1. Ishrub

    For Sale Staintune triple pipes and cat delete crossover - All Stainless.

    I have available a used set of Australian made Staintune 3 pipe in Stainless with a Staintune stainless cat delete pipe for the R3 2004 - 2009 Std/Classic models. They have just been cleaned and the crossover cat delete has been soda blasted to remove the build up of brown staining you get after...
  2. ChrisACT

    Results - Rocket Std, Maddogs, Staintune cat elim, Ramair and ECU tune

    Well, perhaps this is nothing new here. It seems these mods are common. But I should say that I'm well happy with them. So far in the last 3 weeks since buying my used 2006 Rocket Special Edition I've discovered it came with: Maddog pipes Staintune cat eliminator K&N under seat air filter...
  3. kwimmer

    For Sale Removed from sale 3 silencer system with crossover

    My 2008 Classic has had the system on for a few years. I had the crossover ceramic coated last year and the silencers are in nice condition. I love the look and the sound but am running a Viking header now and Paul is building me a single silencer. Ill send pics , just ask. I'm on the West...
  4. Stuey

    For Sale Staintune mufflers and cat

    Selling my staintune mufflers $600 ono plus postage. Staintune collector for sale too
  5. ozrider

    For Sale SOLD 3 x Staintune Mufflers suit Standard and Classic

    Up for sale 3 x Staintune muffler set with brackets and clamps $500.00 AUD plus freight from Brisbane Australia... New cost is $1800.00 on Staintune site Prefer to post within Australia but will get shipping costs for overseas if required.
  6. Ishrub

    For Sale WITHDRAWN FROM SALE - Triumph Rocket 3 Staintune Cat delete pipe for 3 pipes

    Triumph Rocket 3 Staintune Cat delete pipe for 3 pipes. Staintune is a 50+year old Aussie high quality Stainless Steel motorcycle exhaust maker and my 1978 BMW sidecar still has one fitted and going fine after all those years. This will need a buff or polish but the stainless will still come...
  7. Fungames43232

    Staintune crossover with TORS or Dain triple D racing pipe

    I am running a stock header, TORS and Ram Air on my roadster. I am debating whether I should install the staintune crossover or Dain's pipe which also removes that restrictive square box. Since I am keeping the stock header I am thinking one would not be better than the other. Dain is in my...
  8. Evil Mitch

    For Sale Headers and staintune silencers

    Hey everyone i will be selling my ceramic coated stainless headers built by Sam Travelguy with the three staintune silencers as im going for a different look please pm me if you wish to make an offer. pickup is prefered but if someone requires postage it will be at their expense including packaging
  9. R3Rider

    R3R with Staintune Performance Exhaust Tune

    Hi All, Now that I have my 2011 R3R I would like some advice from you guys as to tuning etc. My bike is fitted with Staintune Performance exhaust system (not sure of part number) see photo, this may help identify? I have just email the previous owner to find out if the bike had been re-mapped...
  10. mr hunt

    Need some tune help...Staintunes/triple filters

    In for a new front tyre ...out with a pair of pre-loved staintunes...naturally. Scoured tuneecu website and our own library here but can't find a specific staintune/3x pod filter tune...looks like i might be able to use something for pred's or jardines...any advice here is welcome :thumbsup:
  11. crashpete


    Is there a good place to purchase the staintune crossover for a Roadster in America?
  12. CanberraR3

    For Sale 3 Pipe TORs / Staintune Cat Bypass

    Genuine 3 pipe TOR exhaust for sale, suit any Standard or Classic, good condition, no dings, rust, scratches or scrapes. Plenty of pics of them in my gallery. AUD$295 Staintune "bugle" cat bypass. Good condition, no dings, rust, scrapes or leaks. AUD$295 Combined : AUD$550 Also have original...
  13. Dan Limon

    Ramair fitted,cat bypass,secondary's removed Staintunes fitted, need tunecu help

    Hi all, please give your advice on tunecu. I have fitted cat bypass, Staintune pipes and removed secondary butterflies and fitted ramair filter, I have also completed the recommended 12 minute tune. Does anyone have a tunecu recommendation ??? This is a 2008 classic R3, I have test ridden with...
  14. Dennsell

    Staintune Baffles search

    I am looking for a set of Staintune OE Baffles for the R3 3x can 05 Ex system.. I have emailed Staintune, posted in classified, asked the previous owner, googled but no luck yet :( Anyone know of any around the traps that I can beg, steal or borrow.. I mean Buy :) Needed for strict overseas...
  15. Evil Mitch


    Hmmmmm getting a little bored with the staintunes thinking when I get autotune I might get some shortys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Evil Mitch

    Staintune V Tors

    I have the Tors and triumph cat delete spaghetti pipe collector on my rocket with the standard headers . only kept the standard headers because i prefer the factory look of the chrome covers even though i know custom headers done rite would be better performance wise. Also did the triple K&N...
  17. R3T Staintune Exhaust Question

    Okay, so I've decided on used R3 Touring model and if all goes well I should be getting one in a couple of weeks (Yeeehaaa...chomping at the bit!!!). Before I go all in and do this... I have a question about the exhaust sound. Of all the downside features of the R3 (Touring or otherwise) for...
  18. flhtpi

    Staintune SFi Fuel Injection Management Controllers

    Staintune SFi (Dobeck Performance) Fuel Injection Management Controllers Is anybody running one of these? If so, do you like it. It looks like old technology .
  19. flhtpi

    Staintune Exhaust with Cat Eliminator

    The UPS truck came today with my Staintune exhaust. I can see why it cost so much after looking at the pieces. It’s very nice quality and what a polish. Being made from 304 stainless it should last the life of the bike. I’ll post more pictures during the install tomorrow.