1. Fungames43232

    #1 Carpenter Rocket

    I sold my rocket for a 100th anniversary Harley Deuce. Didn't like the Deuce at all and have been riding around on a Raider and SuperDuke since. I miss my 2010 Roadster, and happened to cross paths with Carpenters very first rocket. Opinions on if I should buy it?
  2. zenbiker

    Carpenter Bikes

    The Carpenter bikes are powerful and fast as hell. I had the 240 job done on the 2077 R3 I owned. After about 7000 miles the bike had a bent INTAKE valve which Carpenter fixed for $2400. A short time later the bike would not start easily and was breaking up terribly. I actually gave the buyer...
  3. tootall92

    dyno tuning in or around Arkansas

    hello everyone I'm kind of at my wits end in regards to trying to get my 12 roadster tuned correctly it has a fairly common set carpenter exhaust, ram air filter, deleted secondaries and I have tried the carpenter tune he sent with the exhaust, a tune from power commanders website supposedly for...
  4. SpazOnaR3

    Carpenter Head Bolt Torque Spec?

    I'm a bit of a numpty, and misplaced my spec sheet... does anyone recall what the final torque spec is for the Carpenter head bolts?
  5. SlimReaper

    Carpenter baffle?

    I've not had any luck getting in touch with Carpenter racing so I was wondering if anyone has had luck with a different baffle for their exhaust? I did find where someone mentioned a Samson model they were going to try but I never was able to find installation info on here or their site...
  6. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my Carpenter R3

    Hi, I’m looking to beef up my stock starter on my modified R3. Carpenter stage 3 motor.any ideas please.
  7. brsmits

    Carpenter Sidewinder on a Touring

    Don't tell me it won't fit. It just needed some "persuasion." Ok, so here's the deal: I was originally looking at the rocket because it's crazy. Then I saw that carpenter had built it up to another level of stupid crazy. It was always in the back of my mind, but I liked my race bike and my...
  8. zenbiker

    For Sale Carpenter "208 kit" 2007 Rocket III - New Jersey

    I'm selling my Carpenter Racing enhanced 2007 R3 Classic. Red and black in perfect condition. Always in heated garage. No chips, no scratches, no dings. Synthetic special Amsoil changes every 3000 miles! 208 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno (have sheets) and only 3000 miles on the full...
  9. Mark Johnson

    Want to Buy Used Carpenter pipe

    ISO a good used Carpenter header. The straight tube only please, chrome or raw stainless. Message or email me picture and cost please.
  10. ant

    Want to Buy carpenter street rod exhaust

    Any out there for sale please...
  11. AJ1

    2016 Roadster with carpenter pipes

    Hi all, I have a R3 with Stock intake Carpenter exhaust pipe Cat box removed It currently runs on Triumph tune for TORS I used booster plug for a a bit. Mileage dropped like a stone. Didnt like it. Removed it. Also, removed the muffler from the carpenter exhaust pipe. Love the sound :)...
  12. Ishrub

    For Sale Springs anyone? Carpenter sidewinder on eBay

    Springs anyone?;):D Carpenter sidewinder on eBay 3 days to go folks! Triumph Rocket3 Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust | eBay
  13. New member

    Hello everyone I'm Josh I have a 2013 R3R that I got about a year ago. It had only 1500 miles. I'm pretty sure it was mostly used at the drag strip, it has Carpenter exhaust and a tuner, it didn't have an air cleaner and the top row of plates in the carbs was removed. Now my question is does...
  14. Rockt3

    Triple Filters for a Carpenter Touring

    Hey Y'all I recently had Carpenter do a 210 HP kit and undercut the dog gears in my transmission along with one of their exhausts . Problem I have now is , when I flew up and picked the bike up to ride it home the filters were on back order . Rode it home with out any . They sent me the...
  15. BDClone

    Carpenter sidewinder... Wrap or Heat Shield

    Looking to wrap or do some sort of heat shield for my Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust. If I wrap, probably going to wrap it back to where the megaphone connects. Also thought about making shields for where my pants tend to touch the header pipe and down by the collector which throws a lot of heat...
  16. lunatic

    insert for carpenter exhaust

    Last week I purchased 3" stainless perforated exhaust pipe and some muffler packing. Made the end cap at work from some scrap aluminum. It sounds 100% better and I think my neighbors will like it better too.
  17. BDClone

    Skinny Dyno Tune 2019-05-17

    Base was Hans0 2014+ Roadster unrestricted plus 10% Running Ramair and Carpenter Sidewinder. Tune was done outside, 85 F, with 56% humidity It runs a little lean between 3000 and 4200 rpm but the fuel table is maxed out. Made 152 hp and 158 ft-lbs torque
  18. leatal

    Custom Carpenter Sidewinder

    Finally got my custom Sidewinder exhaust finished and installed. Gone are the upper springs and the ugly header plate. I left on the lower springs holding the collector to the primaries for fear of expansion and cracking of the stainless primary tubes. The performance gain with this system is...
  19. Want to Buy Full Exhaust System (Jardines, Viking, CES, Carpenter, etc.)

    Anybody got a full exhaust system that they'd be willing to sell to me for a good price? Alternatively, if anybody has a shotgun (3-into-2) TORS exhaust, I'd also be willing to take it off your hands for a good price :thumbsup:
  20. Tbone

    Carpenter 240 dyno question

    Asking for a friend(the little one that looks like a devil and sits on my shoulder). What is a realistic HP number from a Carpenter 240 kit with Carp exhaust? I'm hearing varying numbers.