1. navigatoR3

    Side covers can will fly off

    Almost lost my side covers! Heard it happened to others so I silicone glued them on. Discovered over time vibration and dirt working itself into the insert points must have freed them up again. I was lucky enough to have my legs keep them from falling off. I will not wait so long before checking...
  2. lctrc

    Windshield Bracket Covers

    Removing the windshield and brackets from a GT leaves space where the brackets mount. There are decorative bits that fill that space on an R. I can't find the part number(s) for those covers. Anyone know?
  3. Mighty Mouse

    The 2020 Rocket Pannier rain covers

    I told my Triumph dealer about the problems with the Pannier covers leaking and that Triumph had modified covers to remedy the leaks. They knew nothing about it but stated they would check on it. I got mine yesterday so if you want them and don't have them ask your dealer to get them from...
  4. Ishrub

    T100 carb '8-Ball' custom tank covers.

    GBP250 on eBay
  5. Bob R

    Let's talk covers

    Now that I have moved to NV and will spend a month or so inan RV park I will need a decent cover for the bike. What are people using that actually fits? I was looking at XXXL sized (113 inch). I would like to buy once and call it good. bob
  6. 1olbull

    Chrome Rear Fender Side Covers

    I have a perfect set of chrome rear fender side covers with cut outs for a back rest. I would like to trade these for a set with no cut outs.
  7. Ishrub

    For Sale Cheap chrome exhaust header covers

    US$16 Ignore the tip it is scuffed. Not sure what use the other bits are. 06 2006 TRIUMPH 2300cc ROCKET III EXHAUST HARDWARE #X15 | eBay
  8. Landstar

    Chrome bolt hole covers.

    Does anyone know the correct name of those push chrome covers that go over a bolt hole? and where to buy? Thanks for any and all info.
  9. ratsidecar

    For Sale TORS silencers, radiator and guards, fork protectors, header covers,mirrors

    Selling a few parts here. All prices are plus postage, Removed from a 2006 Rocket III with 20k miles on it. Triple TORS silencers including exhaust brackets and heatshield covers. These are in decent condition, there is a scrape and some cracking of the chrome on the underside of the bottom...
  10. Ishrub

    For Sale CHROME FRONT CALIPER COVERS A9738194 fit Tourings

    I will stock these if there is any interest. Otherwise find your own.;):D CHROME CALIPER COVERS A9738194 Au$100 + postage I have checked and they DO NOT FIT R3 Roadsters, Stds or Classics but they do Touring Front calipers. Check image below confirming fitment to a member's Touring FRONT...
  11. James Burns

    Sissy Bar side covers

    Hi All, I've just been lucky enough to purchase a used sissy bar, pad and rack. But I'm missing the side covers that suit after fitting the bar. Wondering if anyone has these laying around they'd be happy to part with (happy to exchange moneyz ;)) I've just put the original covers back on and...
  12. MIG

    **SOLD** Looking for chrome frame covers: A9738171

    Please let me know if you have a set or a lead for my '14 R3T. Thanks! -MIG
  13. Haitch

    For Sale 2014 Roadster mudguard stay covers black

  14. BillyIndiana

    R3T Cover?

    So the riding days are dwindling and even though I will get out and ride every time I get a chance my Rocket will be at slumber soon. So who can recommend a good cover and the right size for the Rocket. I just want to make sure I get one that fits. One of the problems with the internet is you...
  15. Ishrub

    For Sale NEW Chrome side panel/covers for R3 Std, Classic and Roadster

    Rare as rocking horse sh!t from Ishrub's Treasure Trove. Au$300 + postage. Chrome Side Panels A9738107
  16. phar2slo

    Brand new crome side covers.

    Well look what found at the stealership today. Part number A973107. They Final got the list of old parts put together. Was reading through and saw Crome side panels got them to bring up the part on the screen and WOW I said I'll have a pair of them. Took about an hour of looking through boxes...
  17. Stuey

    Plastic radiator covers

    Can you get metal or black plastic replacements for the plastic chrome look covers? I havent been able to find any. If there is something wheres the best place to buy? Cheers
  18. sonny

    Empire bike covers

    They have a half price sell going on. Very nice and durable covers. I ordered two. One for the house and one will be kept at work. Very much waterproof and easy to use.
  19. Dr.D

    Want to Buy Rear Fender Strut covers

    I have removed my saddlebags on the Roadster and the covers used for that do not cover the whole strut. I need to buy the original covers in a chrome or mat black. Looks like this.
  20. Dr.D

    Want to Buy Fender Strut Covers

    Hello folks I took the saddle bags off my 2014 Rocket 3 Roeaster and I need to buy the original covers for the fender struts. The covers used for the bag bracket and rack/backrest are two pieces and do not look good with the one left on. It does not cover the whole strut and leaves a gap where...