1. Dogsknowwhy

    Too many people, really their everywhere!

    SoCal when it's cold, it's still ride weather / just to many people, really their everywhere!
  2. DeerHunter

    Road Spray 2.5L 3 R

    My pillion is being deluged by road spray. Clearly the rear hugger/mudguard arrangement is inadequate. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. ddbck

    Inclement Weather

    With little nanny BS on the the Rocket....ie traction control. How does it do when riding in inclement weather? I would think if you are reasonable with the throttle it's ok. The 2017 R3R I am looking at does have ABS & I have heard good things about that.
  4. vindex1963

    Secondary throttle plares and cold weather

    Do the secondary throttle plates help with cold weather starts?
  5. thorin

    I ride in any weather.....

    or maybe the title should say, "Don't leave your friggin garage door open in a blizzard!".
  6. Jeffro

    Wet weather tyres

    Sorry for another tyre [tire] thread but a search didn't bring up any information. Michelin Commander II's Anyone running these on R3 Touring & have problems when damp? I've had the arse step out accelerating top gear overtaking 2 up around 80kmph. Backed off hit it again & same thing, just a...
  7. Journeyman28778

    Favorite Apps (weather, navigation)

    I just discovered a new app that I think is worth sharing. If you haven't tried the weather app Dark Sky (free online) $4 for the app, you should definitely check it out at Darksky.net. This app does a great job, even here in the mountains, of predicting, for example, times when it will rain and...
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