1. leatal

    I hate android tuneecu

    Seems my tablet will only show the sensors screen in tuneecu. Worked fine previously but now won't sweep left or right to change screens. Any help here?
  2. Ktu56

    TuneECU and shifter

    I have had the dealer to install the quick shifter on my 2020 R3 GT and now I'm considering remapping. Can the remapping affect the shifter operation?
  3. Tuneecu links

    Hi! I need the links to download tuneecu. My bike is R3 2004 model
  4. Boog

    TuneECU for Android questions

    Hopefully today I will have the full new Viking system installed on Brahma; the studs are in my possession. Paul provided a tune that I need to load via TuneECU. I went to download TuneECU just now and the website says no longer available for Windows, it is Android only. I do use an Android...
  5. buddazero

    Loading Tunes & O2 Sensor

    Hey, So earlier last week I got comfortable trying out Tunes for my Rocket; one Tune actually stopped my bike from running so lean. Since then I met another Rocketer and he found a compatible Tune that requires the O2 sensor be unplugged. The instructions were to follow the cable up to the...
  6. JLeather

    Occasionally erratic idle, what can I adjust without TuneECU?

    My '07 Classic has an occasionally erratic idle. At first start-up it hunts around for a while, which I always figured was normal while the engine was cold and transitioning from closed to open loop. That doesn't bother me, but it also hunts around a little when it's warmed up when you first...
  7. Stefan67

    TuneECU newbie looking for help

    Guys I'm a newbie to tuneECU, I had this come up, can anyone clarify what this means please...cheers in advance
  8. Grey0wl

    Tuneecu help

    So I gave up on trying to use the windows version and gave up trying to use an emulator to open the android version on the laptop. I bought a tablet, installed the app, downloaded the map, unzipped the map, saved the hex file to the tuneecu maps folder, used tuneecu to navigate to the correct...
  9. gedda

    Windows 10 Tuneecu help

    Hi All, Question regarding unsupported Tune ecu for windows. I don't have any android devices (all apple) + windows 10. I've downloaded Tune ecu version2.5.8 have purchased the obdii to usb connector and downloaded/installed the FTDi drivers, but I cannot get it to connect whatsoever. Is...
  10. Emmoth

    Tuneecu .hex file for tts supercharger??

    Hi, Ivé tried to search this entire forum for a base map to load the bike with the supercharger, but all I could find was mentions about changing the .dat file from tuneboy. and problems about getting a file for tuneecu, but noone seems to have posted a solution? I just want a basemap to start...
  11. The Duke

    Tuneecu success story

    I want to give a big shout out to this forum! I have been reading post and threads on tunes and how to use tuneecu for awhile now. I finally got the courage to go for it and downloaded ver 2.5.8 for windows, ordered and received the loneelec adaptor and followed the steps as provided by tuneecu...
  12. Freddie

    TuneEcu Android cables choice.

    Hi everybody, I'm about to order the cable and OTG adapter, and want to know what is the best option, the VAG (VW - Audi) recommended in the "how to post" for windows works fine with OTG and USB-C? Tks.
  13. CrzystghndKC

    Idle speed and TuneECU Android

    I want to slow my idle down a bit and I think all the threads I have found are using the windows version because I'm not seeing what I think I should be. If anyone could give me a rundown on doing the job with the new software I'd be so greatfull.
  14. estoma

    Performance Placebo

    Beware of DNK TuneWorks, offering maps for all markets. They were not aware that there are bespoke TuneECU Rocket 3 base-maps for Brazil, China, Thailand, and for Argentina, Indonesia, and South Africa. They are now – a bit late in my case. I purchased a DNK map for my 2020 Rocket 3 R on 15...
  15. Journeyman28778

    Power Commander Pros/Cons

    I borrowed a PC III when my tuner did his thing after my rebuild and it seemed to give him trouble. He advised next time to get a PC5. The tune is 85-90% spot on, but has a couple of bad spots. I'm considering getting a PC 5 (if anyone has one for sale, btw, let me know). My question is how...
  16. Plow Horse

    TuneECU Android

    I see TuneECU is available on Amazon now. For those wanting to use a Kindle Fire to run TuneECU 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. No more having to jailbreak it to install Play Store.
  17. R-III-R Turbo

    How To Balance / Sync Throttles

    Due to a few requests on my Youtube channel, coupled with a lack of a sticky/central thread on here, I took an hour on rainy Saturday and made this video showing how to balance or synchronise the throttles on the Rocket III. Hopefully it will be of some use.
  18. Help with TuneECU reading map from 2014 Roadster

    Hi all, I am trying to Read/Upload a Carpenter map off a 2014 Roadster using TuneECU 2.5.8 from a Windows laptop (a brand new one but should be OK).. I am connecting fine with USB but when I hit "Read Map" it has a popup window with a base map ID #20688 pre-selected but then says it is an...
  19. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Can a tune loaded to a bike with Tuneboy be read out by TuneECU

    The TTS supercharger canned tune used when you buy the kit is a Tuneboy tune for which you need Tuneboy licence/some unlocking key for the tune your bike. After the tune is loaded with Tuneboy, can it not be read out by the Android TuneECU and saved then loaded to another bike? I'm liking TTS...
  20. PWGR3

    R3 touring tune on a classic? TuneECU

    Hello, i have an 07 Classic that I have full jardines with removed baffle/cats, and triple filter with removed secondaries. I saw where there was a tune for all r3s with removed Cat jardines and triple filters with higher gas rating. But under the R3Touring it had one that had full power removed...