1. Normen


    Staying in a traffic jam and a obd-bluetooth-dongle a play with it a little bit. Works for me... I used a no name dongle, an Android-phone and torque pro from the playstore. My dongle has a problem with the reconnection (only with the rocket - with my volkswagen it works perfect). I have...
  2. Mrbuickstage1

    My Triumph app

    2020 rocket gt TFT conductivity module just installed Downloaded app to phone Bluetooth with TFT display flawlessly So cool your phone calls / text msg/ music / Coolest navigation routes to plan your rides you can switch routes to bypass main motorways , etc save your trips and share your...
  3. Kim Douyard

    Need to learn how to get maps in folder for android app

    I downloaded the app to my launch based scanner which is android based. connects fine but I downloaded the map I want from Clavigers site and didn't go where I can get it??It has to be in that folder and don't know how to get it there. any help please would be appreciated thanks
  4. canecorso

    Does any one have a app?

    Does any of you guys have a app that could show me what my bike would look like orange with cobra strips? At the end of October if every thing works out that guy is going to do my custom metal work on my bike, and Im debating to leave the tribal look or do gloss black cobra stripes, and I need a...
  5. Journeyman

    Favorite Apps (weather, navigation)

    I just discovered a new app that I think is worth sharing. If you haven't tried the weather app Dark Sky (free online) $4 for the app, you should definitely check it out at Darksky.net. This app does a great job, even here in the mountains, of predicting, for example, times when it will rain and...
  6. Jeremy Holm

    TuneECU App for android

    Is anyone using the paid app version of TuneECU? Thinking about getting it for my phone so that I have an option of making changes when I'm on an out of town trip if I needed to. Does the App version work well? Any issues with any particular phones? I have an old Galaxy S6