1. Newbie...Just Purchased a 2023 R3 GT in Saphire Black

    I struggled between the GT and the R but being 59 the upright bars, heatde grips and a few other options helped me make the difference. I havent put a miel on it but already considering mid controls. I understand the Mid cotrols with the higher handlebars are a nice match. Being 5'8" with a...
  2. 2020 R3 GT Storm Grey - New Member

    Planning some great rides in 2023, need to outfit the bike for touring. Gonna be fun!
  3. Juric

    Hi, new here, r3 gt my 22 owner

    New on forum, long time rider, last half year on r3gt. Previusly ktm 950 adv, yam fjr1300, kaw versys 650.... Best to all
  4. Paul463

    Potential new R3 GT 221 Owner

    Waiting to hear from the bank if I'm a new R3 GT 221 owner. Trying to trade my '22 HD Ultra Limited.
  5. KeystoneTR3

    Carpenter Racing Full System with start up vid

    Have less than 600 miles on my 2022 and since it’s too quiet I decided to get something to wake it up. I installed it this evening and took a first start up video afterwards. The optional perforated core silencer is in during this video. Tomorrow I’ll be loading Carpenter’s tune for the...
  6. KeystoneTR3

    New R3 GT owner in eastern PA

    Hi All, I’m new here and a new owner of 2022 Rocket 3 GT location in eastern PA, US and I already clocked over 500miles so I decided I would start modding it. So today a few hours ago I installed a DNA air filter and new release Carpenter Racing full exhaust system that I picked up a couple of...
  7. Magoo69

    2020 R3 GT suspension upgrades

    Hi guys, I love my 2020 R3 GT but I find the ride quality a bit lacking for my taste and for the conditions of the pavement around here(Massachusetts). I’ve softened everything as much as I can but still find it harsh‘ish . Does anybody offer suspension tuning for the R3 ? Thanks
  8. tino19625

    Dyno'd my R3 GT

    I had my bike dyno'd last week and when I brought it in, it already had a DNK map installed on it. This dyno/tune was done on that map, this shop also doesn't work too well with tuning the ECU and added in a Power Commander 5, which was OK with me as I've used them before. The DNK map was...
  9. BlackMambaDc

    New R3 GT Owner

  10. KYller

    New R3 GT

    Hi, all! Traded my 2014 Honda Valkyrie 1800 for the 21 Rocket 3GT. I thought the Valk was going to be my forever ride, but I test rode this one. The Valk was a wonderful, refined piece of rolling art. I always called it "The Gentleman's Sport Bike." It was balanced, smooth, and never surprised...
  11. NvisblMan

    Sport Panniers and Mounts, R3 GT

    Have any of you found NON Triumph panniers/saddlebags that will fit in the Triumph mounts? All the post I’ve read state how bad the bags are. But I love the way the mounts fold away when not in use. Thank you!
  12. Majaste

    New R3 GT Owner

    What's up all! Hope to gain some good knowledge from everyone here. I am here in Hill Country TX, if anyone is in the area, let me know!
  13. G-Force Junkie

    R3 GT Windscreen Combo

    Madstad brackets with GP Compozit windscreen. Adjusts pretty far on the fly. Up and out for touring, in and down for around town. The two extremes are shown in the pics but you can put it just about anywhere in between. Taking it out for the first drive later but feels really solid.
  14. pica

    Corbin seat vs oem r3 gt break in

    Well, it has been 4k miles so far, I don't think this oem seat it's going to be any different with more riding time to break in. I had a Corbin before in a different motorcycle (warrior) and it was stiff, but better because I can ride the whole day without feeling anything. For the ones...
  15. 20210705_094456.jpg


    My new R3GT
  16. 20210705_094521.jpg


    My new R3GT
  17. 20210705_094539.jpg


    My new R3GT
  18. 20210705_094602.jpg


    My new R3GT
  19. 20210705_094703.jpg


    My New R3 GT with Corbin seat.
  20. JPHDT

    R3 GT 2020: oil consumption

    Dear R3 owners, I am not a mechanic, my English is not as good as expected but I need your advice and help and I thank you in advance for that. I put 6.509 miles in the new R3 after first service and I am obliged to add 0.11 quarter (0,1 litre) of oil every 250 miles (400 km)to keep the level...