bike to look myself and can’t seem to find the information on line.
  16. tripX

    tail light globe

    Ok it's 46%C I'm trying to wire up my tow behind. could someone please tell me how to change my tail light globe on my r 3. please don't tell me I have to remove to much as I'm hot and half tipped. Thanks in advance I'm going to the fridge
  17. buddazero

    Looking for Tail Light...

    Hey beautiful people! Need some help if at all possible. I'm looking for the Tail Light / 12V Switched Power Source", which I suspect are the same. I have the Scorpio 900 Alarm System, so far I got the positive and negative wires connected, and next I need to connect another wire to the 12V...
  18. mexican

    check engine light after a jump??

    Battery was too low to start the bike, used a jumper box and now check engine light is on, it does not seem to cause any trouble but light is there, what cold have caused it,?:unsure:
  19. AJ1

    LED light bar

    Currently I have LED headlights which draw 90W (45Wx2) and Rigid LED spot lights that draw 94W (47x2). I am thinking of adding a LED light bar. What's the max wattage I can add?. Will a 310W light kill the battery ?:( . I will be using dedicated switch, relay and fuse for the light bar. All the...


    This morning my 2015 Rocket 3 Touring wouldn't start, the battery was real low, I haven't started the bike for 5 or 6 weeks. It was cold out this morning but later when it was warmer it started it. I rode it about two miles and the check engine light came on. I am trickle charging the battery...