back rest

  1. M.J

    **SOLD** Rocket Touring seat with back rest

    Yep the one that is impossible to find,like new condition,the backrest flips forward for easy mounting,also have the rubber plug that goes in the hole if you take the adjustable back rest off,open to offers,if they are stupid i will ignore you
  2. Big Wultis

    Hi guys looking for a rider seat back rest, anybody know where i could pick one up in the uk, cheers

    Hi guys looking for a rider seat back rest, anybody know where i could pick one up in the uk, cheers
  3. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only

    Not mine, but another long haul rider backrest for those looking: Triumph Rocket 3 / Roadster Long Haul Touring Seat Back Rest Only | eBay
  4. Ishrub

    For Sale Rare and in demand new R3R/ Std and Classic passenger back pad

    Be Quick! Qty avail. : 1 TOURING BACK PAD A9708240 CAD $100.74
  5. Michael E McDevitt

    Looking for a Rider Back Rest

    Can anyone tell me where to find a back rest kit for a 2018 Rocket 3? I have gone to the dealer and searched the web and it looks like the Triumph kit is discontinued. I would be happy with a new or used Triumph kit, or if there are any companies making an aftermarket kit. I am in Colorado...
  6. beachpatrick

    R3R – Engine Guards and Back Rest

    Anyone have engine guards or back rest not mounted and willing to mail to me (I pay of course)? Need parts to take measurements and fabricate parts myself. I only need the parts for one day and will send them back immediately. Anyone willing please send me a conversation.
  7. Mittzy

    Dual Seat with Riders Back Rest for sale

    Triumph Rocket 3 Dual Seat with Riders Back Rest - Rare. This also has the extra mounting bracket and is in good condition. $550AUD + Shipping
  8. uforocket3

    R3T Back Rest Modification

    This may help others... So because my wife loves our R3T as much as me i want to keep her happy .. But she hates the back rest because it leans her to far back . Ive tried turning the bar around but that was too far forward .. I've tried leaving her at home.. that didn't work either .. so i made...
  9. Grumpy Ole Codger

    Driver backrest with rack Triumph Rocket III

    Oh Wise and Wonderful Members of the Forum, I have found a company in Germany called Bike Connection Warehouse. They advertise and sell either direct or via 'Flea Bay' a range of aftermarket racks and combined rack and driver backrest. The product is marketed as US * Outlaw range. Have any of...
  10. Sock

    Hello from Minnesota!!! And help?!?!?!

    First, I want to thank everyone on this site for the help your discussions have given me over the last 3 years that I've been a R3 rider. Owning and riding a R3 has been a dream of mine for many years. I first purchased my 2006 R3C about 3 years ago. Loved it from day one and even had the 240...
  11. 1olbull

    For Sale Utopia Back Rest with Solo Seat Bracket

    I have a Utopia Back Rest and a solo seat mounting bracket for a Rocket. I had it on my Roadster, but it will fit a Classic or Standard as well. These sell new for $200 without the special made bracket. I have taken it apart and cleaned and lubed the pivots. No damage and in excellent condition...