1. Trav0302

    Need map for 2010 r3t w/D&D slip ons

    Looking for a new map for my 2010 r3t with d&d slip ons and k&n filter. I just ordered the cable with disc but I'll use the android app. Looking forward to detouring the engine.
  2. Kim Douyard

    Need to learn how to get maps in folder for android app

    I downloaded the app to my launch based scanner which is android based. connects fine but I downloaded the map I want from Clavigers site and didn't go where I can get it??It has to be in that folder and don't know how to get it there. any help please would be appreciated thanks
  3. Journeyman28778

    TuneEcu Maps Explained

    Looking for a good explanation of what those charts and figures mean when we look at a map on TuneEcu. I think for many of us its a complete mystery. I just loaded a new tune and would like to better understand how it compares to my previous tune. I don't plan on tinkering with a tune, just...
  4. late2ride

    Help reading the tuneecu maps

    I have succeeded in making a minor change to my map adding a bit more fuel at 900RPM. Seems to work nicely. I'm flying seat of my pants however and would like to find a cheat sheet with some info on what the numbers mean. I am installing the stage 1 TTS supercharger along with headers cross...
  5. Journeyman28778

    Favorite Apps (weather, navigation)

    I just discovered a new app that I think is worth sharing. If you haven't tried the weather app Dark Sky (free online) $4 for the app, you should definitely check it out at Darksky.net. This app does a great job, even here in the mountains, of predicting, for example, times when it will rain and...
  6. Huffa

    Little help with outlaw pipes please

    Hi all I've just installed a set of Dave platt outlaw exhausts and k&n filter on a 14 plate rocket roadster as I'm sure a lot of people have but I'm getting loads of black smoke which I guess is from over fueling. Got an ecu cable on the way so I was wondering if anyone can point me in the...
  7. Victor K

    Rocket 3 2005

    Hi All, Need help with R3 2005, have fitted TTS supercharger, now need map which will work with the supercharger and with a 2 bar map sensor, I'm using the TuneECU software so anyone that maybe able to help please give me a shout. I know TuneBoy have a map but I'm not sure if it can be uploaded...
  8. Frosty Rider

    did i install my maps correctly?

    i received maps for the ECU and the PCV, the PCV map seemed pretty straight forward to upload, i'm not sure about the ECU map, I connected and had the TUNEECU software read the current map and then i saved it, Then i went to FILE-OPEN and opened the map i was sent from HANSO then i went to ECU-...
  9. -Ray-

    Greetings! 2014 R3R need to re-map, I think!

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. everyone on the FB groups said to come over here...as there is lots to learn. I'vegot about 800 miles on my 2014 R3R (got it "new" this march for a steal since its been sitting for 2 years) and it is wonderful. right now the bike is bone stock but i'm...
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