1. MaxB

    Transmission Conundrum R3T

    Here's an interesting one and I'm having trouble working out what's going on - any thoughts, idea welcome. Yep, the R3's are prone to have clunky transmissions, however I've been noticing that sometimes get a slight kick back through the shifter between 1st & 2nd and 2nd & 3rd unless the up...
  2. Boog

    R3T Throttle Issue

    Brahma is not feeling well this morning. Start up was normal. I let him idle while I put his cover away. As I pulled away from the house, I noticed a lot of play in the throttle. Then the throttle hit a new STOP. I can get up to 10mph and no more. The enigine barely revs at all. I rode him back...
  3. MaxB

    R3T Dyno Tune

    Hi Guys - new to this thread and only a week or so on R3O. I have an R3T - had is for 5.5 years, pretty much from new (ex-demo). The first things I did for tuning after the warranty ran out was to flash the ECU with Power Tripps de-restriction tune and added a K&N filter - amazing difference...
  4. R3T-Too

    2011 R3T Transmission issue 49k miles

    A couple of months ago I had 4th gear start slipping anytime I gave her a little throttle. Felt kinda like a loose chain slipping links. I was laid off and didn't feel like wrenching in TX heat, so I've let her sit. Well it's a cool weekend and I decided to drop the sump. There's virtually no...
  5. dbutton12

    R3T final drive splines

    My R3T has just turned 35K miles and I know I'm gonna have to do rear tire this winter. I service the splines on the final drive and trans output each time I do a rear tire which is usually every 6-8K miles. The splines have been getting steadily worse each time I service ( I always use the...
  6. MaxB

    Knocking - R3T

    Hi All. Started noticing a knock from the engine the last couple of short (COVID restricted) rides. Just had clutch changed, bike has done 80k kms, and when idling sometimes the knock is quite noticeable...deep and solid sounding. Pull in the clutch and it stops. Turned the ignition off after...
  7. Michael_G

    R3T Backrest Latch Lock Assembly...

    Every IPB diagram I could find showed the Touring backrest lock assembly as a single identified unit (#15). When it arrived it was the just the lock core and two keys. I"m in need of one of the two screws utilized to attach the rotating stop. I'll have a go at Home Depot on my next trip; but...
  8. Chip

    Story of two: '08 R3T vs '15 R3T

    As some of you Captains aware, I bought a second Rocket Touring. The first bike I put a whole lot of "stuff" on her. Bling everywhere! I bought it as the 2nd owner, with 4,000 miles. I love this cycle as much as I could any machine... That didn't come out right... Well, you get the drift...
  9. Eric R.

    Starter button R3T

    Hi guys. I have a quick question about my starter button on my 15 R3T. I notice occasionally that I find myself having to push kind of hard and keep pressure on the button in order to start the bike. Does this sound like a corrosion issue, or is there something in there that has maybe worn out...
  10. PaddyO

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    I have a 2014 R3T. Did the TORS-Ram Air-Viking crossover install. Did the 12 minute tune. All with no problems. Installed a tune for this set up downloaded from the resources area. The bike will not start. After looking at different threads, I thought the tune might have gotten corrupted in the...
  11. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  12. Griff

    Fitting front fender chrome bling R3T

    Bought this from a wrecker - off a 2008 model. Anyone advise how these are actually mounted? Particularly the plastic trim pieces? (Obviously the end at the forks is straight forward but at the front end?) TIA
  13. SignAnderson

    New Map for my R3T

    Hi everyone, I would like to change the map to my 2009 R3T. Now the bike is fitted with TORS (code A9600211/2 ) and the K&N TB-2204 air filter (underseat), I would like to ask you what is the best map available for my bike at the moment? Hoping there is someone who has my own components and has...
  14. Griff

    Corbin Seat questions on 2015 R3T

    Hey all, I bought my 2015 R3T with a Corbin seat installed. Backrests for both rider and passenger. I'm not sure whether these are the same ergonomics as the standard Triumph seat and backrest setup. I'm 6' 3" tall and I've worked out that to have the bits of my back that need to be supported...
  15. TheWhingnut

    looking into mild upgrades for 2011 R3T "Dacey"

    Since i'm out floating and have some free time right now i got to thinking about mild upgrades for my R3T. So far i have: Installed: Rivco risers Destircted tune (updated) LED headlights and aux lights TORs Bedifferent's Hand Shields Bead riders (or boog's anal Beads) Solo Seat with extra...
  16. Wayfairing Man

    R3T Fog Light Question

    All, I picked up an '08 R3T recently. The factory fog lights were disconnected at some point do to a weird battery drain/short issue. My question is: where is the harness plug and/or relay located? I saw a female two prong wire connector/lead off of the right side under the panel, a fbut I...
  17. BlackSails

    Totaled my 2014 R3T

    I have been riding since the early 70's accident free. Until a couple weeks ago. I still dont know exactly what happened but best guess, I was changing lanes left & hitting the throttle a bit. My wife said she checked the next day & there was road debris i.e. sand & dirt. I think the rear tire...
  18. Boog

    Request advice on new brake system 2014 R3T

    Hello all ye learned masters of stopping. My first questions is: What new calipers and brake lines will fit the ABS version of the R3T (2014) without needing fabrication? Second questions: What do I need to know about doing this swap at home? I get the idea that ABS is a more...
  19. ZoneIII

    Anyone know bevel box drain plug thread size, pitch, etc. for R3T

    Does anyone know the size of the bevel box drain plug - bolt size, pitch, etc. I have to repair with a Heli Coil type insert and I need to know what insedrt kit to get. I could use another size, of course, but it would be nice to use the original type magnetized drain plug. Any Triumph Parts...
  20. ZoneIII

    R3T - Stripped bevel box drain plug.

    I was changing the fluids getting ready for the new season when the darn bevel box drain plug stripped. It came out OK but would just spin and never tighten up when reinstalling it. I always torque it to spec at 15nm and it never tightened at all. The funny thing is threads didn't come out...
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