1. Rocketfrog

    Headlight Assembly for the R3T - Custom?

    Has anybody replaced the stock R3T headlight on their touring (single headlight)? I busted mine up last year, and Triumph doesn't carry them anymore. EBay and Kijiji have been zero help, and the ones I did find are also busted up. I'd like to use an aftermarket housing, but the bracket...
  2. stingray

    TRIK Custom Motorcycle Parts rear fender

    Got the matte dark gray rear fender to see if it helps keep things cleaner and dry. Shipping from trikstore.uk was fast and all the hardware was included. It took less than an hour to fit and finish. I'd like to think an Exedra Max would fit.
  3. Custom Paintjob on my 2022GT

    Wound up having my 2022 GT custom candy painted. Had a little mishap with a fall over, and figured as long as I was painting the tank I would do a everything in a custom color.
  4. Onewheelwonder

    My Rocket glide, custom, work in progress.

    My work in progress. 2005 standard, DeCosse keyless ignition, 1 1/2" diameter 20" Buffalo bars, 2008 Speed triple throttle cable housing, Daytona 675 front radial master cylinder, Daytona 675 clutch perch, SS braided cables and lines, Custom mounted Arlen Ness mirrors, HD halo switchback...
  5. Jack

    Slimmed down R3

    I bought this bike as a wreck and decided to slim it down not really knowing how it would end up. First to go was the radiator. Replaced with a custom dual core. Always disliked the twin headlights so sourced a single headlight and shoe-horned it into the cowling along with the speedo and tach...
  6. Journeyman28778

    Shaquille O’Neal’s custom chopper is 14 feet long!

    Where's the motor? :roll: https://thesportsrush.com/nba-news-multi-millionaire-shaquille-oneals-custom-chopper-is-an-outlandish-14-feet-long/
  7. buddazero

    Tune Map for R3 Roadster 2018 w. Ram Air & Dave Platt Custom Silencers

    Hey, As you can tell from the title I a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018 with the Ram Air kit & Dave Platt Exhaust, right now I have a previous Dyno Tune from an old exhaust system, and I think it's a bad idea to continue riding with that Tune, also the Dyno Tuner here in the states wasn't as...
  8. Evil Mitch

    Triumph custom parts Tail tidy installed

    Just installed the tail tidy from Triumph custom parts Very happy with the outcome and look
  9. Ishrub

    UK based Mutt Motorcycles Custom hipsters

    I found an auction today for heaps of Mutt Motorcycles new parts from the closed Aussie distributor who must have lost quite a bit of cash over the past 3 years. UK sourced and China made. Engines are Chinese made Suzuki GN250 engine from same factory that makes Suzuki branded ones and uses...
  10. talkriver

    HP Corse Custom Exhaust

    My mate fabricated joint pipe himself then installed HP Corse exhaust on his R3R as attached photo. Since he didn't like its sound once he run the bike, he is considering extra modification right now.
  11. Normen

    Custom Luggage Rack + Pelicase

    I can only post 10 pictures in 1 thread - for the building i will start another thread Some Infos: custom luggage rack out of 8mm aluminium, pulver coated Pelicase im2200 (only one next to the 1450 which grips a wide enough) Electronic lock - opens only with ignition (no more fumble on...
  12. New custom luggage rack

    What do you ya reckon fellas…. I’m on a winner ? 🤣👍 Can’t beat the old milk crate
  13. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  14. RJ Kegley

    Need PCV map for DP custom, crossover and Ramair

    Howdy fellas. Looking for a map to burn the storage gas out and get me to the tuner after I install the DP double customs (full length), crossover pipe and Ramair. Mr. Dougal is a 2017 R3R. From what I'm reading on here, a Ramair/TORS map should get it close. Once I get it custom tuned, I'll...
  15. johnseva

    Home install of custom windscreen on a R3R 2021

    Hi. Anyone know if there is instructions or a kind of guide on how to install by yourself, at home, the windscreen sold by Triumph? Seems to be easy as there is 4 torx screws of a given ...
  16. Choptop

    Custom front rim ?

    Motor Bike trike conversion, replaced 18" rear rims/wheels w/22", looking for appx 19" front rim, any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  17. Boog

    Not an R3 but truly a custom mod; Bug Fen

    I saw this today and was amazed at the skill and imagination some people have. i enjoyed this on several levels.
  18. Pauls999

    White Rocket 3r Custom Paint & Seat

    This is my response to Triumphs "limited Edition" you can have any colour you like so long as it's black Rocket. (not really it been it's the making a long before they were announced) After a few months of waiting for stuff to be done because of lockdowns it's finally finished :) , my black...
  19. SleepyOwl

    Considering having my GT custom painted but where to start!

    Im finding the grey a bit " sensible" to look at and considering getting a paintjob done on it. I cant decide what colour or if I want any detailing on the tank. My best I can come up with at present is the Matt Iron which looks good on the bobber. Too many choices! Any suggestions?