1. Kevin frazier

    Bikes Blues and Bbq nuff said

    Hope this picks up steam.
  2. RockOn

    Bluetooth Blues

    Although this has a happy ending thought I'd share my, 'travails' with Bluetooth transmitters/receivers. Years ago, well, whenever Sena came out with its' gizmos for receiving Bluetooth signals via helmet speakers I dived in and had very good results in playing tunes without wires between my...
  3. DodahMan

    Crying the MPG blues . . .

    Guys, I did not buy my R3T for fuel mileage. I did not buy it for performance either. I bought it because it is the gosh darned most beautiful power cruiser on the market. I considered the Honda Valkyrie Rune but the R3T reigns. My 2011 is bone stock and I am learning more about it and...
  4. Maelstrom

    [Sep 23, 2015] Bikes Blues & BBQ 2015 (AR)

    Anyone going?
  5. Miss riding blues....

    I have one thing to say: UP YOURS WINTER! :):):)
  6. steelboss

    Gearbox Blues... :(

    So if you have not hear it before, I live in China and my options for maintenance and repair are seriously limited. I bought my 2008-R3T in 2012 and sold 3 other bikes the same year including my Ninja. The R3T is my commuter...my only way to get to work. 3 Months ago my clutch cable snapped and...
  7. webmaster

    [Sep 24, 2014] 15th Annual Bikes, Blues, and BBQ (Fayetteville, AR)

    http://www.bikesbluesandbbq.org A History of Fun, Bikes and Giving Back to the Community. Bikes, Blues & BBQ Today. The first Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally was held in the year 2000 with just over 300 riders. Today, Bikes, Blues & BBQ is the largest motorcycle rally in the United States benefiting...
  8. Maelstrom

    Bikes, Blues & BBQ

    September 24-27 Fayetteville AR, Anyone going?
  9. Steel

    2nd Gear Blues

    From all I have read every bike since 08 shouldn't have the 2nd gear issue. Well my 2012 R3R is jumping out of 2nd at 5000 rpms on hard acceleration. I'm taking it to the shop today to see what they can do.
  10. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

  11. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

  12. Razorback Trike

    Razorback Trike

  13. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

  14. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

  15. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

  16. Local TV

    Local TV

    A news crew was working the event.
  17. Lawyer Bike

    Lawyer Bike

    Should have had his girls come sit on it.
  18. Honda Goldwing

    Honda Goldwing

    New alternative Wing, from the rear
  19. Honda Goldwing

    Honda Goldwing

    New alternative version of the Wing. Cost less and looked more fun.
  20. Dickson Street

    Dickson Street

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