1. FLrocket

    FlY screen XL question

    So a year ago I bought a FLY screen XL. I bought the mounts from Ebay a year ago. Just installing them to day and the mounts don't match up to the fly screen XL. The part of the mount that the screen would attach to is way to narrow. Is there special mounts for FLY screen XL.
  2. ArekDeBoss

    Cracked screen

    So annoying Went to my garage to start and warm up Black Betty a bit and noticed cracked clocks. It has been a bit frosty here in the UK. Hardly below 0 and funny enough my bike survived temps around -40C in Canada. Now I need to replace clocks. Can I do it myself? Is it legal? And where can...
  3. germ79

    Sport v Fly Screen?

    Ok, can someone post pics of each of these? I’m confused on which is which and what the differences are. Any experienced opinions would also be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. RazMan

    Flyscreen options?

    I had a nightmare on my old Classic, trying lots of different types of screens to replace the original flyscreen. Turbulence was terrible, giving me double vision at 70+, so I eventually gave up and went naked ;) preferring the constant, steady stream of air rushing at my visor & helmet. Now...
  5. vmaxjude

    Best touring screen?

    Another question from a newbie (there will probably be a few more!) I like the look of the Powerbronze Powerblade adjustable screen for touring on my 2020 GT. Does anyone have one and can provide an opinion? Or is there anything better on the market? I am 6' tall. Cheers.
  6. Whylee

    Installed my Madstad wind screen

    Installed my Madstad windscreen today. Bought the dark grey 20 inch screen. In the pic its adjusted to the middle position. I can go about 1 inch higher or lower, the tilt is also in the middle, it can lean forward another half inch or so and lean back. Wont make final adjustments until I get it...
  7. LouisianaG3R

    Fly screen gap….

    I found a new 2021 G3R for a price I couldn’t pass up. Wait before I get into this I want anyone reading this thread that no matter what I LOVE this bike. Ok so I found the bike located 500 miles from me so I paid for it to be delivered. I put 127 miles on it with the cruise control never...
  8. Mittzy

    Now that looks better - Angry Screen

    Recently finished the screen install and Burleigh bars to Brutus. I got this screen from Carbon Dry in Japan (not cheap) and had to fabricate the side brackets to suit. Made some modifications to the gauge mount and key cover etc, also included a new light bar and Triumph LED scrolling...
  9. Brackets and screen fixing kit for big Windshield in the UK for R111 roadster 2014

    Hello all I have got a magnificent Triumph rocket 3 roadster 2014 matte black with white stripes and I am looking to install a tall aftermarket windscreen either 7jurock or clear view but I'm really struggling to get the two below items fixing kit and brackets. Can anyone help me procure this...
  10. Hughzee

    2014 R3 wind screen

    Hello all looking for a black wind screen for my 2014 R3 with a single head light. I can find universal screens but looking for something that looks like it should be there.
  11. maurice


    Expand pic to see clean break of windscreen today at highway speed. I was lucky it only grazed top of helmet. Use at your own risk.
  12. NvisblMan

    Power Bronze Wind Screen

    I just bought and received the “Power Bronze” wind shield for my Rocket 3 GT. It’s not for me so I think I’m gonna sell it. Hit me up if anyone is interested in buying it. I’ll sell it for $100.00 plus shipping. I live in California in case it matters. Here is a link to the exact one I purchased
  13. bebsy

    Is this injector screen safe to use

    Evening all well I Had my injectors cleaned today at Honda car dealer the injectors are the same as installed in the civic apparently, but the new screens are different and was told it was OK, just wanted to confirm it here to be sure as the original had a plastic type seal on top we're as this...
  14. EskimoPie

    Larger wind screen for 2.5L Rocket

    Hey all, I'm loving my new Rocket so far, but I'd like to find a way to increase comfort at freeway speeds (70+ mph). I'm a pretty tall guy and with the upright seating position on the GT, I really take a lot of wind in the chest. The little GT windscreen doesn't really seem to do anything...
  15. Ishrub

    R3 Std/Classic/Roadster and R3Touring replacement screen sizes and 'TT' strap measurements

    Sourced from Eagle Screens Australia Perth http://www.eaglescreens.com.au/?productcats=triumph
  16. Darron1117

    XL Fly screen painted

    Hello Rocketeers, Got a fellow here in Houston to do a metallic black and metallic silver 2-tone on the XL Fly screen I ordered from England a couple of months ago. I think it looks fairly slick with my silver pin stripes I applied. What da ya think?
  17. Darron1117

    XL Fly Screen

    Hello Rocketeers, Just received and installed my new XL fly screen on the Roadster that I purchased from a gent that makes them in merry ole England.
  18. Lamonster

    Changed my welcom screen

    Just starting to play with more buttons. I like it! Lamonster by Lamonster posted Jan 21, 2020 at 2:05 PM 1 mile by Lamonster posted Jan 21, 2020 at 2:05 PM
  19. Darron1117

    Roadster screen

    Hey Rocketeer's, Do you that have the Roadster windscreen get any buffeting and if so, at what speed? Thanks,
  20. tails

    roadster screen for sale uk

    as above to fit the roadster,all good no scratches etc all brackets,this is not a triumph genuine screen. £60.00 PLUS POSTAGE. email me if you want more info pics etc.excellent condition. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE TOURING SCREEN.