1. CrzystghndKC

    Idle speed and TuneECU Android

    I want to slow my idle down a bit and I think all the threads I have found are using the windows version because I'm not seeing what I think I should be. If anyone could give me a rundown on doing the job with the new software I'd be so greatfull.
  2. estoma

    Performance Placebo

    Beware of DNK TuneWorks, offering maps for all markets. They were not aware that there are bespoke TuneECU Rocket 3 base-maps for Brazil, China, Thailand, and for Argentina, Indonesia, and South Africa. They are now – a bit late in my case. I purchased a DNK map for my 2020 Rocket 3 R on 15...
  3. Journeyman28778

    Power Commander Pros/Cons

    I borrowed a PC III when my tuner did his thing after my rebuild and it seemed to give him trouble. He advised next time to get a PC5. The tune is 85-90% spot on, but has a couple of bad spots. I'm considering getting a PC 5 (if anyone has one for sale, btw, let me know). My question is how...
  4. Plow Horse

    TuneECU Android

    I see TuneECU is available on Amazon now. For those wanting to use a Kindle Fire to run TuneECU 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. No more having to jailbreak it to install Play Store.
  5. R-III-R Turbo

    How To Balance / Sync Throttles

    Due to a few requests on my Youtube channel, coupled with a lack of a sticky/central thread on here, I took an hour on rainy Saturday and made this video showing how to balance or synchronise the throttles on the Rocket III. Hopefully it will be of some use.
  6. tribal

    Help with TuneECU reading map from 2014 Roadster

    Hi all, I am trying to Read/Upload a Carpenter map off a 2014 Roadster using TuneECU 2.5.8 from a Windows laptop (a brand new one but should be OK).. I am connecting fine with USB but when I hit "Read Map" it has a popup window with a base map ID #20688 pre-selected but then says it is an...
  7. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Can a tune loaded to a bike with Tuneboy be read out by TuneECU

    The TTS supercharger canned tune used when you buy the kit is a Tuneboy tune for which you need Tuneboy licence/some unlocking key for the tune your bike. After the tune is loaded with Tuneboy, can it not be read out by the Android TuneECU and saved then loaded to another bike? I'm liking TTS...
  8. PWGR3

    R3 touring tune on a classic? TuneECU

    Hello, i have an 07 Classic that I have full jardines with removed baffle/cats, and triple filter with removed secondaries. I saw where there was a tune for all r3s with removed Cat jardines and triple filters with higher gas rating. But under the R3Touring it had one that had full power removed...
  9. tribal

    Coolant Temperature and TuneECU Question

    Well, it's me again... Two steps forward & one backwards. Bike ran excellent for several days (500+ miles with some in hot stop&go traffic) but overheated in traffic going to a "Back the Blue" police support rally 5 miles away this morning and it wasn't that hot out. Symptoms/History: -...
  10. snicrep

    Tuneecu questions

    Someone advised me to have secondaries open above 3500. But set to what? Also whats all this talk about fueling. I have no clue what to set it to.
  11. Msmitch459

    TuneECU and power commander

    So, I just purchased a new (to me) 2015 rocket iii roadster. It has 3, K&N filters under the bear claw and carpenter, street rod exhaust with a PCV but no auto tune and he never had it dyno tuned. I'm assuming they just downloaded a map. My question is... if I change the ECU map with TuneECU...
  12. snicrep

    How to get tuneecu?

    Where do i get it? I bought dealer tool when i had my thunderbird and never used it. I googled tunecu and was led to a google play download for $10.99. Is that what i do? I want to use a laptop not my phone. The cable that i got with dealer tool looks like it would work. Obd2 type jack and usb...
  13. Msmitch459


    does this work with the 2.5 GT?
  14. PaddyO

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    I have a 2014 R3T. Did the TORS-Ram Air-Viking crossover install. Did the 12 minute tune. All with no problems. Installed a tune for this set up downloaded from the resources area. The bike will not start. After looking at different threads, I thought the tune might have gotten corrupted in the...
  15. DEcosse

    TuneECU on Android TV Box

    I know many of you have questions about running TuneECU on different platforms Here's one consideration for those currently without Android Phones or Tablets or even a Windows Laptop This not only makes for a relatively inexpensive set-up it also gives you the benefit of large screen display in...
  16. DEcosse

    TuneECU and TPS position during a run

    Have a question about using the Android version for Tuning - I'm more used to the Windows program With Windows, when doing a run you can just use the Map Edit screen and can see the Throttle Position highlighted across the top axis to give you a direct readout of actual Throttle Position i.e...
  17. rogerp


    is there still a windows version of tuneecu available
  18. Radz94

    TuneECU v2.5.5

    TuneECU v2.5.5 . I have a 2006 rocket iii and just installed K&N Filter and stock exhaust. Can run diagnostics and some tests. Can't seem to see or load maps. Thinking TuneECU v2.5.5 will work. I am running v2.5.8. just getting started as a horsepower junkie
  19. mstraub72

    First things to do with my new Lonelec cable?

    Good afternoon all, While killing time watching snow STILL falling in Canada, dreaming of my bike while self-quarantining like the rest of the globe, I decided to grab one of those Lonelec cables for linking up to the bike. Bit of an impulse buy, since I didn't have a dedicated plan to use it...
  20. CrazyLostBoy

    My first experience with the high idle problem and TuneECU...

    I have a mostly stock 2006 R3. The only significant change is the CAT box removed with tune flashed at dealer. The bike has been very under-used since 2013, mostly just for 2-Up with my wife. The last time riding was last fall and it began to show the dreaded high idle symptoms. The bike starts...
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