1. tootall92

    dyno tuning in or around Arkansas

    hello everyone I'm kind of at my wits end in regards to trying to get my 12 roadster tuned correctly it has a fairly common set carpenter exhaust, ram air filter, deleted secondaries and I have tried the carpenter tune he sent with the exhaust, a tune from power commanders website supposedly for...
  2. Alban

    Ready to play with engine tune

    I’ve had my Rocket for almost two years now. Have enjoyed it thoroughly in that time. With almost 13k on the clock I feel it is time to wake it up some more. My OBDlink is on its way. Should be here when I return from this long weekend ride coming up. I would greatly appreciate any tips or...
  3. Mittzy

    I need tune HELP!!!!!

    G’Day, Trying to fix a 2007 Rocket. It’s got LMS free flowing pipes and Uni filters. The stepper motor seems to be hunting all the time - only on this bike. I swapped ECU’s was fine - then swapped back so it’s probably the tune. Below is two YouTube videos I did of the situation. I don’t have...
  4. Dave Platt's "Patriot 3 into 3" exhaust + Penner Tune: dyno tune required?

    Hi, I searched through the forums but I couldn't find the answer... I have an R3 GT with Penner's Tune (USA) and it has been running just fantastic. Now, after almost 6000 miles, I am thinking on getting an aftermarket exhaust to let the beast's voice be heard better. I read in other posts...
  5. Treeman

    2020 unrestricted tune

    Just a quick question as I am headed into work and I will get on here later tonight and see if I can find it again. I’ve seen a few unrestricted tunes for the rocket3. 2.5. But my bike is being built at carpenter and they are telling me that these unrestricted tunes are still restricted...
  6. leatal

    Fuel numbers in tune ecu?

    How does the ecm know how much fuel to add/subtract from the fuel ratio shown in the map if the O2 sensor is in open loop? If you change the ratio does the ecm adjust to the new ratio?
  7. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all loaded the Penner tune yesterday on my r with no problems what a difference. Has anyone done a comparison between this tune and the DNK one on a rocket with the comp works pipes as they do ask for any mods rather than the Penner that just says standard exhaust
  8. buddazero

    Will Ceramic Coating Headers Affect Bike?

    Hey, So, I got custom headers and the stock tune completely turned the pipes blue and all sorts of colors, was running super lean, even my pants caught fire. Fortunately I got a map on it right now which it treating the bike, and on the 15 of August I'm getting it Dyno tuned. That being said...
  9. buddazero

    Loading Tunes & O2 Sensor

    Hey, So earlier last week I got comfortable trying out Tunes for my Rocket; one Tune actually stopped my bike from running so lean. Since then I met another Rocketer and he found a compatible Tune that requires the O2 sensor be unplugged. The instructions were to follow the cable up to the...
  10. jjerdonjr

    Looking for a good tune.

    My 2014 R3T ABS is for the most part stock. I like the original look of the exhaust, manifold and Bearpaw. I just love the look. I am looking for a time that will release the full potential of the stock motor. I know it is being held back and want to release the beast. I looked at the 2021 but...
  11. bebsy

    Tune ecu cloning

    Evening all Could someone pls tell me if its OK to load another Rocket onto my existing tune ecu or would it need to be setup separately
  12. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all has anyone here in the Uk used tune ecu and more importantly be prepared to do mine. I have read various post and just can’t get my head around it. I did the Meerkat exhaust mod yesterday and am keen to get a new map loaded more suited to the slightly more free flowing exhaust. Or is...
  13. brandon0359

    New here just checking in from cleveland ohio.

    looking for mod info exhaust intake tune along those lines
  14. Pottedmeatpony

    Custom tune on my 2020 R dyno sheet

    Anybody put a custom map on their Rocket? I got one from dnk tuneworks. Just ran it on the dyno 177 rwhp 154 ftlb torque and now have 100% throttle in all gears really woke the bike up. Can not wait to find an exhaust and intake I like. Not much of a torque curve just a straight line from 3000...
  15. Journeyman28778

    Knock, knock!

    At 3,000 rpm, which is 80 mph in 5th I'm getting a gentle thump in my left foot peg. Feels almost like the kickstand bouncing a little, but it's not. Same in 4th at 3k. I haven't noticed it in lower gears or other rpms. I don't hear anything, just feel it. The tuner asked me where I tend to...
  16. Rocket_Rider

    tune ecu tune not downloading

    hi all, Last ditch effort for help before going to dealer..... I flashed the nels full remap tune in resources but bike didn't like it. Now when I try to flash any other tune it says its done but when I read the ecu it's some weird set of tables that doesn't match any tune I have on file...
  17. Tazithman

    Need tune for 07 classic with Viking 3 in 1 exhaust

    Hey all, was hoping to have this all done by now but Covid has caused quite the delay in getting my exhaust. I FINALLY got the email saying my system was off to the chrome shop so I'm holding out hope I'll see it within the next few weeks so it's time to find a tune. 07 classic with triple KN...
  18. Do i need a special tune? High Altutude

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 2006 Classic. The previous owner has installed a Raask 3 into 2 no cat exhaust a Power Commander 3 and it has a stock air filter. I've ridden it the last couple of days and it seems to be running rich. It has a pretty strong fuel odor at idle. I haven't hooked...
  19. mickm7


    a question,if I am running a dobeck module does it override tunes that are down loaded...thanks