1. Darron1117

    XL Fly screen painted

    Hello Rocketeers, Got a fellow here in Houston to do a metallic black and metallic silver 2-tone on the XL Fly screen I ordered from England a couple of months ago. I think it looks fairly slick with my silver pin stripes I applied. What da ya think?
  2. Darron1117

    XL Fly Screen

    Hello Rocketeers, Just received and installed my new XL fly screen on the Roadster that I purchased from a gent that makes them in merry ole England.
  3. Lamonster

    Changed my welcom screen

    Just starting to play with more buttons. I like it! Lamonster by Lamonster posted Jan 21, 2020 at 2:05 PM 1 mile by Lamonster posted Jan 21, 2020 at 2:05 PM
  4. Darron1117

    Roadster screen

    Hey Rocketeer's, Do you that have the Roadster windscreen get any buffeting and if so, at what speed? Thanks,
  5. tails

    roadster screen for sale uk

    as above to fit the roadster,all good no scratches etc all brackets,this is not a triumph genuine screen. £60.00 PLUS POSTAGE. email me if you want more info pics etc.excellent condition. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE TOURING SCREEN.
  6. Spaniard

    For Sale SOLD Original Fly screen Black with mounts ($130) and other items

    SOLD. Waiting for check to arrive. I have in good condition a black Fly screen for the R3 with mounts. $130 plus shipping. I also have Original Triumph leather panniers and mounts in very good condition (used for one season). $395 + shipping. Original Triumph sissy backrest with pad and...
  7. Ragnar

    Roadster vs Classic screen, laminar lip fitment

    hi guys I am looking for a laminar lip on my 2006 Classic. Found this: Laminar Products for Triumph Rocket III The seller does not know if the lip for the Roadster will fit my Classic screen. Anybody her konw?
  8. Loktera

    Fly Screen Question

    I was looking around for a fly screen for a standard Rocket, and I noticed that the one on Triumph's website says it's for the classic & roadster. Did they change much in the forks/headlight/etc between the standard and classic models?
  9. 1olbull

    Roadster Fly Screen

    The fly screen on my 4200 mile 2011 Roadster has been removed in Stacy, MN and replaced. It is FREE, just pay shipping or pick up. Just screen-no brackets. If interested, let me know and I shall set up the transfer.
  10. Dalan

    For Sale Corbin Beetle bags and Cee Baily screen for R3 Roadster for sale

    Have Beetle bags and screen for sale. Bought them used. Never installed. Guy I bought them from did not send bolts or keys. I made minor repairs to the bags. I have the install brackets. Other bolts and nuts can be had at NAPA or elsewhere. I have a parts list from Corbin. I paid $400...
  11. Ishrub

    For Sale TRIUMPH Classic/ ROADSTER SCREEN New in USA $355.00

    USA Price from:$355.00 Roadster Screen from Triumph Accessories TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES ROADSTER SCREEN The Triumph Roadster Screen provides a simple but classic profile. This screen requires the Front End Fixing Kit (A9738051) for installation and can be installed with Lower Air Deflectors...
  12. Big Si

    Want to Buy Sports / Fly screen (clear) wanted

    As the title suggests, I am looking for a clear (if poss, light tint I could live with) sports/fly screen if anyone has one they want to sell?? I have the front fixing kit already. Anywhere in the world as long as the price is reasonable ;)
  13. Ishrub

    For Sale SIZE MATTERS! Get the biggest screen EVER made by Triumph!

    SIZE MATTERS! ;):D Get the biggest screen made by Triumph ever! This is not just the screen it is the Chrome QR and Locking bracket and Complete mounting system as well. I can see why you want to lock them! Geez, these are expensive in the UK and that is WITHOUT the complete mounting system ...
  14. laraza

    Anyone have experience of this screen?

    Looks good but would like some feedback if anyone is running one Rocket III (2004 - Up) Fly Screen Upgrade Kit
  15. laraza

    Want to Buy Fly screen brackets

    Anyone got a pair of reasonably priced fly screen brackets for sale? (parts 4&5 in diagram)
  16. Broadside

    How affective is this screen

    Hi chaps I have one of these fly screens and have been tempted to remove it , as it was on when I bought the bike I don't know how effective it is , so is it worth having ? Cheers
  17. DJ

    gas tank screen question

    Today I was filling up and as I pulled the nozzle out I noticed a small 1/4 to 1/2 inch round piece of rubber fall off the nozzle and into my tank. Question. How large is the screen, and do you think it will cause any problems? By the way I put in 6.2 gallons. I Don't think my pump was too...
  18. garygene351

    For Sale Fenders and Fly Screen - Phantom Black

    Selling the following items off of my 2010 R3 Roadster. There are no dents in the fenders. Rear fender and frame - $150. plus shipping Front fender - $100. plus shipping Fly Screen - $75. plus shipping
  19. RocketmanBristol

    For Sale Fly screen on eBay

    Just spotted these on eBay, nothing to do with me but may be a good buy for someone,appears to have 3 available. TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 CLASSIC & ROADSTER MATT PHANTOM BLACK FLYSCREEN A9740060-PDNJ | eBay
  20. phar2slo

    Screen going cheap in New Zealand.

    Found this while looking through Turners auctions ChCh web site. Won't fit my beast but someone might like it. Can go and check it out if anyone is interested. Could even collect and post if your out of town / country! Just let me know. Cheers. Chris
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