1. OEM Highway pegs Mounting brackets

    Hello everybody, I’m looking for the OEM highway pegs for Rocket III Roadster, anybody selling them? I’m adding a picture for reference. Thanks 🙂
  2. Brackets and screen fixing kit for big Windshield in the UK for R111 roadster 2014

    Hello all I have got a magnificent Triumph rocket 3 roadster 2014 matte black with white stripes and I am looking to install a tall aftermarket windscreen either 7jurock or clear view but I'm really struggling to get the two below items fixing kit and brackets. Can anyone help me procure this...
  3. Journeyman

    Fork Shield Brackets for Accessory Lights - Roadster

    @smordue1 posted a photo of these brackets. He's not been on the site for a while and just wondering if anyone might know who makes them. I need something similar for my Roadster that would attach to the fork shields. The spacing is probably different, who knows. The lights are Clearwaters, but...
  4. Mittzy

    For Sale Quick Release Sissy Bar Brackets 4th Run - This will be the last run....

    Who is interested? These are in stock and ready to go. Will come as UNpolished stainless steel (RAW) only so if you want it painted you will need to consider this. Pricing is looking like $240AUD each set plus shipping. I can howver arrange POWDER COATING @ $35 Per Set 2nd Run Quick Release...
  5. goncallf

    Wilbers 642 Shocks with Easy Brackets

    Hi, I would like to know if someone with Wilbers 642 Shocks, have made adaptations to the Easy Brackets mount in order to fit Triumph bags. I have both and I'm thinking to extend the screws of the easy brackets. Any thoughts or others solutions???
  6. goncallf

    Wilbers 642 Shocks with Easy Brackets

    Hi, I would like to know if someone with Wilbers 642 Shocks, have made adaptations to the Easy Brackets monut in order to fit Triumph bags. I have both and I'm thinking to extend the screws of the easy brackets. Any thoughts or others solutions???
  7. Cooperman51

    Saddle bag brackets

    I was looking to use my Viking leather saddle bags on my new Rocket. As there is no one out there making brakets to suit my bags. I thought i will have a go. As i already had quick release fittings from Klick bags. As i had used them on my Storm. So i got the underpanel with the holes in...
  8. saddle bag brackets

    ok so they ain't the Givi brackets but it only cost 20 bucks. Am looking for some bags now once I find some I will need to weld one more support and then bolt the bags to it. These will be used for long trips and then taken off. The reports on the Givi bags were that they leaked so I am looking...
  9. Ishrub

    For Sale Bargain New Matt Black flyscreens with brackets

    Just two left! Price: GBP 79.99 with FREE postage in UK! Approximately AU $148.95 or US$115.31 Postage to USA or Australia GBP 21.80 (approx. AU $40.60 or US $27.95) UK eBay...
  10. Quickie69

    Want to Buy Left and right fixing brackets for R3T solo seat rack

    Looking for the solo seat rack fixing brackets. There are none anywhere in the USA. My mate in the UK came up with a blank too. I have the rack and the hardware. If anyone has a drawing of them I will have them made.
  11. CrzystghndKC

    Windshield brackets

    So I have seen the advantage of the brackets some people have between the fixing kit and the brackets on the windscreen. Putting on my Roadster screen was a pain because multiple clearance issues. The additional bracket would take the pain away. Does anybody know where I can get some? Or if...
  12. REBLX136

    Easy brackets on kriega saddlebags!!

    So probably a brain fart but worth a shot I think, I’ve got a set of Kriega saddle bags but dislike the throw over style fitment and I’m thinking of mounting them to easy brackets by way of a aerograde alloy stiffener inserted inside the bag, now correct if I’m wrong but providing that I put the...
  13. (NJ)AMERICAN EAGLE BAGS take them away Just inherited them from purchase i dont use them

    i have purchased a 2005 rocket three recently and have some bags i took on from the guy who i got it from i dont do cross country or do real seriously far rides . there taking up space in my garage need them gone . this photo is of the bike with the bags . i purchased this bike from someone who...
  14. SuperTED

    Saddlebag Brackets

    Bought myself second hand hard saddlebags like these Chopper Seitenkoffer LED (Paar) Triumph Rocket III / Classic 33l | eBay from a fellow Rocketier. But it came of the Touring model, and my is a 05 Rocket 3 Classic. So now on the hunt for the brackets- need advice from you what to go for- for...
  15. laraza

    Want to Buy Fly screen brackets

    Anyone got a pair of reasonably priced fly screen brackets for sale? (parts 4&5 in diagram)
  16. JSHRAM

    Viking leather hard bags on Roadster w/ removable brackets

    Found what I think is a successful combo. Really wanted some sort of bags to carry things in. I re-painted the girl and left the rear seat off to show off the color but that leaves me without a place to strap a bag, making bags more critical. Found these Viking leather bags (they are hard...
  17. Ishrub

    ** SOLD ** Leather panniers - no frames but Easy Brackets available too.

    $500 with Easy Brackets + postage. I pulled my spares out of the shed and gave them a wipe with a damp rag and they are better than I thought - better than my set I have been using even. No rips, tears, scrapes, repaired or popped rivets etc. They are NOT shrunken or out of shape and the velcro...
  18. Landstar

    Powder coating windshield brackets

    I had my brackets for my new clear view windshield powder coated, I think it looks more retro. I like the look better, will post again when I find time to install it. Opinions?
  19. Ishrub

    **SOLD** Used Jet Black flyscreen, brackets and fork fixing kit

    I'm, selling my new custom black kits for Au$400 (US$310) with fork fixing kit. For Sale - New Phantom Black OEM Flyscreen & Custom Black kits Au$250 (US$195) + postage for this all OEM Triumph complete kit with chrome brackets, bolts and fork fixing kit. New they look like this: There is...
  20. Ishrub

    Rear rack brackets on Roadster wont come off, any clues?

    I was finally getting around to fitting @Mittzy 's QUICK RELEASE RACK AND STAINLESS PANNIER EASY BRACKETS AND SWAP OUT THE PAINTED GUARD COVERS FOR ORIGINAL CHROME ONES (bloody caps button:mad:). Quick Release Sissy Bar Kit 3rd run Link Removed Quick Release Saddle Bag Brackets to suit QR Sissy...