rocket 3 r

  1. Rock Ape

    My Jinxed Rocket 3 R

    Let me start by saying I love this bike and contrary to some of what I write about it, I still do..... even though I have barely had it half the time I have owned it actually on the road. Some Triumph issues, some mine, some a combination of both. Started as many who frequent this forum know...
  2. Zutt

    Rocket 3 R Videos

    Couple of vids I made yesterday, just for fun. 🤘 🤘
  3. AzRocketman

    Hello, R3 owners, Newbie here.

    Looking forward to gaining knowledge from you guys. I haven’t road in 15-years. I’m now the proud owner of a 2020 Rocket 3R. Phoenix,Az.
  4. estoma

    Performance Placebo

    Beware of DNK TuneWorks, offering maps for all markets. They were not aware that there are bespoke TuneECU Rocket 3 base-maps for Brazil, China, Thailand, and for Argentina, Indonesia, and South Africa. They are now – a bit late in my case. I purchased a DNK map for my 2020 Rocket 3 R on 15...
  5. Rocket 3 Man

    Rocket 3 R 2020

    Hey fellow Rocket owners, I just traded my 2017 Rocket 3 Roadster for the 2020 Rocket 3 R. First service at 500 miles I’ll be doing myself with Rotella 15w 40 and using my reusable filter which I had on my old Rocket 3 which has a magnet to catch metal shavings. Wow I love this bike and I also...
  6. cmintegra

    Crash bars, engine guards, sliders Rocket 3 R/ GT

    Hello again fellow rocketeers! Does anyone has any knowledge about options to protect the bike in the event of a tip over or a drop? God forbid that one of Us have to endure such a predicament, but even Valentino Rossi had to be prepared for the worst case scenario... I've been searching...
  7. Rocket3R_Australia

    Aussie Rocket 3 R

    Hi All from Brisbane Australia Loving the new Rocket 3 R. Few mods down and few to go. Interested in anyone in nearby area keen to share mod ideas.

    taming the 310 whp Supercharged Rocket 3 R

  9. 512EB243-38DF-4206-9255-139ECC620D4F.jpeg


    Original full black with Zard exhaust and mine
  10. 1FE778AC-906B-4142-A3E8-A7D2F9F73608.jpeg


    Spring, I‘m coming
  11. 4AD758AD-01FA-439F-8B9E-E343BB703F6C.jpeg


    Amsterdam fathers day (600km ride)
  12. 2A4F948D-BD41-481F-9F2B-DCC811760885.jpeg


    Original beauty of a friend in front
  13. BE75605D-918A-47BC-AE8A-5D0D768397DD.jpeg


    Three bikes on the road
  14. 9C9B4AA1-BF8A-470B-950B-638B71DC1FA3.jpeg


    Corona freetime
  15. IMG_2196.jpg


    still at the shop
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