master cylinder

  1. Journeyman

    What Your Clutch Fluid looks like at 20K - Also, Issues Restoring Pressure and Fixes

    Here's what your clutch fluid looks like at 20,000 miles.... There was sludge at the bottom. Replacing the fluid is part of the 20,000 mile service. Other information on that can be found here...
  2. Gary

    Front master cylinder 06 Classic

    High Guy's Have just rebuilt my master cylinder but can't get them bleed. Have tried the old fashioned bleeding with the help of her indoors and also vacuum bleeding but nothing. I took the calipers off and fired the air line in to see if the pistons were siezed. A couple were sticky but all ok...
  3. laraza

    Master cylinder rebuild

    so, I've got a front master cylinder rebuild kit but have heard a few people on FB say that there is a circlip that needs to be removed which is a pain in the a** to get to. Has anyone encountered this and do you have any tips to make the removal easier? Thanks in advance
  4. RacerX74

    Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild and Stoppers

    Anyone attempted this ? is it a easy job ? Do I have disassemble the whole twist grip ? I'm done with these Rubbish brakes they need bleeding every 200 miles or so . Also after market calipers best I can find that are acutely available are Pretech Anyone know of another brand ?
  5. technoguppy

    **OBE** 2014 R3R Foot Controls and related items

    I changed out my forward foot controls on my 2014 Roadster for R3T floorboards. As such, I have a whack of parts from my 2014 Roadster. 2014 R3R Mounts & Pegs by technoguppy posted May 7, 2018 at 5:33 PM 2014 R3R Rear Brake Control & Master Cylinder by technoguppy posted May 7, 2018 at 5:33...