1. Tuneecu

    Just got tuneecu loaded on phone. Got obd2 link. Having a slow start on 09 roadster. Runs good. Honda shop has it because they are my only option in wyoming. They've changed plugs which were shot. After changing we now have engine light on. I'm going to go in Monday to use tuneecu for...
  2. cord for tuneecu

    I have a 09 want to run tuneecu, See obdlink lx for diagnostics. Not sure which cord I need to to read and write maps if needed? Any direction on which one would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Protonhound

    TuneECU ETV table question?

    It looks like there are tables for gears 1-4? No 5-6? Will I have to remove restrictions from each one?
  4. Tal

    Tuneecu custom tunes

    Can someone throw a light on something i'm scratching my head about? I'm looking at the various maps which may or may not suit my GT and i see the vin numbers are for example...'Map 31249_01 is for vins from vin AV5457. What is the AV on a vin?...Ive never seen this..my vin is SMTYBG10J5MAD then...
  5. TuneEcu

    Hello Rocketeers, Any idea where can I get the Tuneecu version that allows for ABS Brake Bleeding? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks, Fady
  6. Dachshund r3


    Hello. I have a 2023 rocket 3r and want to change my throttle using my sport mode by changing the settings from 60% to the 100%. I have tuneecu but just can’t do the changes on my android phone. If tuneecu still worked on windows I can copy and paste and change the values in the map by simply...
  7. kazjim

    VAG-COM-K CAN Cable - confirmed

    G'day guys, I've been looking for a diagnostic tool for my Riii - long story short, it was wrecked and now I"m rebuilding it. When I took it out on Sunday, it got hot . . it's still winter here in Australia and although it is warm (about 20') on Sunday - the bike flashed it's 'overheat' light a...
  8. RazMan

    Why are TuneECU maps country specific?

    Not wishing to hijack any other threads, I thought I would start a new one asking a simple question - why are maps country specific? I ask this because I often see maps on TuneECU with warnings like ' USA and Canada markets only' and even.... 'Caution!! Warning!! !! CANNOT BE USED for the...
  9. bebsy

    Not how I remember

    Alls been well using tune ecu 2.5.8 or so I thought untill I opened up the map file map which shows up ok but when clicked on idle the page looks like this? Been meaning to get the android version for a long time but this has worked fine untill now I'm guessing now is the time
  10. RockyRoger

    Tuneecu Reprogramming does not show

    Hello! I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue? I do not have the Reprogramming option in my Tuneecu for Android, I have a 2008 Touring, and today I wanted to remap the ECU due to the fact the previous owner had added a K&N triple airfilter and aftermarket outlet. I have found the...
  11. Tuneecu not working settings and tests

    friends, Tuneecu does not open the option of adjustments and tests, my rocket 3r 2023/23, all help I thank you.
  12. RazMan

    TuneECU not connecting to GT

    Yes it is another 'can't connect' thread but I would appreciate some advice. I am using my trusty Lonelec cable and Samsung S22 Ultra which worked perfectly on my old 2004 Classic but refuses to connect with my 2022 GT. The red light keeps flashing and then pauses, presumably trying to find the...
  13. Tuneecu registration

    Hi everyone, I just bought the license through the app using my paypal and updated my license on the app, however I am not able to register my bike at all. If anyone knows how to help with this issue, please let me know!
  14. Alessandro_CT

    Remap ECU Rocket 3 R 2023 model - Europe

    Good evening, has anyone managed to remap the ECU of the new Rocket 3 R, with systems like TUNEECU, or with the system offered by BT MOTO (Motobull - BrenTuning)?
  15. Identify right Tune for my Rocket

    Hello experts, I have a Rocket roadster 2018 with Dave Platt slip on exhausts i believe (it came like this from previous owner) I am not sure if cat was removed or not. Can someone look at these picture and identify if any other mods were done to exhausts? I have ordered RamAir intake setup...
  16. tootall92

    dyno tuning in or around Arkansas

    hello everyone I'm kind of at my wits end in regards to trying to get my 12 roadster tuned correctly it has a fairly common set carpenter exhaust, ram air filter, deleted secondaries and I have tried the carpenter tune he sent with the exhaust, a tune from power commanders website supposedly for...
  17. jwillride

    Power Commander vs TuneECU

    Hello all, I just bought a 2005 Rocket III that I piecing back together. I turns out I have a Power Commander unit installed. What is the difference between having this and just tuning the stock ECU. Thanks. Jason
  18. vicvet

    Recommended tune for tuneECU

    I am running a 2012 rocket roadster with Ramair and Tors. Having a lot of problem with popping and random stalling when coming to a stop. Thinking that the map I just installed is too lean (20352). I am going to replace the vacuum hoses (don't see a problem but that was recommended). Does anyone...
  19. stingray

    New TuneECU user question

    I have gone through and got everything registered, updated, and added my bike to the registry. That seems right. It seems to connect and see everything with the OBDLink MX+ device and my android phone. My confusion is when attempting to resetting the SIA it allows the mileage and date options...
  20. Windows TuneEcu vs Android TuneEcu.

    Total TuneEcu newbie here. I noticed that the Windows version is no longer supported. I don't own an Android device, being an Apple user (yeah, I know :rolleyes:, but it's a long story...) I do own a small PC laptop running Windows10. Should I buy a cheap Android tablet? Should I try to find an...