1. Lemieuxfan

    fellow roadster owners-

    with the roadster the riding position is leaning forward (however in town i notice i lean back this could compound issue i am about to talk about) I've had mine since 2015 and lately having issue mainly with my right hand the rocket isn't a light bike and the right is responsible for the...
  2. svistoplas

    New very high pitch cricket sound from 2013 Roadster

    Hi Triumph friends! A new noise recently appeared in the wide spectrum of sounds from my Rocket 2013 Roadster engine. Here’s the video where you can hear it between seconds 2 and 6. After second 6, I roll on the throttle and it disappears. There was always a lot of whining and other normal...
  3. Victor K

    R3 Roadster

    Hi all, Looking for R3 Roadster brake & Gear pedals assembly + rear brake master cylinder reservoir
  4. Starfighter

    Gutting Roadster mufflers

    So I got a pair of extra Roadster OEM mufflers and Id like to make them free flowing. There is a good thread ”another way to skin the cat” on removing the catalytic converters but has anyone completely gutted these exhausts without destroying the chrome? my plan was to gut these completely and...
  5. Earthquake

    Roadster dash issue

    Is there a setting or something to brighten the dash lights I can’t read them during the day Bikes a 2018 roadster I could barley figure out the clock
  6. Claviger

    Then and now a thread; post first/current Roadster pics

    This was the day I bought it. Went to the movies and the wife came along. Then: Now:
  7. germ79

    Pics of Roadster with Black Crash Bars on Front/Back?

    I'm considering putting on some crash bars, but I don't want to take too much away from the look. I think if they are black it won't stand out too much? I'd love to see pics of what it looks like on the front/back if you have them! Also, where can you get these things nowadays?!? Thanks, guys!
  8. JonesyVRUK

    Jonesy, Volunteer Riders UK, am looking for a map for 2010 R111 Roadster with TORS and Ramair. Its running like a bag of nails.

    Had the collector box removed. Been running rough since then. It's had a service and was checked over. I since again changed plugs, changed ramair filter, changed air induction sensor, cleaned lambada sensor, even tried redex. I have a pcv to use if it is likely to make a difference. When I...
  9. Bigtom235

    2016 rocket iii roadster stock mid controls

    So I bought a bike that the last owner modified with forward controls and I hate them. Does anyone have a set of stock rocket roadster mid controls they would be willing to sell. I'd greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks
  10. turbomrk

    How to Disable ABS on a Rocket Roadster

    How do you disable ABS on the Rocket Roadster is all I want to know. I don't want questions as to why, or horror stories as to why not! If it can be done I just want that information only, without me having to explain why I want that! If you absolutely need an explanation, here goes. BECAUSE I...
  11. hoopla

    clutch is dragging on 2016 rocket3 roadster

    what I mean by dragging is when the clutch is fully pulled in, I can't get the bike into neutral, only when I turn the bike off, then I can get the bike into neutral. When sitting at a light in first gear, I can not roll the bike back at all., my guessing is that the clutch is dragging...
  12. Starfighter

    Swapping floorboards to Roadster pegs

    Hello I have the footboards on my 2008 Rocket III, but Im more of a pegs/levers guy. Also I dont like to have my legs up front. I know the brake cylinders and brakelines are different between my 2008 Rocket111 and the Roadster. The question is how big is the difference, is it a straight swap...
  13. IdahoRenegade

    Looking to buy a Touring, years to avoid, differences in engine output between Touring and Roadster.

    Former Rocket III owner here, I had a 2012 Roadster that I loved. I put a bunch of effort outfitting it for touring, but eventually realized I wanted a dedicated touring bike, with a stereo and cruise control. 500-600 mile days weren't bad, but when I was working and limited for vacation time...
  14. Cor

    2011 Roadster Viking 3-1 Ramair Popping

    Hello, new here. Just got i believe a previous members bike here after searching lol. Anyways it is a 2011 r3 roadster with 3to1 viking and ramiair. On start up it really doesn't like cold starts and almost stalls out a few times until warm. While riding the headers seem extremely hot, I know...
  15. Earthquake

    Roadster lower leg fairing question

    So I just bought this roadster still waiting on deliver it has a batwing radio I’d like to ad lower leg fairings with speakers has anyone ever mounted any? And if so what ones fit the stock crashbars? Also post pictures if you have them
  16. 2016 Roadster with TORS, mid pipe, and Ramair

    Just picked up a 2016 Rocket III Roadster and put the Ramair kit on, David Platt mid pipe, and TORS slipons on the bike. Looking for a map for it now. I've read as many posts as I can but can't seem to find one for the later model roadsters outside of the 20773 which seems like it's still fairly...
  17. Darron1117

    Thank you all over the years as a Roadster owner

    Hey all, Thanks to each and every one of you that at a moments notice would offer help to a fellow Rocket 3 owner. Just sold the bike and the buyer just pulled off. A lot of memories from my fellow Rocketeers. Joined right at five years ago when I purchased my 2012. Happy riding and kind...
  18. Earthquake

    Wtb tors or aftermarket exhaust for my roadster

    I’m looking for a system for my new to me 2018 roadster I’d prefer jardines but anything is better then stock
  19. Gleekzorp

    Are 2016 Rocket X and non-X parts compatible?

    Hi all, Are Rocket X (2016) parts compatible with a 2016 "non-X" Roadster? Thanks for your insights! Best regards, Gleek
  20. Wajhi

    Rivco risers for 2015 roadster, where to buy them in US?

    I am trying to buy Rivco risers for 2015 roadster? Could not find them for sale anywhere, anyone has a clue?