1. b-rad72

    Bluetooth audio (music) constantly dropping out

    Hello fellow R3 owners. For those of you who have the BT module, do you stream music from your phone to your helmet headset? If you do, does the audio intermittently drop out constantly? I'm wondering if a) I've got a bad module or b) the module just sucks. My setup is a Cardo Packtalk Bold...
  2. RockOn

    Bluetooth Blues

    Although this has a happy ending thought I'd share my, 'travails' with Bluetooth transmitters/receivers. Years ago, well, whenever Sena came out with its' gizmos for receiving Bluetooth signals via helmet speakers I dived in and had very good results in playing tunes without wires between my...
  3. Doc Roc

    Best mini ELM327 bluetooth

    Can someone please tell me the best OBD2 elm327 adapter to use for the Tune ECU app???
  4. germ79

    ** SOLD ** Sena SMH10 Dual Bluetooth Headsets

    Friends, I have a set of Sena SMH10 headsets that are barely used. We needed a set for a recent trip because we forgot ours. :confused: The only thing that won’t come with them is the original sticky Velcro that goes in your helmet for the earphones and the foam pads that go over them. The...
  5. germ79

    ** SOLD ** High Quality Speaker System with Bluetooth and Handlebar Remote

    This system was installed on my bike when I bought it last fall. I uninstalled it over the winter, as I'm a helmet guy and listen to music, etc on in-helmet speakers. I tested this out when I first got the bike and they are the best motorcycle speakers I've ever heard. Super powerful, super...

    Bluetooth headsets

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed before, but since I am to lazy to do a search and I'd like a fresh perspective I thought I'd pose this question to the esteemed and not so esteemed (you know who you are) members of this forum. Although in the past I've never had much interest in it I am...
  7. thorin

    Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    hey all, came across this in the latest "hot bike" mag. price seems reasonable, like the idea of temp info as well as pressure. what do you think? BLU Technology Products | Home
  8. instant

    For Sale Unused Schuberth SRC for C3Pro

    I purchased unused ladies C3 Pro with SRC communicator built in. Previous owner used the helmet about 3 times and changed her mind, so it went back to the box and now I got it for a fair price. As I am talking to the citizens of this planet for 12 hours a day, I am not interested to talk to...
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