1. johnreeder

    R3T clock, trip 1&2 looses memory.

    R3T clock, trip 1&2 looses memory everytime the ignition is turned off.
  2. Claviger

    Need an R3T to Measure

    Anyone in WA with an R3T willing to let me measure some stuff on your bike (no disassembly required) in exchange for lunch please send me a PM or respond here, thanks in advance.
  3. RocketMikeR3T

    Where to source any slip on exhausts without cat converters similar to D&D's or TOR's for 2015 R3T?

    I'd like to replace the stock mufflers on the bike with aftermarket slip-on's without the cans for my 2015 R3T. I've scoured the forums to no avail and same with Ebay. I really want to derestrict it and get some more growl and power with a tune after I replace the stock mufflers with no cat...
  4. rocketrod

    Old rocketeer back again.

    Back with my 4th Rocket. This one had to be refurbished a bit.
  5. Wdugan9080

    Fuel pump relay R3T 08

    Had problem's lately, hard starting, shutting down while riding and starting right back up, finally stranded at girlfriends house, slept on the couch was going to pickup with trailer next day. Ran out in morning, got jumping cable's, either and WD-40, Had a test tight. Sprayed either in air box...
  6. TonyRussell

    Fork inner tubes r3t 2010

    Does anyone know of a replacement part for the front forks inner tube for a 2010 touring? I have tried everywhere but am having no luck. Thanks Tony
  7. First ride on the R3T

    Got itchy to test out the new bike, 37F / 3C is still a tad chilly for riding but I survived the 30 minute ride. The R3T is a smooth highway cruiser and that torque adds a fun factor.
  8. Gordy Bear

    Healtech gear position sensor connectors. R3T

    I am hoping someone can assist me here. I have an R3T, 2017, and purchased a Healtech GIpro ATRE G2, gear position indicator, the GPAT-TO2 version which, according to the Healtech website is the correct model for all year versions of the R3T. Installation should be fairly simple. However the...
  9. Boog

    WTB: R3T Fuel Cap

    Brahma lost his fuel cap again, this time I did not recover it. I need one ASAP for the touring model. Anyone got one or know of where I can find one. I did order one but it takes a month to arrive. Shipping to Virginia.
  10. Earthquake

    Lf unrestricted tune for R3t jardines and ram air

    This is my first time using tune ecu and there site doesn’t have a map for my set up
  11. Araz


    Hello to all the ROCKETMEN! My name is Araz and i recently purchased R3T 2015. My other bike honda vfr 2010, so when i was purchasing R3, i was thinking that i would get absolutely mind blowing torque monster :) and i wasn't wrong, but...and i feel (based on what i read on this forum)...
  12. Earthquake


  13. Bedifferent

    R3T Oil Pressure Sensor Change...Question

    My 2015 R3T oil pressure light has been flickering on and off. So far this occurs only after startup but it may go on and off for a couple minutes. I do not hear any evidence of oil pressure issues with the engine and have not had any issues after warmup or on the road. It has never done this...
  14. Lb10

    Gday Gents new to the site R3T rider when home Down Under

    Currently riding pulsar 200 whilst abroad Counting the months to be back Down Under on the R3T 2008
  15. Wdugan9080

    What have you done to your R3T lately

    First got her shinning like glass, w/black that's hard to do, used the chemical guys Hydro ciramic line, check out the videos on how to prep and apply for the ciramic coating, it says it will last a year for normal weathering, hopefully mine doesn't see too much bad weather cause I put 4 coat's...
  16. Wdugan9080

    Hi new here 08' R3T with TOR's and airbox K&N

    New to me 3 months ago, Looking for more power got got 20368.hex installed, Seem's rich, just adjusted TPS, and Secondary TPS, and Idle stepper motor, sprayed some cleaners in map sensor, and TB cleaning, and ran fuel injector cleaner thru 18 gal's of gas 1oz/gallon at a time, runs fine, just...
  17. Earthquake

    Anyone have a R3t exhaust for sale?

    I’m looking for preferably D&D mufflers but really anything better then these stock ones so I’m not picky I’m located in Massachusetts in the USA
  18. 14R3TRider

    14 R3T tune

    Looking to maximize power on my 14 R3T. Have cat delete, ram air, and 4" single side exhaust. What would you guys recommend to give me the most bang for my buck? Have tunecu and cable.
  19. Manny

    R3T 2017 factory map

    Hi guys! I bought the R3T 2017 version for Canada and California with 8500 km. I have factory intakes and exhausts. In Europe, the R3T has a small selection of parts for modification and replacement. I don't want to change anything yet. Europe is more papal than the Pope :) 1)The documents...