1. Plow Horse


    I’m an on the first open road trip with Edsel. Normally I get 26mpg in town stop and go traffic. First couple tanks on this trip got 38mpg. And the last tank going from Rifle, CO to Denver, CO He got 47mpg :)
  2. tripX

    De tune

    Ok don't think I've gone mad but I would like to detune my 08 classic. for more mpg . Now you'll see my reasoning I am planning a lap of Australia with a trailer so speed is not what I'm after. Can info this with tuneecu. any help or suggestions please
  3. DodahMan

    Crying the MPG blues . . .

    Guys, I did not buy my R3T for fuel mileage. I did not buy it for performance either. I bought it because it is the gosh darned most beautiful power cruiser on the market. I considered the Honda Valkyrie Rune but the R3T reigns. My 2011 is bone stock and I am learning more about it and...
  4. only 21 mpg...

    Oh guys, I have a mostly stock 07 classic I have a custom exhaust because I added hard saddle bags and I have a ramair. That is it for the mods. I added a power commander v and a autotune to try and get it running right. The performance and mileage just continues to get worse and worse. I...
  5. crashpete

    18 mpg

    I have a scan gauge hooked up to the bike which shows instant and average fuel economy, it shows roughly 18 mpg, maybe tops of 22. I have a map from Hanso loaded, with just the ramair filter for mods, I get that this bike isn't fuel efficient, but is there anything that I can do other than...
  6. cskals

    Yay, New mpg record (How low can you go)

    18 mpg US. Was great fun btw