1. New Rocket Roadster rider is here

    Hello guys, fresh stock Roadster owner here. It is time to plan some modification :)
  2. buddazero

    2018 Rocket 3 Roadster | Ram Air & Paul Viking Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with Ram Air Filter Kit and Paul Viking Exhaust with the custom headers and Twin Muffler System (3 into 2). After the I installed these mods, the headers were running so hot my pants caught fire. Luckily Paul and his friend provided me with the Charles...
  3. albertaduke

    Fork clamps from a 2012 rocket3 roadster

    still have 4 forks clamps from my 2012 roadster , used them to hold the short fairing anybody wanting them $40 + shipping currently painted black all in good shape
  4. Joa

    TRR3 Roadster - Spongy Front Brake

    Hi together, I own a Rocket 3 Roadster (2016, ABS). My front brake is terribly spongy, huge lever travel. I exchanged already all tubes, caliper sealings and pistons as well as piston in the brake pump. The system was bleed professionally including the ABS routine. However, no improvement. When...
  5. 2012 Roadster - possible gearbox issue?

    Im about to buy a roadster from a local triumph dealer in UK. Ive tested it twice and once on each ride, it failed to find the gear and found false neutral between 2nd and 3rd i think. Is this a warning that I could be in for an expensive job later down the line? Should I walk away or ask that...
  6. Mr G

    Upper Fork Yoke Roadster 2014 removal

    I plan to fit Rivco risers to my Roadster and instead of taking off the clutch cable and rerouting the throttle cables to behind the upper yoke I am thinking of just removing the upper fork yoke and tucking the cables behind it . Am I right in thinking that the yoke comes off by loosening the...
  7. Vlan2k

    Want to Buy '18 Roadster Seat Needed

    Need a new seat for my '18 Roadster... just the rider seat, no pillion. Willing to trade a black Corbin batwing fairing with slight damage to left side.
  8. Mr G

    Which colour wire is the positive to the horn , roadster 2014

    Hey guys I am fitting a Denali sound bomb split , I am nearly done buy wonder if you can tell me which wire is the positive which attaches to the horn . Just want to make sure before I connect up . See picture below .
  9. B Rad Mn

    Lower Deflectors Ideas for 2015 Roadster?

    Just had the standard Triumph windscreen installed, and can’t find used lower deflectors. Any ideas on sources for the parts or patterns to build them?
  10. Tyler81

    2016 Rocket 3 Roadster oil leak ???

    Noticed I've got a bit of a leak happening, I've been looking around for a schematic drawing that might explain what part is leaking so I can start trouble shooting but having no luck. Has anyone dealt with a leak coming from the bolts on the bottom left of the engine above the kick stand?
  11. Moosef1970

    2012 Roadster

    I tipped over my 2012 roadster. The good news is that I only broke my turn signal lens cover(the left front). Anyone know what OEM part number I am looking for OR have one that they want to sell? I am not sure if my ego is damaged more than the bike. Thanks, Moose
  12. Rocketeer4life

    2014 R3 roadster engine to a 05 standard?

    Hi all! Still new here, but i recently wrecked my touring model unfortunetly. So now i have my 05 standard still, it needs a new engine. Found a used crate engine online off a 2014 R3 this interchangeable? Thanks! N cheers!
  13. New rocket 3 roadster owner

    Hi Everyone, Just bought a rocket 3 roadster 2011 a couple of weeks ago. Happy to be part of this community :) I have a lot of work to do on the bike. Will probably be posting a lot of (probably silly) questions 😅 Cheers!
  14. Mr G

    Roadster 2014 Handle bar riser thread fitting

    I have a pair of risers from my previous bike I would like to have a go at fitting to raise the handle bars up a bit but they have the threads already attached and are 12 mm where as correct me if I'm wrong the Triumph has a 10mm thread . Will the hole going through the yolks allow for 12mm bolt...
  15. Penner

    Dyno Rocket 2.5 TFC vs Rocket 2.3 Roadster

    Both are OEM bikes. I removed all ECU restrictions. The Roadster (blue graph) also has a crossover pipe. ...
  16. Journeyman28778

    Solo Rack for the Roadster

    Looking for options to mount a rack behind a solo Corbin seat for touring on the Roadster. In the past I put the Corbin two-up seat with backrest on and pile gear on the passenger seat. The dry bag for my sleeping bag makes a good backrest. I'm thinking that a rack would be better as it would...
  17. dbackfan638

    Thanks for the Add

    I'm new to the Rocket 3 world. Picking up a new to me '16 Roadster today. Thanks for the add!
  18. Tim Forrest

    Shorty back end for roadster

    Hi,,just installed a shortened back guard on my Rocket,,tidy the flabb away,,inbuilt leds so super bright and very very clean looking,,I,m really pleased with the new look
  19. 2011 Roadster Exhaust Slip On Options?

    I've tried sorting through the mountains of threads on Exhaust options. I keep running into, so and so doesn't make them anymore. I'm astonished that some of these exhaust systems are $1500. I've done plenty on cars for $1000. Probably comes back to my original question though as to who is...
  20. Vlan2k

    6 Speed RIII Roadster Transmission

    After searching the forum, I didn't see a lot of information on converting to 6 gears from 5. Wondering who has... how was it done... what are the results?