1. northernrider

    Just saw Viking Bags are having a 50% off sale

    It's a very good deal. Here's what the Raven Large bags look like on my 05
  2. rmcg888

    Zard Exhaust and side bags

    Some people have said that the OEM side bags are ok with a Zard exhaust. But they most definitely are not and there are photos of burnt side bags given the clearance of only 0.5cm. Has anyone found a third party side bag solution when there is a Zard exhaust?
  3. Cushman

    Saddle bags just finished

  4. dalaughingbuddha

    Corbin beetle bags or other options

    Anyone in Oz selling Corbin beetle bags or something similar? To fit an 08 classic
  5. Pinhead

    Corbin beetle bags

    Just wanted to repost this thread I found about corbin beetle bags replacement locks with keys👍 Just got my set of Corbin Beetle Bags off eBay. Looks like they were a set that were on the forum a few years back. I thought I would post some pics for those who have never seen them as I sure as...
  6. Staggy74

    Luggage bags GT Triple Black

    Bit of a silly question I realize but any suggestions on aftermarket luggage at all for the GT? Was looking at Triumph's accessories/pricing. Not too keen on the notion of a re-fi on the house. Nice but ridiculously priced. Like the bike I suppose too and I bought it I guess haha. Cheers!
  7. Blairbiker

    Kriega bags

    i was thinking about fitting some Kreiga bags on my GT, but i cant see how it would work as you would have to remove the rear bodywork to get under the pillion seat as that's where the straps would bolt. then the straps would have to come out at the bottom of the rear fairing which wouldn't be...
  8. MonkeyMan

    Corbin side cases / panniers for R3

    After tearing up two zippered bags from Triumph, had to do some thing different. I have two rockets, a 2020 R3 and a 2022 R3GT. (The GT is primarily for my fiancé.) Didn't like the expense of the Corbin option, but went with it for the GT. I have read a lot of posts that the triumph bags are...
  9. Msmitch459

    Selling Corbin seat, fairing, and beetle bags

    Guys, Corbin seat, Corbin fairing, and Corbin beetle bags... These are great items. Please PM me if you are interested.
  10. brandon0359

    Alex hard bags

    These are Alex’s hard bags I recently bought decided to go A different route never mounted primered ready for paint looking to get 800 plus freight
  11. Jeff06098

    Viking Saddle bags?

    Anyone use them on an RIII classic? My bike currently has leatherlyke bags on it and I’m not a huge fan. They’re very plastic looking and I’d like more of a leather look. I notice with the Viking bags you have to drill them to make them fit with their included hardware. I have the quick...
  12. Aussie Mike

    Hepco and Becker soft bags

    Hi All, Received my Hepco and Becker side bags for the Rocket 3R, quality is really good, brackets are not as elegant as the genuine article, but at around $1000AUD less than genuine (bags and brackets) I cant complain too much.
  13. C-squared

    Bags for 2020

    Hi guys new owner here. Recently bought a 20GT and love it. Also figured out after 1 trip to the hardware store I didn’t even have a place to stow sandpaper for the ride home (used my shirt FYI). Anyway it seems hard to find a Triumph bag for a 2020 Rocket 3. The Triumph website shows them but I...
  14. Rhino

    Hard Bags

    Has anyone tried to fit any hard bags other than corbin or viking on a roadster?
  15. goncallf

    Wilbers 642 - Fitment with Bags

    Hi, I would like to know if someone who have Wilbers 642 shocks could you please take these 2 measures. 1) Distante from the rear trim till the reservoir of the shock. 2) Distante from the eyeshock till the reservoir Please see the photos below. I have Easybracket on the Triumph bags, so I...
  16. Givi bags

    anybody out there with the Givi bags when the brackets are installed is the black cover left off or is it cut to accommodate them?
  17. maurice

    Combination lock on OEM Bags

    Does anyone know what this locks?
  18. maurice


    Since i'm in AZ not worried about waterproof. Deal with it if out of town. I like the looks and quality of the setup, hardware top notch!
  19. wjb

    Corbin bags for GT coming soon

    I think they are soon to be available. What do you think?
  20. Stan

    Saddle bags

    Whoever has a set of original saddle bags fitted, can you please take a few close ups. Under the fender and sides.id like to see a set up. Thank you