1. 250 cc vs 2500 cc

    hi. https://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/Bajaj/pulsar-250/specifications These South Asian Motorcycles 250 cc pulling out following numbers 23 hp and 15 lb / ft torque 21.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm 24.5 PS @ 8750 rpm Kerb weight of 250 cc motorcycle 164 Kg Rocket 2.5 L which is 10 times bigger engine...
  2. Jagster

    Carbon Fibre trim parts for 2500cc R3

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but heck, here goes...... Do you wish to add lightness to your Rocket 3 ? If the answer is YES then click on the slinky-dinky-linky below and lighten your wallet a little bit more.....(You know you want to...:whitstling:) Store
  3. 20R3GT

    Rear wheel bolt pattern and offset??

    Has someone swap rear wheel on new 2500cc rocket 3? Stock is 16x7.5 wide and 5 bolt!! Need to know offset and bolt pattern if someone did it ! I saw picture on fb left comment and guy never writes a specs on wheel!? Bolt pattern and offset please would be appreciated thx!!
  4. BlackMambaDc

    New R3 GT Owner

  5. Lamonster

    New Zard Pipe for the 2500cc

    I really like the looks of this one. I was told they should be ready to order next week. No cost yet but I'm guessing around $1500-$2000 based on some of the other pipes they make.
  6. R-III-R Turbo


    "THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT" 2.5L (2472cc) Stroker Package Want a bigger engine and way more torque than the new Rocket 3? Add 10% BHP and 12.5% Ft Lbs to your engine, throughout the entire RPM range. No trade-offs! Premium performance parts, all manufactured in the USA and...