saddle bags

  1. MonkeyMan

    Corbin side cases / panniers for R3

    After tearing up two zippered bags from Triumph, had to do some thing different. I have two rockets, a 2020 R3 and a 2022 R3GT. (The GT is primarily for my fiancé.) Didn't like the expense of the Corbin option, but went with it for the GT. I have read a lot of posts that the triumph bags are...
  2. Stan

    Saddle bags

    Whoever has a set of original saddle bags fitted, can you please take a few close ups. Under the fender and like to see a set up. Thank you
  3. Landstar

    Viking Saddle Bags

    Just installed these I am very impressed, these bag are very stiff in construction and with a key lock and they mount behind the shock. And very tight to the bike. You will not be disappointed, Had Saddlemans on a VTX 1800 and these seem to be better quality, and only $140.00.... a bargin...
  4. TheKid

    Great use for Cheap Plastic Saddle Bags

    I bought a set of these for 25 bucks. Thought I would use them but didn't. Well I said to myself, throw them away.........Not me. Now it is for overflow mail. Don't tell Gunny I threw some of his toys away.
  5. germ79

    Quick Release for Saddle Bags

    Friends, I have a ‘14 Roadster and it has the leather Triumph saddlebags. Is there a quick release of sorts that would allow me to easily remove/install the bags? I won’t often need them and love the look without. I remember seeing some for my V2K, but I seem to remember it making the bags...
  6. FREE Saddle Bags etc

    I have leather saddlebags and a leather central tank cover. FREE Please collect Hampton Middlesex Ring Tony on 07703533973
  7. Bigj1955

    For Sale Viking Saddle Bags

    They are the large model - here is the link to the product page Triumph Rocket III Roadster Charger Single Strap Large Motorcycle Saddlebags They're in excellent shape - no scratches etc. the mounting hardware is still attached. Note that these are fixed, not quick release brackets. I still...
  8. canecorso

    For Sale Sixty8 Triumph saddle bags

    A pair of Xixty8 Triumph saddle bags. Tag line - from motorcycle riding to Boardroom! Room for laptop and other office supplies. One is brand new and the other was use few times by wife, but still looks brand new (has a very small blemish on front flap approx. size of 1/2 X 1/2 inch that is...
  9. Olivier Delannoy

    Saddle bags and passenger pegs

    Sorry for another newbie question: I just received some nice Viking side bags, but I cannot see a way to mount them without sacrifying the use of passenger pegs. I now know I have to go small in size if I want to preserve passenger comfort. Is there a saddlebag model which can be hard mounted on...
  10. Msmitch459

    Hard Saddle Bags Installed

    I put these Mutazu, RS universal hard saddle bags, on earlier this summer, before my wife and I took our big bike trip. Had a great time and living out of a motorcycle for 9 days, the extra storage room was needed. Nice bags and they didn’t leak when it rained.
  11. RocketMan3

    Saddle bags

    Has anyone bought a pair of these before. Wonder what the quality is like... PJ0015 Motorcycle Hard Trunk Saddle Bag Box Side Luggage w/ Tail Lights Black | eBay
  12. Boony

    Genuine Rocket III Saddle Bags

    I am looking to buy second hand genuine Saddle Bags. They are currently fitted to a Classic. Do they fit on a Roadster? I presume they do. I thought I would ask here before I spend the money for something that doesn't fit.
  13. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III black and white, 2011, 7500 miles, touring bike , hard saddle bags,...

    $6,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Tuesday Aug-11-2015 11:44:42 PDT Buy It Now for only: $9,500.00 Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list
  14. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III Low Mile Triumph Rocket 3 Touring with Saddle Bags, Garmin and every...

    $510.00 (4 Bids) End Date: Sunday May-24-2015 12:00:00 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list
  15. Adam79

    Want to Buy Beetle Bags, or Saddle bags

    Hi everyone, Well after an incident involving an old lady parking on top of my rocket, I am now in need of some new panniers, been doing a crap load of research and frankly I'm sick of it. I did have a set of harley panniers on there but the custom brackets i made are now all bent to **** so...
  16. For Sale Triumph Rocket 3 Saddle Bags

    Triumph Rocket 3 Saddle Bags Removed from a Classic.OEM Leather bags w/liners ,dresser Rails , fender strut covers, mounts and hardware $ 350or B/O 978-376-6426
  17. ebay


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  18. ebay


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  19. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III Garage kept 2005 Triumph Rocket III 6k miles. Saddle bags, 2 color LED...

    $1,000.00 (1 Bid) End Date: Tuesday Oct-1-2013 15:40:38 PDT Buy It Now for only: $5,000.00 Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list
  20. Dawg68

    Triumph saddle bags.

    Good day all; Just looking for some opinions on the Triumph saddlebags. I have an opertunity to acquire the set for $300, price wise it's a great deal as compared to retail cost. From those of you that have and use them, do you figure it's a good deal or should I be looking at something else...