fuel light

  1. Bradley84

    Fuel light

    G'day all. I recently got myself a 2006 Rocket 3. Fueled up up the other day after the fuel light came on. Surprised that it still took 12 litres. Is it usual for the light to come on at around half a tank and if so can it be changed. I regularly do long rides and would prefer it not to come on...
  2. rocketrookie

    Low fuel light does not work!! Found out the HARD way.

    I saw the thread on this issue last year, but unfortunately the pics are gone. Is this a common issue? Mine is an '07 R3 Classic, with no fuel gauge, just the light. Running out of gas in the Ocala Nat Forest sucks! Does anyone else know a fix for this, or will I just have to follow the...
  3. Low fuel light way to early

    So my low fuel light is coming on way to early. Once the light comes on it only takes 11.5 litres to full. Pretty sure that's not quite right. I tried searching but can't really navigate well on this phone. I'm sure I read they can be adjusted somehow but can't track it down again. Can anyone...
  4. mexican

    How do i adjust the fuel light on an 05?

    Both rockets have the same problem, the red one comes on around 90 miles from full and the black one around 98, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!:)
  5. garym

    2007 Rocket 111 fuel light problem.

    Hi all, first post... Could not find specific information re my problem. Here goes. Last month the fuel light began flickering on the instrument cluster, after not too long it became fully illuminated. ( Tank full )I decided to replace the sender unfortunately this did not fix the problem, I...
  6. Mike Armstrong

    Fuel indicator light

    Hello Brothers and Sisters. My 2005 Rocket lll's low fuel indicator light comes on when the tank is still 3/4 full. Is this a common problem and us there a easy fix.Hate to take it to a shop if I can do it myself.
  7. motolink

    Roadster fuel gauge/fuel light accuracy

    Is this normal, filled the tank, the low fuel light came on at 216km, I rode another 54km, all the bars on the fuel gauge were gone, filled the tank it took 16.41 liters, thats about 16.5 km to the liter. This means there were 10 liters in the tank when the low fuel light came on, the owners...
  8. Low fuel light fix with pictures

    I tried to post it here but it was more than 10,000 characters:eek: and I wasn't going to rewrite it. You can read it here.
  9. jaredmt

    Fuel Light

    Alright ... so here is the question: Has anyone let their bike run dry? How many miles did you get after the 'low fuel' light came on? I'm used to just having a reserve tank & switching to it as needed. I'm trying to decide about how many miles I have left when that light comes on .. and...
  10. Low Fuel Light

    I know this has been addressed before, but has anyone come up with a fix for the low fuel light coming on too soon? Mine lights up within 30 miles of filling the tank.