1. Benjamin Trakic

    Fan always on and Check engine light on

    I bought a 2011 R3R two months ago and decided to do some maintenance. Change of oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and of course valve cover gasket. When I finished everything, a new problem appeared. The check engine light and the temperature light are on. The fan comes on as soon as...
  2. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Factory setting the fan comes on at 103C. Can someone tell me at what temp does the fan turn off. I am noticing somethings that I am finding a bit puzzling. Dealership installed a digital temp gauge on Edsel last week to help monitor the demons that possesses him. I have the fan temp set to...
  3. benehr8

    Cooling fan on constantly

    Woke up in the morning to my cooling fan running. The key was out of the ignition. The bike hadn't run for 14 hours. Started the bike to recharge the battery then disconnected the battery. Help please
  4. Brent Baer

    Location of cooling fan electrical connection

    I took my radiator and fan assembly out, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where the connector on the bike os to plug it back in. Can anyone please help.
  5. Redcad

    Rocket Fan

    Enjoy my Street Triple and T100, but longing for the big brute Rocket! Also have a Road King that is very versatile, like Mr Potato head! And a bought new 1972 Yamaha 650. Hoping there may be some deals out there on the current R3 as the updated Rocket is about to appear.
  6. mr hunt

    Thermo fan dead

    Gday punters...got the bike back on the road today. Took some encouragement to fire up and hunted for a while before finding idle (a few backfires and some throttle work). Did a couple of km's (2nd gear 3000rpm max) to prove she is fluid tight - so far so good. I thought the rad fan should have...
  7. Duck

    For Sale Triumph Rocket III T Shirt and fan article

    our shirts from the Rocketdays can now also be purchased online Rocketdays Shirts RocketDays - Fanartikel und Designs von den Rocketdays For our international Triumph Rocket III friends, there is now a Rocket III Special Edition with international flags on the exhaust and other designs...
  8. Anomaly

    Switched running power

    I was thinking last night, is there a switched power source that is only on once the bike is running? For instance, the tail light comes on with the bike in the ON position, but the radiator fan only comes on once the bike is running. I could tap the fan and use it to trigger a relay, but was...