solo seat

  1. GT Solo Seat Options?

    My apologies if there are other threads on this topic. I am new to this forum and was surprised I couldn't find an answer to this question: I would like to install a solo seat on the GT (2022). If that's not possible, I was wondering how easy it is to get rid of the passenger backrest (I have...
  2. Journeyman

    Solo Rack for the Roadster

    Looking for options to mount a rack behind a solo Corbin seat for touring on the Roadster. In the past I put the Corbin two-up seat with backrest on and pile gear on the passenger seat. The dry bag for my sleeping bag makes a good backrest. I'm thinking that a rack would be better as it would...
  3. 1BadRocket

    My GT with backrest removed and R filler panels = dope!

    My GT with backrest removed and R filler panels = dope! You guys like??
  4. RickyT

    Adding solo seat

    Hey gang...I want to pick up a solo seat. What have you all used to cover the hole in the fender?
  5. Anomaly

    **Found** R3T Salvage Solo Seat

    Looking to buy a solo or 2-piece seatpan for my '15 Touring. I'm wantin' to have a custom seat made, but Russell needs a seatpan, and if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it as the 2-piece seat. If you have a seat that's all scuffed up, or ripped, and you think nobody will buy it, I will. I just...
  6. Quickie69

    Want to Buy Left and right fixing brackets for R3T solo seat rack

    Looking for the solo seat rack fixing brackets. There are none anywhere in the USA. My mate in the UK came up with a blank too. I have the rack and the hardware. If anyone has a drawing of them I will have them made.
  7. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Solo seat

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a good use single seat for my 04 R3 classic??
  8. Navigator

    For Sale Triumph Solo Seat for Touring Model

    I am selling a solo seat that I had on my 2009 R3T. It is in excellent condition, is extremely comfortable, and has the mount for the Triumph backrest. I bought it for local riding sometime last year and it looks way cool on my T. After taking the bike for a couple of local rides I've...
  9. GreasyGeorge

    Corbin solo seat

    hi everyone just wanted to show off my Corbin seat which I received just in time for Americade 2018 in lake George NY. I rode there from Boston and gotta say that I absolutely love the seat. It’s a night and day difference over the stock seat. My back and rear end felt great on the ride. Highly...
  10. Funky new Corbin Solo seat arrived

    Well, my new self-designed Corbin Solo seat arrived yesterday. I'm not 100% in love with the looks but Corbin did warn me that the configuration tool was only for reference. I should have gone with all-leather as the side panels are REALLY shiny (unlike their photos). I was trying to match...
  11. 1olbull

    For Sale Utopia Back Rest with Solo Seat Bracket

    I have a Utopia Back Rest and a solo seat mounting bracket for a Rocket. I had it on my Roadster, but it will fit a Classic or Standard as well. These sell new for $200 without the special made bracket. I have taken it apart and cleaned and lubed the pivots. No damage and in excellent condition...
  12. garygene351

    ** SOLD ** 2010 R3 Roadster solo seat plus accessories

    Selling seat, short sissy bar, luggage rack and chrome brackets off a 2010 R3 Roadster. Like new condition. Asking $75 plus shipping
  13. Big Gun

    Russell Day-Long Solo Seat

    Sold Heavy Duty springs. All Leather with a Cover. Set up for 6'2" 240 lbs Rider. The dimples are from my Bead Rider, I would think they would come out after some use but I don't know for sure. Got it in June of 2016 Came off my 2013 Roadster $400.00 OBO + shipping to cont US Only.
  14. Navigator

    Want to Buy R3 Touring Solo Seat

    If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. I've got two full touring seats but don't haul any passengers on any of my bikes so am looking for the solo seat. I've not seen very many of them so am not sure of availability.
  15. Navigator

    Touring Solo Seat

    My 09 Touring came with two seats, the standard and the whatever you call it touring seat with the backrest and what I believe is a leather seat top., Soooo. I finally figured out this evening how remove the Touring backrest/rack. When I bought it from my terminally ill friend I asked if he...
  16. TheWhingnut

    Touring accessories are on sale!

    i just looked up some parts on the Dulles VA triumph page and saw a solo seat for an R3T for $125 and rear luggage rack for solo seat for $159. i guess since the touring is being dropped from US sales this year the dealers are shifting the extras to free up inventory space. OEM Triumph Genuine...