rocket 3 r

  1. Protonhound

    Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen Triumph Rocket 3 R

    Does anyone have the Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen and what do you think?
  2. minoru


    私のバイクは2022 Rocket3Rです。 今月、エンジンをかけるために 右イグニッションスイッチを押したとき 電源は入っていますがスターターモーターは回転しません。 ヒューズを確認したら 7.5Aバッシューズが切れていました。 その後も同じ症状が数回発生しました。 お店に連絡したところ メーカーから ヒューズを10Aのものに交換してほしいとの依頼があったこと。 似たような症状が出た人はいますか?
  3. stonk

    Rocket 3 r 2023

    Started up the rocket today ran for a few mins while I got ready. It stalled or just stopped. Now it will turn over but not fire. Can hear a whine from the fuel pump when I click the switch to the second position. Battery is good was running now nothing. Tried to upload a video site won't...
  4. rsgr3r

    Rocket 3 R Standard Key not recognized post delivery

    It's been two months since I got the bike but recently tried to check the standard key operating fine or not. Neither one of the two factory supplied keys are recognized by the bike! They open seat cover top and fuel tank though. Keyless FOB works pretty well. The rear mudguard left side swipe...
  5. Hi thanks you for letting me join your group

    am waiting for my triumph rocket 3 R 221 to be delivered next week getting bit excited now 😆 iv had shots of old triumph rocket 111 and new ones and love it finally pull the trigger and got one 😁
  6. Alessandro_CT

    Remap ECU Rocket 3 R 2023 model - Europe

    Good evening, has anyone managed to remap the ECU of the new Rocket 3 R, with systems like TUNEECU, or with the system offered by BT MOTO (Motobull - BrenTuning)?
  7. Jagster

    Female perspective of riding the Rocket 3 R

    You might have already seen Kate's youtube channel but I thought her latest posting was an interesting one for a number of reasons. The first one is an obvious one, as it's always interesting to see a female riding bikes, but I think this video highlighted how even in very wet winter riding...
  8. Alessandro_CT

    Windshield for Rocket 3 R 2023

    Good evening . Can anyone suggest a good windshield for the Rocket 3 R, which is efficient, not too big, and which doesn't spoil the aesthetics of the bike?
  9. eka

    New here with Rocket 3 R

    I bought a week ago slightly used (1500km) Rocket 3 R, which was registered 10/2021. Dealer said it has 4 years warranty, so i dared to buy my first second hand bike after almost 20 years. First i was a bit disappointed about performance, but after a bit researching i installed nonrestricted...

    Has anyone experienced the 'glass' covering over the instruments cracking without obvious cause? Is a repalcement OEM part susceptable to the same, or similar, failure? Does anyone have a soution to prevent this type of damage from occurring?
  11. 2020 Rocket 3 R Passenger Pegs Fall Down

    I removed my stock passenger pegs and upon re-installing them, they fall down when I make semi-sharp corners. They have been properly tightened. I did notice two very small ball bearings (the size of a pen tip), but have not found anywhere associated with the pegs for them to fit. The way they...
  12. Kingjoey5000

    Proud Texas owner of a 2022 Rocket 3 R 221

    Scooped this up last Friday, easiest 600 miles I have ever ridden. I think they may have created the ultimate bike. Every thing about it was just dead on. I can honestly say I have been on a Harley the past 12 years and 55k miles, all it took was 2 days and 417 miles on a triumph again, to...
  13. Rock Ape

    I love my Rocket 3 R but ......

    It must be close to 18 months or 2 years I have had it now. I might be exaggerating a little bit but it feels like for half the time I have owned it, it has been in the workshop. From the initial clutch issue which seemed to go for 4-6 months to various starting issues. The latest; I haven't...
  14. GP19

    GT with R foot pegs

    Hello, I’m 6’ and I want to change my GT’s foot pegs to Mid control ( R spec ). Only thing I’m concerned is that with the GT seat (23 mm lower than R ) and Mid control (Assuming it’s at its lowest setting ) will it be too much of a squeeze for my legs ? Looking forward for your inputs. thanks.
  15. Caraqs

    Hi guys!New member here - Rocket 3 R

    Hello everyone! I´ve been following the forum and i think is time to be part of the comunitty. Very proud owner of a Rocket 3 R.Mine´s a red one.I heard they are faster. Bike is still stock other than the sports pillion seat but i just bought a Competition Werkes with the baffles.It arrives...
  16. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  17. Journeyman

    Heavyweight Battle: Rocket 3 R vs Diavel 1260 S
  18. tgessner

    Long distance on the R model

    Just returning from a tour to the French Alps. We had five days to cover around 1.800km on backroads from Germany via Italy to France and back. I was a little concerned about doing long days in the saddle with the R, as a the wind pressure on the shoulders is quite noticeable at higher speeds...