1. Mongler07

    New Starter rebuild and new battery.... ISSUE with starting... baffles me... will not start on 1st crank attempt

    As some of you know i did a 1.4kw starter swap I also just changed out my battery to a new one as the old one was on its last legs and left me having to do a few push starts... NOW i have a unusual problem i have no idea whats going on but i assume its some relay or ECU issue? When i Go to start...
  2. Rocky Raccoon

    Anyone Ever Rebuilt a Water Pump?

    It appears that Triumph has dealers on a three week wait just to ORDER a water pump for my 2008 Rocket III..... Putting me into august before I can even ride. Has Anyone EVER rebuilt successfully one of these water pumps?
  3. Chariot

    Chariot Rebuild

    Hi, guys, Got the ABS tested last Saturday, just at slow speed 10MPH, but it works fine back and front. Only one shock was fitted each side to check for roll. Looks like we might get away with changing only two of the springs, perhaps around 750lbs. Paul is going to consult the manufacturer...
  4. Tim Forrest

    Clutch rebuild and upgrades

    Hi,,My rocket roadster clutch is on its way out,,slides on full power,,engine has been dynoed at 200 horse,and desrestricetd fully,so I,m guessing if I,m going to rebuild clutch,,it may be wise to upgrade springs friction plates etc,etc,,has any one done this,,any tips would be appreciated,i...
  5. Journeyman

    DIY Beginner Upgrades Cams & Pistons - Lives To Tell The Tale

    I just finished a Neville Lush piston and cam rebuild in ""record time"" with no prior experience. I had allowed myself a full five days during the Christmas holidays for the install. Well, now, more than three months later, I’m finally in a position to say, "job completed!" and share this story...
  6. laraza

    Master cylinder rebuild

    so, I've got a front master cylinder rebuild kit but have heard a few people on FB say that there is a circlip that needs to be removed which is a pain in the a** to get to. Has anyone encountered this and do you have any tips to make the removal easier? Thanks in advance
  7. Cruze Ryder


    well captains, havent been on for a long time but thought i'd post some pics of my new build, i have posted some before and after pics as well, enjoy. did all the work myself, except the paint. took her for her first run today, 85KLMS one way, didnt miss a beat
  8. JeRome

    Another clutch rebuild and story

    hey guys! Ive read just about every clutch post in this forum and the knowledge out there is incredible! However i figured i would start a new post about my clutch. So i was on the way to the shop to get my new tire on and i figured i would do a brake stand to burn the old tire.... long story...
  9. RacerX74

    Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild and Stoppers

    Anyone attempted this ? is it a easy job ? Do I have disassemble the whole twist grip ? I'm done with these Rubbish brakes they need bleeding every 200 miles or so . Also after market calipers best I can find that are acutely available are Pretech Anyone know of another brand ?
  10. sleeves

    Clutch Rebuild

    Hi All Am currently rebuilding my clutch as its been slipping. Have a new Barnett to go in and a few other bits, late model pressure plate, bearing, actuator etc. While doing this I thought I'd change out the detent spring and the detent arm and gear for the roadster version also. Now I...
  11. Boss man

    Slow but sure, she’s soon back....

    Almost done with the rebuild from the wreck. Itching like crazy to take her out