1. handguards

    finding it hard to find hadguards for my rocket3 2013...any suggestions please
  2. Tonuts

    Rear tail trim 2013 roadster that will fit with hard mount sissybar

    Hi there . would anyone have a rear tail trim pair for 2013 roadster please thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction
  3. For Sale Hard case panniers and other parts for sale

    Hi Guys Had joined the forum to learn and share, but have recently sent my Roadster to the big bike meet in the sky!! I have therefore got some great hard case panniers, a detachable center stand, a set of standard exhausts, and a set of rear chrome mudguard covers. UK address They have all...
  4. PappyBlade

    Hard to find N

    I just bought my '15 Roadster, used, with 8k miles. It's heavily modded with Carpenter Sidewinders, an air intake I don't know the brand of (but it's HOT lookin!), and I'm sure an aftermarket controller. All of this info isn't really relevant, but it's nice to know... My issue is this: I can't...

    Viking leather hard bags on Roadster w/ removable brackets

    Found what I think is a successful combo. Really wanted some sort of bags to carry things in. I re-painted the girl and left the rear seat off to show off the color but that leaves me without a place to strap a bag, making bags more critical. Found these Viking leather bags (they are hard...
  6. dave64

    Hard luggage

    Pick up a set of Givi bags today , top box and panniers 41L each bag and box . Good condition and cheap , just need to work out how to fit them now
  7. CaptFlood

    Hepco Becker Orbit Hard Bags & C-Bow Mounting Device

    Hey, Folks: Has anyone to your knowledge ever tried the C-Bow mounting system from Hepco Becker on their Rocket? They also make a set of Orbit hard cases that can be installed over the C-Bow mounts and removed with a simple turn of the key. Just wondering if anyone's ever gone down this route...
  8. Rkarlstad

    New battery (die hard) still not turning over

    Hi, Last week I installed a new die hard battery, fully charged into the bike. It clicks once then nothing. Ran fine when put away for the winter. Any thoughts???????? Only 400 miles on the bike, bought at end of the season last year. Russ K
  9. Spawn

    What Kind of hard bags are these?

    I saw this pic on another thread. Can someone identify this brand of hard bags? My apologies if I offended anyone by using their photo!:D
  10. sonny

    Hard at it

    New clutch in and cover installed. Now it is forks and neck bearings. Kicking it. Progressive springs and new neck bearings. Enjoying the #ell out of it. supervisor is hard at work.:D:D:D:D:D:D
  11. rocketrookie

    Low fuel light does not work!! Found out the HARD way.

    I saw the thread on this issue last year, but unfortunately the pics are gone. Is this a common issue? Mine is an '07 R3 Classic, with no fuel gauge, just the light. Running out of gas in the Ocala Nat Forest sucks! Does anyone else know a fix for this, or will I just have to follow the...
  12. IdahoRenegade

    Biggest, nice hard bags for <<$1k??

    I currently have Viking Charger bags on my R3R. The size is smaller than I would like, so I'm looking to upgrade. The Corbin bags are nice, but at $2k, more than I'm willing to spend. I've been considering the Viking Lamellars Lamellar Extra Large Shock Cutout Leather Covered Saddlebag but...
  13. Phalanx

    15,000 miles on the tour, and a lot of hard lessons

    So, it's been 15,000 miles now on the Rocket and I can definitely say I love this thing more every **** day.... I joined this site right when I got it, and only a couple months after my Dad died from Alzheimers (I had moved him in with me for a year or so). I lost mom to Lymphoma in march of...


    Yesterday we rode out RT3 to Gorman California. We rode with about 10 other bikes. One rider had a Boss Hoss and all the rest had Harleys. This bike never disappoints me in any way. It handles great and hauls ass even while packing my wife. I never get tired of it. I like it better every time I...
  15. Charles Bozonier

    Late fall rides

    . . . on my r3r with Corbin+TORs+RamAir+Tsuyaku hard bags . . .I throw a leg over, flip on the grip warmers and rumble the big triple up from a two week slumber. Back pedal out from the garage, look both ways, and then effortlessly I am on my way . . . through cedar and pine tree lined roads...
  16. Msmitch459

    Hard Saddle Bags Installed

    I put these Mutazu, RS universal hard saddle bags, on earlier this summer, before my wife and I took our big bike trip. Had a great time and living out of a motorcycle for 9 days, the extra storage room was needed. Nice bags and they didn’t leak when it rained.
  17. Nrocket

    **SOLD** Brand New pair of leather covered, waterproof Hard Saddlebags

    Hello! I have a pair of brand new (unused) leather covered Hard Saddlebags for sale. They cost me total of $425 ($399 plus $25 shipping). I am selling them local in Seattle area for $275 and if I have to ship to some other place outside Seattle area then I would like to charge whatever...