1. Ishrub

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location?

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location? Yeah sounds weird to ask but my mate new to Rockets is getting a NSW roadworthy for state plate change on my R3T and says the first thing they want to know is where the ADR plate so they don't look for it for ages. He has found the chassis...
  2. leatal

    Aux power socket location

    On the Triumph site they sale the aux power socket for the second generation Rocket. Has anyone found where on the bike the wiring plug and body piece this thing goes in? Wanting to add one for connecting the Triumph battery maintainer. Thanks
  3. leatal

    Voltage regulator location

    Anyone found the voltage regulator? Wonder if there is room to replace it with the SH847 type regulator? Swapping it might allow for longer stator life.
  4. chris haentjens

    Connectivity module location for 2.5L

    How's it everyone?! Just got back from a nice 30 mile ride! When I got home my triumph connectivity module was delivered!! I'm going to install it tomorrow. I'm wondering if anyone knows where it gets mounted? The pdf instructions from triumph only tell how to use it. Any help would be...
  5. Brent Baer

    Location of cooling fan electrical connection

    I took my radiator and fan assembly out, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where the connector on the bike os to plug it back in. Can anyone please help.
  6. Nat67

    AIT location

    Well having fitted my RX2010 fiters , I'm now having issues with the AIT! I know that some of you guys put them in small KnN filters but I'm wondering if the ambient temperature in one of those filters would affect the sensor and hence the idle ? Also best placement ? I bow to you guys who have...
  7. DodahMan

    Thoughts on moving floorboard location

    I am going to try this because it would give me more legroom. My thoughts are that the Triumph engineers put them so far back to get them away from that radiator. It will help with legroom though to relocate them farther forward and lower. Do any of you ride with your feet far forward on the...
  8. RockOn

    Fuse Block Location

    I bought a cheap(15 bucks)Chinese 6 position fuse block that seems fairly compact...3.5 by 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches high including cover.....but I'll be darned if I can fit it under the right side cover.....the left side is already filled with the Suzuki regulator/rectifier upgrade per Decosse's...
  9. technoguppy

    Flasher Relay Location

    Where is the turn signal / flasher relay on a Rocket III Roadster? Is it near the fuse box under the seat or up under the tank somewhere? I've searched the forums and I see lots of people recommending the use of flasher unit (rather than adding diodes or bulky resistors) but no one seems to...
  10. Robert Stodghill

    Flasher relay location

    Hi, im trying to find the flasher relay on my 2013 Rocket 3 Touring, can anyone help
  11. Key location?

    does anyone know if this is an alternative for a key relocation? My 2006 classic had the key in this area. And my 2018 roadster has this in the picture.
  12. Bedifferent

    PDM60 Installation Location and Electric Gear Outlet R3T

    The weather wasn't too bad today so I decided to to start working on a few bike projects. I bought a PDM60 for my bike and although my wiring is nice and solid, I wanted to cleanup things and get rid of some of the inline fuses I tied to my battery, I always solder and heat shrink all my...
  13. Ishrub

    Can you ID bike and fish and possibly location from vegetation?

    Can you ID bike and fish and possibly location from vegetation?
  14. Frosty Rider

    secondaries location

    Ok, this is my stupid question for the day, i was debating removing the secondaries problem is, (and i have been looking through here, google, youtube, manual) i don't which ones they are, If i remove the ram air i see a set of butterfly valves right there, and if i open those up i see another...
  15. Tripps

    New England/NE ride location poll

    Date for Bennington is only fixed if we want to do the Bennington Bash
  16. Tripps

    Last, and maybe the best, RAA 12 location poll.

    Trying again
  17. vocaldog

    Map of All Rocketeers!

    There a post on one of the Rocket III Facebook pages that allows you to drop a pin on your location. Let's map all the Rockets in the world! Rocketeers