1. AirbusFlieger

    Hello from northern Virginia, USA

    Hi all! I am in the market for a new motorcycle and the Rocket 3 is on the short list. Thanks! AF
  2. OlderRider

    New 2021 Rocket 3R in Virginia US

    Hello All, I just bought a new Rocket 3R and joined this group for some support which I need right away unfortunately. I did't get to test ride this one (or any Rockets) because the dealer was far away and it was raining when I got there to pick it up. So now I find myself unhappy with the...
  3. Lrobbo

    Hello from North Virginia

    A Brit living in Virginia, USA, for a couple of years. Wanted a cruising bike to take me on my wanders. Found a 2011 Rocket III shortly after moving here at a main dealer. Lovely condition with under 3000 miles on the clock; it's pristine and I've fallen in love with it. Clocked up 2000 miles...
  4. Manic_Mechanic

    July vacation ride... Wildwood, Virginia Beach, Charlestown, WV.

    July 2nd through the fifth. Will be traveling through New Jersey Virginia West Virginia. Hit me up if any of you riders would want to get together along the way.
  5. sweettennbabe

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    EDIT: Four Seasons Lodge 320 Northfork Cherry Highway Route 39/55 Richwood, WV 26261 (800) 829 - 9412 (304) 846 - 4605 Dates are June 8-15. We will arrive Thursday 11 and leave Monday 15. I am in West Virginia in a city of Richwood. Found this motel. It has...
  6. nasri

    2018 Roadster Richmond, Virgini

    Hello all; in Richmond, Virginia (US); Roadster 2019 from last November. Part of FB group that lead me here. Already completed: crash bars front/back, heated grips, throttle cruise lock, tank pads, second horn, Rizoma mirrors, Carpenter Sidewinders, Ramair Filter changed out turn signals...
  7. Newb from Virginia

    Greetings All, Long time Harley rider here. I currently ride a 2013 CVO Break Out. I put a down payment on a Rocket 3 TFC and am super excited to make the transition. I look forward to learning the Triumph ways!
  8. rng3

    Skyline Drive Virginia

    Planning on riding the Sky Line Drive this August. Any one here been there and have any comments, thoughts, suggestions from their ride there? Thanks, Rick
  9. Doce

    Northern Virginia Roadster

    Just picked up my Roadster a couple weeks ago after my Sportster was hit. I'd had my eye on one for a while now. I've been riding HDs for a while, but I've been ready to move on from them for a while now. I'm short, so I already replaced the shocks if anyone wants to buy the originals (they...
  10. Boog

    National Motorcycle Conference in Virginia 21-24 Sept 2017

    I'm tossing out some information for anyone who wants to know. This is almost a year out so if you want to help, the POC is listed below. I am not a part of these groups but I do try and follow their missions. National Motorcycle Conference Coming to Virginia Help Needed September 21 - 24, 2017...
  11. Joesmoe

    For anyone so inclined - Tune ECU available in northern Virginia

    I received the Lon-elec cable in the mail today, and plugged it into the USB port of the laptop, and both the computer and Tune ECU recognized it, and readily connected to the ECU. If anyone here would like to stop by and have this done, you are welcome. I would recommend copying off your...
  12. Joesmoe

    Fifth Annual Officer Down Memorial Ride in Haymarket, Virginia

    Reposting here 5th Annual Officer Down Memorial Ride Virginia One week reminder . . . At the registration link, there is a choice for individual or group. If you wish, you can enter Triumph Rockets for the group. Doesn't help, doesn't hurt, no discount, doesn't cost extra . . . just has a...
  13. Boog

    5th Annual Officer Down Memorial Ride Virginia

    Hey brothers and sisters in the Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and beyond area; the morning of April 16, I will be attending this ride and it looks like a great day for it. See the link below for all the details. 2016 - 5th Annual Officer Down Memorial Ride I know some of you...