1. treycefus

    2006 R3 - Battery, starter, neg cable...???

    So I keep the bike on a trickle charger - or did. I have a bluetooth speaker set installed but disconnect it from the trickle charger connector when the bike sits overnight (so no draw there...). Yesterday I came out and 2 slow cranks then nothing. All lights came on and gauges reset. I...
  2. andy62

    Starter issues

    My Rocket Touring has been sitting in the garage now untouched for about 8 weeks. I tried to start it and it gave just a single turn of the motor and that's it. Battery seemed obvious culprit. One fully charged New Battery later and same problem. Any thoughts ?
  3. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my R3

    Hi , any idea to upgrade my starter.
  4. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my Carpenter R3

    Hi, I’m looking to beef up my stock starter on my modified R3. Carpenter stage 3 motor.any ideas please.
  5. fastfun

    Starter specs ?

    Is someone familiar with the amperagerate of the starter ?
  6. Bazzo

    Starter relay issue? am i right?

    more often than not I press the starter button and I get a click, bit bike doesn't turn over.. I stick it in gear and rock it, then normally it will turn over and start, maybe have to rock it twice.. My initial thoughts were either battery or starter motor / solenoid Fitted new battery anyway...
  7. scot in exile

    Installed new Starter

    The starter was acting up, removed it and installed a replacement (2nd hand) now me being the forever smart guy did not bench test the used starter and that bloody one was a no go also. Ordered a new OEM starter arrived in three days installed it - hit the start button -same old click-click boy...
  8. vindex1963


    Had it happen the last two cold starts. I hit the starter button and it turns over like the battery is bad then starts clicking. I let off the starter button and press it again and it turns the engine over fast and it starts. I hate to ask but where is the starter solenoid? I cleaned the starter...
  9. Bob R

    Uh-Oh, could it be the starter?

    Recently when starting my bike it will go chug-chug-chug-nothing. I wait about 2 seconds and it goes chug-chug-chug- vroom. The battery is fresh this year. I keep it on a trickle charger when parked. The only thing electrical I have done this year is to install the Suzuki R/R. Even when it does...
  10. Justin Lakes

    Starter won't turn engine over

    I can hear it engage, but it won't turn it over. You can hear the struggle Have to be careful because the starter and pos battery cable will get hot quick Battery has 12 volts Added jump pack Added jumper cables from truck Removed battery and just used jump pack Put bike in gear trying to rock...
  11. JSHRAM

    The real problem with the starter relay - starter mod issue

    I had the dreaded starter relay problem.. "Click.. " (un-click).... nothing... I read through all the posts and found the starter mod video whereby one adds a second relay to engage the starter relay.. OK.. did that. Didn't fix it. Here's why: The problem is the clutch safety switch. When...