1. Rhino

    Hard Bags

    Has anyone tried to fit any hard bags other than corbin or viking on a roadster?
  2. goncallf

    Wilbers 642 - Fitment with Bags

    Hi, I would like to know if someone who have Wilbers 642 shocks could you please take these 2 measures. 1) Distante from the rear trim till the reservoir of the shock. 2) Distante from the eyeshock till the reservoir Please see the photos below. I have Easybracket on the Triumph bags, so I...
  3. W

    Givi bags

    anybody out there with the Givi bags when the brackets are installed is the black cover left off or is it cut to accommodate them?
  4. maurice

    Combination lock on OEM Bags

    Does anyone know what this locks?
  5. maurice


    Since i'm in AZ not worried about waterproof. Deal with it if out of town. I like the looks and quality of the setup, hardware top notch!
  6. wjb

    Corbin bags for GT coming soon

    I think they are soon to be available. What do you think?
  7. Stan

    Saddle bags

    Whoever has a set of original saddle bags fitted, can you please take a few close ups. Under the fender and sides.id like to see a set up. Thank you
  8. Gregger

    Cloned Corbin Beetle Bags??

    I just noticed this on Ebay. Does anyone have any feedback on these bags. Made in the Russian Federation. 2 postings on Ebay. One for gloss and other for matt. There are some interesting other fiberglass bags also shown. Only $1200 bucks American with free shipping. Who's the first to try...
  9. Darron1117

    New Viking Saddlebags!!!

    Hey Rocketnauts, Just installed my Viking Spear Large saddlebags. Wasn't too difficult, just had to be sure rear tire had plenty room to compress up and down with bolt clearance. Cost $206.00 What do ya think?
  10. Mick114

    Kuryakyn floorboards / Viking bags install

    Did some upgrades today to my 09 R3C: -Installed passenger floorboards, Kuryakyn, 8808 adapters with one D spring on each side. -Installed OEM panniers mounts that I got used, they got rust proofed and then coated with truck bed liner spray. -Added hard bags. Viking Bags had a clearance...
  11. Ishrub

    Thunderbird Leather sissy bar bags fit R3 Tourings and R3 Classics/ Roadsters

    Here fitted flat to back of an R3 Classic. That Leather bag is the small version for the Thunderbird Storm etc, and is meant for sissy bar /rack mount as used on the 'Longhaul' type rack pattern found on R3Ts, Americas and Thunderbirds, but in different widths and part numbers not all...
  12. TheWhingnut

    Guard bags what fits the mighty R3T?

    Im looking for guard bags that will fit my pannier guards on Dacey. I trying not to buy harley branded items. Has anyone found a set of bags that fit well enough? I have the tooling to adjust them if the mounts are too long but not short. I am trying to plan out a better long haul setup. And i...
  13. Arealrider

    Corbin beetle bags 1750 or best offer

    In perfect condition
  14. Arealrider

    For Sale Corbin Black beetle bags 1800 obo

    Perfect condition Corbin bags 1800 obo All parts included
  15. Waconut

    viking bags quick release

    I know some of you are using these. I'm mounting some on my roadster and the question I have is did you use the 8mm bolts that came with them on the front or did you bore out the mounting piece and get a 10mm bolt. If you used the 8mm, have you had any problem with the fender shifting? Id rather...
  16. Dalan

    For Sale Corbin Beetle bags and Cee Baily screen for R3 Roadster for sale

    Have Beetle bags and screen for sale. Bought them used. Never installed. Guy I bought them from did not send bolts or keys. I made minor repairs to the bags. I have the install brackets. Other bolts and nuts can be had at NAPA or elsewhere. I have a parts list from Corbin. I paid $400...
  17. A

    (NJ)AMERICAN EAGLE BAGS take them away Just inherited them from purchase i dont use them

    i have purchased a 2005 rocket three recently and have some bags i took on from the guy who i got it from i dont do cross country or do real seriously far rides . there taking up space in my garage need them gone . this photo is of the bike with the bags . i purchased this bike from someone who...
  18. BeastMaster

    Touring bags on a roadster?

    Hey I'm new here so I haven't had much time to search everything. I am curious If any of you have installed/attempted, touring hard-bags on a roadster? While I have seen both bikes, in person, I don't really know if the frames & exhaust geometry are vastly different.
  19. JamiePT

    For Sale Tank Bags, Trickle Charger, fuel filter and headlight bulbs

    ALL SOLD PENDING PAYMENT THANKS AGAIN Hello Again, I sold most of my Triumph stuff in the last post but I found some more stuff in my garage. Triumph Battery Charger/ Tester. $80 new, YOURS FOR $35 with free USPS Priority mail shipping in USA I cut the normal pig tail end off and hard...
  20. Stillserving

    Tsukayu bags on a roadster. Here's a pic

    I've been eyeballing some Tsukayu bags for awhile now and am thinking about finally pulling the trigger. I'm really thinking about the "Jumbo Strong" bags, but don't know if I've seen a pic of them on a roadster. two questions: Does anyone on here have these bags or the "Strong" bags and do...
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