1. Pablouk

    Uprated C;utch parts.

    I have been advised by my local Triumph dealer that if I fit any uprated clutch parts i need to get these bits replaced with steel parts also.
  2. S

    Iowa parts hunting.

    Yeah, I'm new to forums and my typing sucks. Got a new fake hip last year and had to move to a trike to haul the other half along. I got a converted R3, and it rides great, but, finding stuff for it is proving to be a challenge. Fairings are pretty much non existent, highway bars, you know...
  3. Rbaker18roadster

    Cheers from Colorado

    So I had someone hit my bike in a parking lot... I'm now looking for some parts. Need a set of black turn signals and the mounting hardware. Also need the bar that hold the gear shift lever and lever itself want black ones is this possible?
  4. Randy Whetton

    FloorBoard Parts

    I traded for the floorboards, however am missing a few parts. Namely the right side - break res mounting bracket and the break pushrod. Anywhere I can order these??
  5. Mike Rocket

    Spare Parts

    Just a thought. I am about to purchase a 2016 roadster but I am wondering how much longer will we be able to get spares for it if needed now they are not making it anymore. ie engine and clutch parts and bearings etc. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Son_Of_Dog

    3D Modeling and Parts Fabrication

    As some of you know, I work in 3D modelling software for a living. I've been watching a lot of threads lately in which people are talking about the exorbitant price or unavailability of certain trim elements. I think that if I had a detailed model of a stock bike, or a 3D scan of the part, or...
  7. M.J


    Does anyone know a decent on line parts company in the UK, that has parts instead of the out of stock or back order excuse Thanks
  8. Bigjaype

    For Sale Second hand parts

    Well Captains, now that my Rocket has moved on...I have the following parts. All are in reasonably good condition. Where applicable, lenses are whole without any cracks. Set of indicators, includes rear assembly Rear tail light Chrome manifold covers Chrome exhaust cover Rear fender...not dents...
  9. CCjon

    2011 Triple Tree Parts Numbers changed

    Need help figuring out what changed on the front end of a 2011 Rocket. Am talking with rake kit manufacturers about making a 5 degree rake kit for my sidecar project. We discovered that there are two different part numbers listed for the 2011 upper yokes, lower yokes and the tubes, depending on...
  10. Andy B

    For Sale Hard case panniers and other parts for sale

    Hi Guys Had joined the forum to learn and share, but have recently sent my Roadster to the big bike meet in the sky!! I have therefore got some great hard case panniers, a detachable center stand, a set of standard exhausts, and a set of rear chrome mudguard covers. UK address They have all...
  11. MohamedSalah

    Essential spares

    Hello Nice People, I want to stock the necessary spare parts to avoid ages of waiting for the stealership to bring them to me when I need. According to your experience, what do you think are the most important parts that must be among this inventory list?
  12. 2018RocketBlackBird

    **DELETED** Craigslist Rocket. parts bike Yakima WA $1800 obo

    Triumph Rocket 3
  13. ant

    For Sale Rocket classic 2007 parts

    Had a clear out in the garage a few things no longer required...On offer here before going on Ebay All parts from 2007 Rocket classic low miles. Radiator good condition.. offer Chrome covers complete set with bolts.good condition Clutch cover Black..good condition Ramair filter, NO SPLITS...
  14. Journeyman28778

    Touring- what spare parts to bring?

    What spare parts would you bring for the Rocket 3 if you were going on a long trip? I think (?) @warp9.9 mentioned once carrying a spare Crank Position Sensor. Just curious what you guys bring, or would bring, when taking the Rocket far, far, from the barn that baling wire and duct tape won't...
  15. Ishrub

    R3T rebuild project by Ishrub

    Yep its me, one of your local (sort of) Rag and Bone men SEEKING bits and pieces not for nefarious reasons but to possibly restore this now fading beauty who flopped over at her 21st like many before her;):D She had just turned 21,121 miles before taking a extended rest.;):D I opened me gob in...
  16. BigNorm

    Triumph parts

    Where is the best place to order OEM parts if I have to?


    Hi, guys, I'm looking at buying rocket 3 too, but in Moscow there are only 2011 models and earlier. Yesterday I found a pretty good specimen of 2008. The service center inspected the bike, the gearbox is normal, the frame is whole and level, there are a couple of 'scratches' from falls, but...
  18. elcanaco

    Pretty parts!

    So I got an email from Konquer in Kelowna, BC that my parts had all been clear-coated and polished and were ready for pickup. A buddy who has a sweet older Mustang and was into customs cars back in the day wanted to accompany me for the trip to pick everything up so away we went yesterday...
  19. HIM57

    For Sale Multiple parts

    2 new side panels (Classic 2008 Blue) $70 Original exhaust system (Cat if required) $85 Rear light $20 Front indicators $30
  20. Paul Davis

    Want to Buy Rocket Exhaust Parts

    I am looking to purchases this lower exhaust heat shield if any one has one to sell. I reside in Virginia and can pay for shipping. Thanks
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