1. Q

    2011 Roadster Exhaust Slip On Options?

    I've tried sorting through the mountains of threads on Exhaust options. I keep running into, so and so doesn't make them anymore. I'm astonished that some of these exhaust systems are $1500. I've done plenty on cars for $1000. Probably comes back to my original question though as to who is...
  2. Vlan2k

    6 Speed RIII Roadster Transmission

    After searching the forum, I didn't see a lot of information on converting to 6 gears from 5. Wondering who has... how was it done... what are the results?
  3. tribal

    Help with TuneECU reading map from 2014 Roadster

    Hi all, I am trying to Read/Upload a Carpenter map off a 2014 Roadster using TuneECU 2.5.8 from a Windows laptop (a brand new one but should be OK).. I am connecting fine with USB but when I hit "Read Map" it has a popup window with a base map ID #20688 pre-selected but then says it is an...
  4. AJ1

    Installing 10 inch LED slim light bars on the Rocket III Roadster

    I wanted to install a pair for 10 inch slim LED spot light bars stacked below the headlights. Has anybody installed similar light bars ? Trying to figure out options to mount it to the fork. Any options other than trying two clamps from the front end fixing kit (SKU: A9738051) ? Many thanks, AJ
  5. tattoo001

    Seat for 2014 rocket roadster

    Gday guys, I've done a lot of searching but have found it to be quite confusing.. im after a stock seat for my 2014 roadster so i can have it re shaped and upholstered. ive found a couple of touring seats on ebay but don't know if they'll fit? I was going to post in classified but am not sure...
  6. Q

    First time modding my 11' Roadster. Suggestions

    I'm not mechanically inclined but I want to learn. My valve cover gasket busted on me and I saw some posts where people switch to RamAir or K&N when fixing that. Any recommendations? Is it worth it? The bike is plenty fast for me already, but if that makes it easier to work on later, I thought...
  7. Jeff in Ohio

    New Member with an amazing R3 Roadster

    I'm old, I'm fat and I'm bald and those are my strong points. Love my "new" 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster. If anyone is in Ohio, and you owe me money, please stop and say hello!
  8. Plow Horse

    My original thoughts on the Rocket 3 Roadster over a year ago

    In July my faithful Yamaha spontaneously combusted. It was a very sad day. But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining. A bit of searching on the net and I found a new bike (a very special bike) at a dealership just a few miles away. So off we went, Patty and I to go view this...
  9. syntax007

    Where does everyone shop for their rocket roadster parts?

    I see amazing bikes in the gallery, but I don't know or can't find where some of y'all get your parts from. Like the triumph branded floor boards or hard saddle bags, chrome plate for radiator. Is there like a secret Triumph shop that I'm unaware of?
  10. r3badboy

    Roadster ignition switch

    Howdy guys, after an ignition switch (with wires & plug) for a 2010 american import roadster....well thats what comes up on the ecu vin that I bought. Seems to be different part numbers for different models so dont know how compatible they could be? New one a tad expensive, but thought I'd put...
  11. syntax007

    Cleaning matte black roadster

    Anyone have any good cleaning products to use on matte black paint as well as chrome?
  12. rocketsahi

    Shad Top case and side cases on R3 Roadster

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone installed these Shad cases on your Roadster. I feel these are going to look pretty neat on the Roadster. The trouble is that they do not make a mounting brackets for the Roadster. I want to figure out how...
  13. AGRIV8TD

    wheel alignment on a 2016 Rocket 3 roadster

    There is an adjustment bolt on the right side back of motor. I know it has something to do with motor/ rear wheel alignment. Does anyone know how it works. No one knows!?
  14. T

    Looking for a 2016 Roadster Seat with the Carbon fiber cover.

    Hi I'm in search of a 2016 Roadster Seat that has the carbon fiber cover. I will pay reasonable price for one in very good to excellent condition. Thanks
  15. 1947UL

    Dragging rear caliper 2014 roadster

    I’m Joe from Toronto...2014 roadster...I’ve a dragging rear brake I’ve completely disassembled both the master and caliper...the pistons just won’t retract enough...every thing seems in perfect order...any thoughts’s a Nissin master and Brembo Caliper..😡
  16. WEST1200

    R3 Roadster 2010 to R3 GT 2020

    Collecting new R3 GT 2020 on 1st September. My son describes it as a sportbike on steroids !!! So when his PCP contact ends in March 2021 his will be the R version. Quite simply my description is 5th generation sublime handling where do I sign 🏁🚀🚀🚀🏁 The Lady in my life says the back rest pad is...
  17. DarkRocket

    roadster heat shields

    Hi everyone, I have just taken my Reband exhaust off my 2010 Roadster as I love the twin pipe set up and hate single sided. I have been really lucky with getting hold of a standard system from Ebay. I ended up purchasing three four lots of bits and it fitted perfectly. The...
  18. steve mitchell

    Corbin fairings for a 2015 roadster

    Has anyone with a Corbin fairing found an insert that works to install a radio? As I look for my new ride, I found a 2015 with low miles and it has a fairing. I love the look from the front but it doesn't seem right without tunes.
  19. ehackney

    Just picked up a sweet 2011 R3 Roadster for $6k USD...

    Wow. This bike is amazing. Wow.
  20. Mike021471

    Matte black roadster

    Does anyone know if the sissy bar and luggage rack on the phantom black roadster is Chrome or blacked out.
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