1. Plow Horse

    Backup ride

    We bought the wife a toy today, it will also serve as backup for the next time Edsel comes up lame. :oops:
  2. B

    First long touring ride!

    I bought my first rocket 3 off a member of this site a couple months ago.. just had a chance to go on a 3 day, 1150km tour around British Columbia. Gotta say, the 190 horse at the wheel was incredible, the handling was amazing, and I am in love with this bike..
  3. stollydriver

    Todays ride

  4. dandiego

    Back the Blue ride: Tampa (July 11, 2020)

    Met up with a few hundred other riders yesterday to support local law enforcement at the annual Back the Blue rally. We met at Tropicana Field and rode to St. Pete PD, Bradenton PD, then to Sarasota PD for lunch. Fun facts: Almost all of the bikes I saw were HDs on one sort or another.p, at...
  5. rainman

    4th July ride

    Me and Wendy went out for a little ride to On the foothills parkway it was a good ride hardly no traffic at all
  6. TheWhingnut

    Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride 2020

    DGR 2020 from the website : "We will still be riding this year on Sunday the 27th of September, however, it will look a little different to what we're used to. It has been a difficult year, but the show must go on! The 2020 ride will be a solo event to comply with all local social distancing...
  7. Plow Horse

    What it’s like to ride a Rocket III

    For me this picture pretty well sums it up. 🤣
  8. Manic_Mechanic

    July vacation ride... Wildwood, Virginia Beach, Charlestown, WV.

    July 2nd through the fifth. Will be traveling through New Jersey Virginia West Virginia. Hit me up if any of you riders would want to get together along the way.
  9. Plow Horse

    Getting Edsel ready for a ride

    Installed A Breakaway throttle lock this weekend.
  10. Lamonster

    A couple of ride videos from this weekend.

    My wife chasing me down on her 2020 Spyder RT
  11. Lamonster

    Nice little ride in the Ozarks this morning

    Morning ride in the Ozarks. I was off my game so I just took it easy but I enjoyed the ride just the same.:cool:
  12. Lamonster

    Got a much needed ride in...Love this bike!

    Went for a little ride yesterday with my wife on her new 2020 Spyder RT. It was a great day for a ride. She was a little upset at me. People kept walking up to us at the fuel stop and she expected them to ask about the new RT but instead they wanted to know all about the Rocket. This thing draws...
  13. RickyT

    First Ride

    Picked the Rocket in December....got out on it the first time today....wow what a bike!
  14. Mark Olson

    First good ride on the new R3R

    Took my new R for a long ride today and had a couple of funny moments! Two older gents at the gas station thought it was really something! They asked how big the motor was and I said 2500cc's. The one fellow said and I quote," It must be a real rocket!!!" I almost fell over and told him it was a...
  15. Lamonster

    Short video of part of our ride

    We had a great ride in the low 60's. Love this bike.
  16. zimtuff

    I got to ride an R for an hour

    1 hour is not long enough. But it gave me a taste. It was an R with the standard mid controls which was too cramped for me. The seat was also a bit small length wise. Im a long legged 6.2in But every thing else was great. The best 3 improvements over the old model is the steering, gear change...
  17. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Best of British Tour

    A night out in downtown Atlanta for the Triumph Best of British Tour.
  18. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | TFC R3 OTR and Hitting the Dirt at 60 mph!

    First Rideout with Erik's brand new 2500cc Triumph Factory Custom Rocket, including an excursion onto the dirt at 60 mph for Wayne on his F6B!
  19. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Dyno'd Triumph Rocket 3 | Factory Custom (TFC) vs R3-R

    SCOOP! 2020 R3's (TFC vs R) Dyno'd - Awesome Result!
  20. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Rocket 3 | Test Ride

    The all-new 2500 cc Rocket 3 - whoah, what's not to like?
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