long haul

  1. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only

    Not mine, but another long haul rider backrest for those looking: Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only | eBay
  2. Jay

    **SOLD** Triumph OEM Long Haul Backrest

    For those looking for a stock OEM Long Haul rider Backrest (A9708158), there are two new in the box on eBay right now: Triumph Adjustable Backrest Rider Kit, Long Haul A9708158 | eBay Not mine, just a popular item.
  3. Jay

    Want to Buy Utopia Backrest Bracket for Long Haul Seat

    I just bought a Utopia Backrest off the forum here to mount on my Touring. I am interested in mounting it on a Long Haul Seat. Utopia told me today that they will not sell just the adapters. You have to buy the whole seat from them in order to get the adapter...lame, but they have their...
  4. **SOLD** Rocket Long Haul Seat/Passenger backrest

  5. Jay

    **SOLD** New Triumph Rocket Touring Long-Haul Seat (2-piece)

    Selling a new 2-piece Triumph Rocket Touring Long Haul Seat (part number T2302130). I just got this and it isn't quite what I was looking for so I decided to sell. It is brand new and comfortable, but I realized I want to go the custom seat route. For reference, I had bought this for a 2013...