1. TheTaylorEffect

    Need advice. Found a low mileage 2011 R3 Roadster on Craigslist, but the valve cover gasket is warped.

    Hi Folks, Not an R3 owner - but looking. In need of some advice. I want to go back to a power cruiser after riding sport tourers for a few years - and found a 2011 R3 Roadster on Craigslist for $7500 with a little over 7000 miles on it. Owner just put new tires on it a few weeks ago. I spent...
  2. Brackets and screen fixing kit for big Windshield in the UK for R111 roadster 2014

    Hello all I have got a magnificent Triumph rocket 3 roadster 2014 matte black with white stripes and I am looking to install a tall aftermarket windscreen either 7jurock or clear view but I'm really struggling to get the two below items fixing kit and brackets. Can anyone help me procure this...
  3. MikeDeY

    2011 Roadster stock exhaust and triple K&Ns

    Guys, I’m sorry if this is posted elsewhere… I’m pretty incompetent with using this site. I’m gonna be going back to stock exhaust on my roadster, but keeping the triple K&Ns. My scratched up Jardines are an eye sore, and the noise is starting to wear on me. Where can I find the best Tune ECU...
  4. Crash Guards for Triumph Rocket Roadster 2018

    Hello Friends, I am new to this group, and need your help. I am based in Chicago suburbs and own a 2018 Rocket Roadster. I am looking at purchasing crash guards for both the front and rear and prepare my motorcycle for the upcoming summer. Kindly suggest where I can source these from. Any kind...
  5. torki pig

    Roadster Inlet camshaft Retard for more high RPM power

    Question for the people who have tried. Claviger Lush Warp etc. Anyone tried skipping one tooth( 9.5degrees) retard on the inlet cam only on a Roadster? Theory says peak HP and torque figures could occur about 400 rpm higher in the rev range with only 2 to three HP losses in the 2000 to 4000...
  6. NASA

    13 roadster passenger backrest

    I was looking at a Fehling passenger backrest but the fitment chart says 08 to 12 roadster and 16 up. What is the difference from 12 to 13 that the backrest wouldn't fit?? Is it just because my fender brackets are black instead of chrome? Enquiring minds want to know!
  7. NASA

    Iowa hello

    I just bought a 13 roadster to keep my 12 Thunderbird from getting lonely I've wanted a Rocket for a long time and I'm looking forward the spring when I can get out and ride my new bike!
  8. Dave Platt Roadster Outlaw System - Gasket Fitment Issue

    I am about to fit a Dave Platt Outlaw system in place of the TOR's the bike was fitted with. The DP system is secondhand but like new, no damage. Has anyone made the same/similar changeout? Only issue I am having is fitting the silencer/exhaust gaskets (new), I am using genuine Triumph exhaust...
  9. Intro - Hello to all R3 Owners

    Presently the owner of a 2010 R3 Roadster, Years back I rode the first R3 in Manchester (UK) when I ran the local RAT group/club. At that time I was with a Speed Triple 955i. I was blown away by the torque and the then reasonable handling of the R3. The 2010 Roadster seems to have righted the...
  10. albertaduke

    Fork clamps for roadster

    I have four fork clamps used to hold the short sport visor on my 2013 roadster I have now a R3 GT I no longer needs these clamps to give away you only pay the shipping I guess around $40 approx
  11. Eric Hess

    2014 R3 Roadster Multiple Mods

    I'm new to the group and have been following several subjects and need some information. Mine is basically stock, I had the dealer install the Triumph TOR pipes when I bought it (unsure if that was wise) and I'm ready to make some modifications. I just ordered a Ram Air system from England off...
  12. Bertram28

    Considering purchasing a 2017 R3 Roadster

    Thanks for letting me in the group. I will devour all the great information before I put my money down on the counter! It only has 8K miles..I did notice a few other listings with the same amount of miles..Is this a warning sign? Stay safe.
  13. Warp1 aiming wormhole to avoid rain.

    Warp1 aiming wormhole to avoid rain.

    Running away from rain in Buenos Aires state road, Argentina.
  14. Liam2x

    Want to Buy Wtb heat shield for a roadster.

    ISO of a right side heat shield. The one that elbows. Black is preferable but chrome is fine.
  15. shazaam

    Can a Roadster be converted into a "Touring"?

    Hi again, folks 👋 Since I've narrowed down my search to the R3T, i've realized that the inventory of motorcycles available (in Ontario at least) is quite low. I do keep coming across Roadster models a lot. Check this one out... SO, my (perhaps stupid) question is, can the Roaster be...
  16. Journeyman28778

    How to remove ignition switch from Roadster?

    My switch is going bad and I need to quit putting off the repair. I suspect that one or more wires have come loose or are loose and just barely making enough contact (most of the time). My question is what's involved in getting the switch out? I know that I'll be running into some bolts with...
  17. Journeyman28778

    Fork Shield Brackets for Accessory Lights - Roadster

    @smordue1 posted a photo of these brackets. He's not been on the site for a while and just wondering if anyone might know who makes them. I need something similar for my Roadster that would attach to the fork shields. The spacing is probably different, who knows. The lights are Clearwaters, but...
  18. Starfighter

    Rocket III Roadster tank swap and other mods

    Hello everyone So Im joining the Rocket racket soon and will pull the trigger on a Roadster once I find a good deal. As always, I customize my bikes to my own personal liking. Im planning to swap the OEM giant fuel tank to a smaller round fuel tank ala Bonneville and put in a slammer seat. I...
  19. 2nd gear 2013 roadster

    So... has anyone know how to fix the 2nd gear ⚙ popping out ? I have heard that there's a kit but have no idea what I'm looking for. Brought it to dealer when it was happening while under warranty and they kept telling me its a safety thing from triumph. Lmfao gtfoh I'm not stupid 🤣 but kept...
  20. New Rocket Roadster rider is here

    Hello guys, fresh stock Roadster owner here. It is time to plan some modification :)