1. wjb

    Identify this connector

    I've heard that several captains have lost side panels while on rides and decided to take their advice and zip tie them to the bike in case the side panel comes loose. while doing that I noticed that there was an unplugged connector and I'm wondering what it is. Can anyone tell me?
  2. Grmblz

    Accessory light connector

    Does anyone know where the physical location is of the accessory light connector on a 2008 Touring, the switch is next to the headlight dip switch, according to the wiring diagram it's a 2 pin connector with a Blue/Black coming from the bar switch and a Purple coming from the accessory fuse...
  3. Rectangular connector under tank

    Well this is embarrassing, but my 2005 RIII is in a storage space where I can't work on it (I got a warning for charging the battery and putting it back in) and the Check Engine light went on and stayed on when I started it up. Looking for possible reasons, I noticed a disconnected two conductor...