1. RAA West - Leakey Reconnaissance Rally

    Sorry for the short notice but the 2021 Rocket Across America (singular) Leakey Spring pre-event Reconnaissance Ride commences in 30 minutes. Meet at the intersection of Rt83 and Ranch Road 337. 335 and 336 will be on the roster for tomorrow.

    RAA 2018

    In remembrance of our cross country trip to RAA Stearns and our travels across Route 66 My boy Josh got his first Tattoo today....
  3. rainman

    Pix of raa WV

    Met with Kevin just outside of Knoxville
  4. scot in exile

    First RAA RichwoodPhoto

    Nice little bike area right by the hotel, and I hope you guys and girls have been practicing your hill starts as you will need it to exit the hotel
  5. sweettennbabe

    Who wants Josey to cook at RAA WV?

    Ok talking to the chef and trying to decide if it's worth it for him to haul the smoker all the way to WV.I say no. Just ride his bike.Anyone that is trailering that has a grill can throw it in and he can cook simple stuff on that in the evening. The rest of y'all that will be going chime in...
  6. Dr.D

    Driver Needed for the RAA West

    I am looking a driver for my truck and trailer for the event. I would like someone to drive the rig to each lodging destination starting in Bloomfield and of course ending there. I would like to have the rig there to carry my things and provide support for any bike that would need it. Other...
  7. 1olbull


    OK, Boys & Girls, lets get started with sign-up for this soiree. And keeping it up front: dates are 12 - 19 September 2020 Sign-up sheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MrB51_ST0QfP_-QHBI8ldIY4W1m8rEmOJ5w6rGUtNqY/edit#gid=0 Link to routes is below. For any considering Dave's...
  8. Mad Dog

    Texans and Bears en route to RAA West

    Apparently the bears around Durango are taking issue with the Texans this fall. @WyldCFH Anthony, you got route planned yet? Bears cause two crashes in two days involving same family
  9. 1olbull

    RAA West 2020

    Here we go again. Tis time to get our west side ball rollin' Looking like Utah or east Colorado or California. We are not deciding everything for all and wish to do this as fair as possible in order to get as many peeps and motors involved and excited as possible to attend. Therefor, we'll do...
  10. sweettennbabe

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    EDIT: Four Seasons Lodge 4Seasonsrichwood@gmail.com 320 Northfork Cherry Highway Route 39/55 Richwood, WV 26261 (800) 829 - 9412 (304) 846 - 4605 Dates are June 8-15. We will arrive Thursday 11 and leave Monday 15. I am in West Virginia in a city of Richwood. Found this motel. It has...
  11. PappyBlade

    RAA 2020 East?

    Am I blind? I can't find anyone working on RAA East 2020 yet. Someone point me to the right thread please?
  12. rainman

    Attention raa riders

    Would like for everyone to meet at the a holiday motel Saturday morning so we can get some pix of all the bikes here
  13. 1olbull

    2019 RAA West

    We meet in Leakey, Texas October 10th, at the Frio Pecan Farm - Frio Pecan Farm - Frio River Lodging, Pecans Ride organizer is our own Rick @1K9. For clarity purposes this shall be the definitive thread for this event, so let's start officially signing up: 1olbull - 2 motors - 2 peeps
  14. 1olbull

    Some RAA Dope

    Pretty easy to see why the East events are better supported than those in the West - 171 v. 269 peeps. There is 14 Canadian West to 2 East. FYI - The geographic centroid of the contiguous US is about Lebanon, KS. However, our Rocket population centroid would seem to be about Centralia, IL...
  15. Claviger

    Sneak Peek From RAA West...a lot more to come

    One of the segments from RAA West: Keep in mind, this is the first time i've played on a sportbike in over 4 years..
  16. albertaduke

    three days to RAA WEST

    getting ready for the ride with friends and new friends on the RAA west and before leaving home I had a suculent supper tonight so good I had to share that pleasure on this forum we started by preparing ribs and then modified the recipe before barbecuing, to make a long story short the...
  17. mexican

    RAA Oklahoma edition (fall launch) set date.

    September 21st to 24th, Rockin'H Inn Rockin'H Inn (Google) 504 Dallas St Talahina Ok 74571 918 567 2243 1 queen bed--$60.23 1 king size bed--$65.70 2 beds---------$71.18 3 beds---------$76.65 Mexican. 2 motorcycles 3 peps
  18. 1olbull

    Come to Washington-Cool off for RAA West

    Sunny and 70 degrees today!
  19. JoseyR3Wales

    RAA West-cursing the Texas Heat

    I want to ride this one more time before I no longer can. You Texans know when it's cooler but like D.A.C. said I ain't above cursing the Texas heat. Amarillo and a natural beauty, Palo Duro canyon. It's very flat here except for the canyon. Supposedly 2nd largest after the Grand Canyon.
  20. 1olbull


    Boys & girls I have finished a rough draft of a T-shirt for this July's RAA in Washington. The Ts will be black. I wish to get critique, comments, and some idea of how many Ts we shall need before moving forward.