1. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all loaded the Penner tune yesterday on my r with no problems what a difference. Has anyone done a comparison between this tune and the DNK one on a rocket with the comp works pipes as they do ask for any mods rather than the Penner that just says standard exhaust
  2. jjerdonjr

    Looking for a good tune.

    My 2014 R3T ABS is for the most part stock. I like the original look of the exhaust, manifold and Bearpaw. I just love the look. I am looking for a time that will release the full potential of the stock motor. I know it is being held back and want to release the beast. I looked at the 2021 but...
  3. bebsy

    Tune ecu cloning

    Evening all Could someone pls tell me if its OK to load another Rocket onto my existing tune ecu or would it need to be setup separately
  4. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all has anyone here in the Uk used tune ecu and more importantly be prepared to do mine. I have read various post and just can’t get my head around it. I did the Meerkat exhaust mod yesterday and am keen to get a new map loaded more suited to the slightly more free flowing exhaust. Or is...
  5. snicrep

    R3t ecu transplant?

    So it seems like theres a limit to how far a touring models hp can be increased. Assuming the ecu is different from the higher hp models, can one simply swap out for another ecu? What i want is all the hp and torque that was available on the other models (r and gt?). Has anyone done it.?
  6. Rocket_Rider

    tune ecu tune not downloading

    hi all, Last ditch effort for help before going to dealer..... I flashed the nels full remap tune in resources but bike didn't like it. Now when I try to flash any other tune it says its done but when I read the ecu it's some weird set of tables that doesn't match any tune I have on file...
  7. sonny

    Locked ECU

    There is no way i would buy a bike with a locked ECU. That would take all the fun out of it. No matter what you try to do to the bike your screwed. No way To re-tune after mods. Kind of left out in the cold. One of the pleasures of owning a bike is all the different ways you can set it up...
  8. r3badboy


    Howdy, have a 2010 ecu, wiring harness & gauges (mph) Would this setup be ok to run on a 2016 roadster engine Cheers 😎
  9. Msmitch459

    How to remove secondary plates and turn them off in tunEcu?

    do i just remove the plates and turn secondary throttle off?
  10. Alistair

    2018 rocket Ecu tune factory block

    Hi all I’m advised that if I try and change the tune on 2018 rocket then the ecu will lockup and will need to be sent back to the Uk to be unlocked. I want to fit my new pipes but hesitant until I get this risk sorted. Any ideas?
  11. Shaun

    PC 5 and ecu?

    I am hoping someone on here could help me. Until recently I have been using Tuneecu to map my bike after mods. But with the latest mod i am still running hot and decal popping heaps. So i bought a power commander 5 that fits my bike (no auto tune) and planning on getting it custom dyno tuned in...
  12. lunatic

    Pcv and Tunecu with 3 bar map

    How are you guys installing a 3 bar map sensor for Pcv and Tunecu for boost applications? I read this post from a while back. It explains how to setup a 1 bar map for pressure base tuning. but not much about 3 bar. How To: Add Pressure Input for PC-V
  13. R-III-R Turbo

    TuneECU vs TuneBoy vs Triumph Diagnostic

    A mildly interesting fact that the TPS/ISCV voltages read differently in Triumph's own diagnostics software, versus in the TuneECU and TuneBoy we all know and use. TuneECU and TuneBoy appear to read 0.02v or more higher on the TPS/ISCV than Triumph's own diagnostic software. Would this be the...
  14. redheadlover

    What ECU tune with PC-V

    My local dyno tuner does not use tune-ECU, so my only option is to have them install a PC-V since that is the platform they work on. I currently am running Nels Touring Tune, and have been pleased, but really would like to dial in the performance and see some hard numbers. Before I pull the...
  15. atlsrt44

    Tune ecu site

    Looks like a bunch of the tunes off the site are gone or possibly moved. Anyone else have that issue
  16. HIM57

    Tune ECU - Tors - Cat delete - Ram Air

    Hi, Got the above going on and loaded a tune that seems to work well with this combo. Just wanted to confirm as I am new to Tune ECU does this show that the secondaries are open 100%? Thanks
  17. Loktera

    Stock ECU?

    So the new to me Rocket has Jardine pipes and a K&N filter under the seat. Checking underneath the right side cover it still has the original Keihin ECU. There's quite a decent amount of popping on decel, and I was wondering if this means that the bike was never properly tuned for the increase...
  18. Franx6

    Tune ecu

    I have the map 20228. It’s a bit rich, i smell the fuel... I try to put map 20226. But no luck with the connection... Less octane in fuel will help? Thanks Francis
  19. Lickety Split

    Tune ECU and clearing codes

    Been having issue with sluggish throttle response and a slight stall 2nd 4 the gear area when I slowly open the throttle. Anyway, this morning I was playing around with tune ECU on my phone via Bluetooth connection and decided to clear some codes. With the bike at idle I hit the clear ECU codes...