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  • Have you got any pics of the belly pan you done/designed thanks
    Humm I do but not sure how to post it here.There are pictures up on the sight if you can't find private Emile me and I know how to send you pictures then:)
    Hi. Did you sell the sixty8 bags? If so, any idea where I can find one? black
    Yes sold , there a Triumph bag
    Good Morning, it is amazing what you can find on this site, word on the street is that you are an awesome seat guy, and I happen to have a couple of seats I need adjusted, the triumph seat, and my Harley seat, then maybe the Goldwing seat. If you are still in operation and looking to take in some more work, let me know. Thanks
    Mike Gudeman
    Did he get back to you? We need our seat customized also, or a new one built and Mustang and Corbin are so expensive.
    Frosty Rider
    Frosty Rider
    yes he did, actually came over to my house, looked at what I wanted done to the Triumph and Harley seats, made some recommendations, then took the two seats home to work on.
    Can't ask for better then that
    ... canecorso, the stock Triumph seat (driver's seat only, no passenger seat involved) weighs 6 1/2 pounds. Measurements of seat are: 19 3/8 inch long, 16 1/4 inch wide and 5 1/8 inch tall / thick. I have pictures but don't know how to post them here for you yet, but I am trying!
    ... canecorso, will send picture tomorrow, I live in zip code 33810 (Lakeland, FL.) no passenger seat just a stock single driver seat to make taller. Will need to either add or replace vinyl not much extra around side.
    The weight of my Corbin double seat (with a 1/2" gel and extra foam) is 25lb. The cost to ship to Florida is ~C$65, takes about 4 to 5 business days. What's the weight and measurement of your single seat? I can get a better idea how much it will cost to ship it back to you.
    Thanks Kevin
    If you register as business it will cost you less to ship as well they just give you a card you save at least half:)
    ... canecorso, contacting you regards to making my stock 2016 R3Roadster seat taller (1 1/2 - 2 inches taller) I'm 6' 1" with long legs. I would like to just either add to existing padding or replace it with thicker more support padding and leave the stock look as is. Please let me know what you can do or suggest what I should have you do and the approximate shipping costs and turn around time for it, thanks.
    Potlicquor, thanks for considering me.
    could you send me picture of your seat? If it's a double seat did you want gel in passenger seat as well?
    Do you want me to use the same Vynal? How much matereal do you have around side?
    Where are you located in the states? So I can find how much to ship back to you.
    I will give you a price on labour when I know more.
    Said more but so many letters had to deleat lol
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